Download the brand new Mobile & Off-Grid Generator and Systems Catalogue

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WhisperPower power-systems are increasingly finding their way into mobile markets on a global basis. The expanded range of products and systems is now conveniently and in detail bundled into a new catalogue, the WhisperPowerBook for Mobile and Off-grid markets. Released in English and soon five other languages: German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

The generator systems supplied to customers operating in the Off-grid markets can also be found in this document. WhisperPower is one of the few manufacturers of both indoor and outdoor usable systems, with a very low noise level and capacities from 4 – 32 kVA in single & three-phase. The unique one-stop-shop approach, by supplying all the necessary parts in kit form to install the generator systems, makes it relatively easy to install the products and systems.

Download the brand new Catalogue
Mobile & Off-Grid Generator and Systems Catalogue
Download the Marine Generator Systems Catalogue
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