Solar powered e-bike charging

Fietsvlonder Header

WhisperPower’s technology enables Dutch company ‘Fietsvlonders’ to create their E-deck: a sheltered e-bike parking with charging station. The company goes abroad with the delivery of the first E-decks to an English hospital, allowing the staff to charge their electric bicycles during their stay in the hospital.


Solar panels on the roof of the bike parking charge the two 24 volt Lithium-Ion batteries with 100 Ah capacity, through two WP Suntrack Duo charging regulators. Two WP Sine 2000 converters deliver the 230 volt stable charging current to six bicycle battery charging devices, offering a total charging power of 5,1 kiloWatt. The smart battery monitor WP-BMSS-Pro is connected wireless by WhisperConnect to the WhisperTouch control screen., which is installed in a locker alongside the solar panel supporting structure. A secure WhisperCare 4G VPN connection allows remote monitoring. Data about charging current from the solar panels as well as power delivered to e-bikes that parked in the E-deck can be reviewed on a connected computer or smartphone screen.


‘Fietsvlonders’ does deliver the E-deck as a standalone unit. It is pre-assembled and can be installed without any connection to electric infrastructure. The racks to park the bicycles and the charging connectors upon them, are installed on a concrete base that can seamlessly fit into the pavement. The British hospital has shown interest in more E-decks when the experience with the first one is satisfactory. WhisperPower is confident about the functioning of the optimal functioning of the electronics. Decades of experience with generation and distribution of electric power have culminated in expertise in efficient electronic networks. The WhisperPower installation charges e-bikes on pure solar power. This adds to the sustainability of this form of transport, as the bicycles are not connected to the household electricity grid that is mostly fed by fossil energy sources.