WhisperPower adds the AtlasGO range of diesel generators to its mobile power catalogue

AtlasGO Range4

WhisperPower, the Netherlands-based manufacturer and supplier of off-grid power solutions, has further increased its portfolio by including the AtlasGO range of mobile generators. The units are well-known for being compact, quiet and very fuel efficient, with a servicing requirement of just 2 hours in every 500 of run-time. The industrial-rated base-engine is water-cooled, with great attention paid to reduced emissions and plug-and-play connections. The range also boasts the lowest cost of ownership in its class. WhisperPower has also paid a great deal of attention to future-proofing against tightening EU regulations, with all the generators already Stage V compliant in terms of noise and exhaust.

WhisperPower now carries 8 AtlasGO models within its program, from the 7.5kW AtlasGO 8 up to the 43.5kW AtlasGO 44. Noise levels are a perfectly acceptable 65 decibels, with the casing heavily soundproofed and treated for continual outside use. The engines can also operate efficiently in extremes of temperature, making them ideal for global use.  All units are prepared to connect to the Internet or SIM card routers.

"These generators are a perfect fit for our mobile portfolio," said WhisperPower's International Sales Manager Johannes Doornbosch. "They meet all our requirements for small footprint units with low fuel consumption and low environmental impact. They also require little ongoing maintenance as they have been built - and tested - for endurance. The AtlasGO range will make a great addition to the solutions available for our clients across a wide number of industrial, broadcasting and eventing applications."

Johannes Doornbosch