WhisperPower: 15 years and the best is still to come

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It is a fine experience, to start a new company and see it evolve and grow to meet clear market demands. WhisperPower emerged from the minor turnover that remained from the generator days of Mastervolt and over the past 15 years has developed into a major international business that sells products in over 40 countries. With a recognisable brand name and a premium range of products and systems, all developed in-house by our very own team, there is much to be proud of.

Roel ter Heide, CEO & Founder of WhisperPower

Not that it’s all been plain sailing. The years around 2010 were turbulent, with a wavering economy and a product package that took substantial investments and efforts to transform into the top-notch portfolio that generates such high satisfaction levels among customers today. Acceptance of our new variable rpm generators and hybrid power systems, was a slow process and we suffered from the kind of start-up challenges you’d expect from a new kid on the block. Building our distribution network was also a matter of trial and error but we are delighted to say all this is well behind us now.

The year 2022 will see us deliver some 30,000 products, parts and systems to buyers from around the globe in a wide range of market sectors. We have enjoyed a growth rate of 40%, partly thanks to the strategic addition of our own in-house developed system software which allows users, operators and service providers to operate their systems remotely. The year 2023 will be marked by the roll-out of WhisperCare, the key to all- inclusive service for users of WhisperPower systems. Our slogan ‘WhisperPower. We connect’ has never been more apt and whether you are reading this from the recreational or commercial sector, we look forward to offering you power generation at its best in the years ahead.

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Discover the Brand new WP magazine