WhisperPower launches dedicated sales and service centre in Spain


WhisperPower is delighted to announce the opening of its new Spanish office, as of 1st December 2020. With the office and warehouse situated in Ganida near Valencia, WhisperPower Iberica will be operating an independent and dedicated sales and service centre to aid current and future customers in Spain and Portugal.

This move will bring to an end the distributor relationship with Webasto Iberica, which has proudly represented and promoted the WhisperPower brand in the territory for 3 years. However, with more demand than ever for power generation products, and the new policy of Webasto International to stop selling third party products, it was felt that the Spanish and Portuguese customers would be better served by being able to deal directly with the manufacturer.
The office staff will also be dealing with distribution in France (Seimi) and Italy (BCool) along with additional customers throughout Southern Europe.

Heading up the new office is Sales Director Patricio Blanco, who, in addition to his management ability, is a highly experienced electrical engineer with a long track record in power electronics and power generator systems. Patricio has worked on many specialised WhisperPower installations across several sectors during his career and is able to advise customers on the ideal combination of products for both land-based and marine applications.

"Patricio has worked with me since 2000. He is one of the most skilful technicians I have ever met in the field of off-grid and marine power systems and will be a huge asset to our Spanish and Portguese customers."

Roel ter Heide, CEO of WhisperPower

All customer service requests, including sales and commercial affairs, will now be supported by WhisperPower Iberica, with Patricio strongly backed by WhisperPower BV from their modern facility in the Netherlands. In terms of distribution, WhisperPower will sell through dealers and official installers, with certain OEMs being supported directly. Spare parts can be ordered through the spares section on the website – where detailed specifications and pricing are also available.

The contact details for the new office are:

WhisperPower Iberica SL
Calle Enginyer Navarro Reverter 25 D 46730 Grao de Gandia (Valencia)
Telephone: +34 608 73 33 69