OctoPower energy for Southampton students

Marine Apprentice Using Octopower System At City College

WhisperPower delivered an OctoPower energy system to the City College Southampton on the English south coast, for students at the Marine Skills Center to learn about advanced marine electric engineering. This set-up allows the Marine Electrical Apprentices at the school to develop high quality skills that provide them with future-proof abilities, knowing how to set up and manage highly efficient and therefor green energy systems aboard yachts, merchant vessels and other off-the-grid power solutions.

A ‘virtual boat’ is created in the classroom, connecting the energy system to a marine engine. The OctoPower electric circuit can be disconnected to run on renewable energy form solar panels and wind turbines, while energy from these sources is stored in battery packs and distributed to energy consuming equipment.

Components installed

The educational demonstrator electric circuit at the Southampton College contains the Super Inverter AC PowerCube 24 / 4000, the WP-DC PowerCube 24 / 150, a touch screen control panel and two Lithium Power Plus DC Powerbanks. A circuit breaker for emergency situations is included. This and more has been installed to familiarize students with advanced technology by WhisperPower’s distributor in the United Kingdom: Marine Energy Systems.

Enthusiasm at College

Matt Yarwood, Learning Manager at the Southampton Marine Skills Centre said: “This is a fantastic resource for our marine students and apprentices. It will enable them to gain a great insight into modern power systems along with hands-on experience in monitoring and maintaining the technical equipment of the future.”

Students are thrilled as well, shows Marine Electrical Apprentice ‘Archie’ who is finalizing his education and gaining experience at the company Osmotech in Hamble: “This technology is awesome. It shows how much development there is in the industry and means we can learn up-to-date skills that employers want.”