WhisperPower welcomes many new marine customers

Privilege Marine Catamaran

2023 is already a legendary year for WhisperPower with a large influx of new customers. This puts WhisperPower at the forefront as a supplier of energy systems for the international yacht-building industry. Battery chargers and inverter systems, lithium batteries or “regular” lead-acid batteries, AC and DC distribution components, solar panels, and, of course, diesel generators. Recently, Hanse Yachts switched and installed WhisperPower’s Piccolo generators. Nimbus (SE) and Windy (NO, SE) have also switched. Delta PowerBoats, Baltic Workboats, Sunreef from Poland, and many Italian yards have made their choice:

  • Solaris
  • Rizzardi Yachts
  • Italia Yachts
  • Invictus
  • Ita Catamaran
  • Nautor (shadow)
  • Franchini Yachts
  • Zuanelli
  • Rio Yachts

Catamaran builders

The multihull market has been booming for years. Independent power is a must, but of the highest quality. The WhisperPower product is being embraced by the builders of these impressive vessels. Knysna, Privilege Marine, Catana, and many others are installing WhisperPower systems or the Piccolo generators.