WhisperPower products ready to assist with Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution


WhisperPower is preparing advanced, low emission power systems to operate the mobile industrial deep-freeze trailers needed for large scale vaccine logistics.

Leading Netherlands-based power products manufacturer WhisperPower is configuring its ELITE brand of silent diesel generators to power the fleets of deep-freeze refrigeration trucks necessary for the distribution of the leading Covid-19 vaccines. This follows on from the company’s success in equipping mobile scanner trailers for the UK’s National Health Service, enabling artifact-free scans when parked in off-grid locations.

The first vaccine to receive approval, the US-made Pfizer version, requires storage at minus 70oC, whilst the competing Moderna vaccine still requires minus 20oC. As both companies are seeking permission to distribute the vaccines throughout the world, especially to widely displaced populations in Australia and Canada, and then also to developing countries, this presents each area with logistical challenges. Another complication is the relatively small time-window from production to inoculation. Other types of Covid-19 vaccines are more temperature tolerant, yet still require refrigeration during transport.

Specialising in dependable off-grid power delivery, WhisperPower has assembled a series of power products that will allow refrigeration units to run on a flexible mix of inputs using the ELITE near-silent generators and the new OctoPower 3 hubs. The OctoPower 3 is a completely self-contained power system that taps into its own Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery bank to provide steady DC power, or spike-free mains voltage via an inverter. This will allow the mobile deep freeze units to continue to run efficiently when the vaccine is being delivered to the remotest regions of the world.

"The ELITE series of ultra-quiet generators offer outputs ranging from 8-15kVa, so is the ideal solution to operate a wide selection of amp-hungry deep freeze units. When these units are in off-grid locations, then the OctoPower hybrid power systems will be able to keep them at full operational capacity for extended periods between generator runs."

Roel ter Heide, CEO of WhisperPower