OctoPower’s versatility helps boost annual sales by over 40%

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WhisperPower has enjoyed a big boost in sales across all of its portfolio, with much of the recent success being due to the self-contained OctoPower off-grid energy system in combination with a strong growth in generator sales. Major boatbuilders such as Princess Yachts in the UK, Nautor Swan and Contest Yachts in the Netherlands are starting to install WhisperPower generators and OctoPower installations, mainly due to the compact footprint, minimal audible noise and vibration, combined with a low-emission level.

Meanwhile, the industrial sector has also been doing well. A good example is a large order from SAAB in Sweden to fit OctoPower to their power containers used in the military field to operate military simulation systems.  The recently-launched OctoPower systems limit the need for non-stop running generators to operate the container when in use.

Also making its mark in the UK is the OctoPower set-up for the National Health Service. Under the experienced technical supervision of Chris Autey, converted mobile scanner trailers are now operating with either an OctoPwer 7+ or 14+ depending on the size. OctoPower allows the medical scanners to run from inverter power and so avoids any misleading artefacts caused by the effects of engine vibration when traditional non-stop generators are being used. Between scanning sessions, and when away from a mains connection, the batteries are topped up from a quiet-running and low-emission WhisperPower generator and a roof which is covered with high-yield solar panels (2 kWp).

WhisperPower’s CEO and Founder Roel J ter Heide puts the ongoing success of OctoPower down to a greater public awareness of the impact of our activities on the environment. “This has led our company to develop products that operate so quietly and seamlessly that the user barely notices them,” he said. “Our ultimate goal remains to provide usable energy without the need to burn fossil fuels. However, practicality means that we need to transition away from the traditional set up of a large generator on board. OctoPower’s use of an all-in-one system is accelerating this transition by using minimal amounts of fuel, only when necessary and in a super-quiet and reliable way. The sales figures and key customers show that this system is finding new outlets across many sectors of leisure and industry and we will continue to build on this success.”