New Lithium Battery Storage System from WhisperPower

Lithium Battery Storage System3

High-quality 12 V lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells are the basis for WhisperPower's new lithium storage systems. The new Lithium Power Plus Battery Racks are a sustainable and extremely energy dense solution to store electrical energy for use "on demand". Due to the specific characteristics of the lithium batteries, the battery pack can be charged and discharged at high amperes. WhisperPower's powerful super inverters (up to more than 30 kVA power) allow the diesel generator function to be bypassed for a longer period of time, creating periods of "silent" operation for vessels, yachts or vehicles, creating extended periods of zero CO2 emissions

The WhisperPower charging and inverter systems can be connected to compact WhisperPower diesel generators to create a complete hybrid configuration with automatic interaction between generator/ diesel charging time and inverter / lithium battery time. These systems are marketed by WhisperPower under the name OctoPower. ( These systems are also a perfect, clean and low maintenance solution to replace hydraulics as used in bow thrusters and anti-roll (stabilisation).

Plug and play installation

The Lithium Power Plus Racks are made up of sections of 5.5 kWh each, which can be used to build up any desired kWh of power. For example, a 16.5 kWh Rack consists of 3 segments that are easy to connect. DC distribution and BMS are integrated in the rack system which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. All CAN connections of the cells are looped through to a central connector to connect to the total power system.  DC voltages range from 12 VDC – 800 VDC.