Strategic partnership between MTD GmbH and WhisperPower GmbH Germany


The company MTD Sonderfahrzeugbau from Quickborn and WhisperPower GmbH from Schleswig are jointly developing a Stage-V generator for the vehicle and marine market. Although there are various manufacturers of diesel generators that already comply with Stage V, such generators with a power output of more than 20 kW are usually only found as stationary "construction site generators" and with a sound level of more than "65 dB". This is exactly where the two strategic partners come in and are currently in the process of building a much quieter diesel generator system with "35kW" and only "53dB", which will be used, among other things, in the film industry in accordance with the EU "Green Shooting" directive.

Companies around the world are facing the challenge of adapting their products according to current legislation. This can only be done by using new technologies. A major advantage of the new Stage V genset is above all its high flexibility. In contrast to many other generators, the new diesel generator is designed for vans up to 3.5 tonnes, so that a car driving licence is completely sufficient. A quick change of location of the generator is always possible.

"In a further step, hybrid systems are also being planned, which will do their work with a total system output of "50kW"

Cord Brandt, Head of Sales at Whisper Power in Germany

"In the hybrid solutions, 15kW can be combined with the 35kW of the diesel generator via pure inverter operation from a lithium battery bank. This is exactly the kind of cooperation we have been waiting for with WhisperPower and now we have the opportunity to take our customers with us towards the future"

Jens Duwe, Managing Director of MTD

In terms of environmental aspects, emissions as well as running costs will be reduced by 50-70% compared to currently existing plants in the film industry. Furthermore, the new Stage V diesel generators may also be used in environmental zones of cities, in line with the company’s philosophy: ENJOY GREEN ENERGY.

For further information please contact:

WhisperPower GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 16
24837 Schleswig

MTD special vehicle construction
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Phone: 04106 123-0