WhisperPower releases two new 'short form' Catalogues for easy download and viewing

Short Form Catalogue

With a wide range of new and trusted products available in both the marine and mobile sectors, WhisperPower has produced two brand new 'short form' catalogues. These are downloadable documents that pack a lot of information into a relatively small (28mb) PDF file.

With a simple index, clear design and plenty of product images and installation diagrams, the content is easy to scroll through to find what you need. The format is designed to work on any modern tablet, laptop or mobile phone.
The two new catalogues were originally developed for the Pacific markets, with the price list available separately from local dealers in the regional currency. However, they have proved so successful they have been adapted for general use.

Two product sectors – marine and mobile – are covered in considerable detail and the short-form catalogues also include full technical details of WhisperPower’s latest innovations.
Unlike paper products, the catalogues are easy to update as more products are released, something you will see throughout 2021.

Marine Catalogue
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Mobile Catalogue
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