MSPO 2022 fair exceeded our expectations

MSPO Beurs

This year’s MSPO 2022 fair exceeded our expectations. More than 40 customers and more than a dozen people visited our Whisper Power Bus booth.

We have a lot of different energy systems. It starts with a simple start and stop generator and runs up to highly sophisticated zero-emission hybrid total solutions. To advise our customers in the best possible way and let them feel and hear how our power systems work, we have installed the most common system configurations in a demo van.

Visitors from Ukraine and the military industry

A few interested customers asked about the availability of our generators and the waiting time. They also asked a lot of questions about the used technology. We also had a lot of visitors from Ukraine and the military industry, who are looking for opportunities to trade with Ukraine among other generators.

After this trade show, we have a lot of work to do, because we still have several questions to answer regarding WhisperPower components. We hope to end up with an order for a power system for drone support vehicles later this year. The company that is leading this project is currently in negotiations with the Ministry of Defense.