An important add-on for WhisperPower’s generators

WhisperPower's New WPC Combi System

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WhisperPower, the company renowned for its reliable power systems for the marine and mobile markets, has recently released its latest product, the WPC Combi 8000 System. Three high-power sine wave inverter/ battery charger combinations are integrated in one compact rack. The power system operates single phase AC loads up to 24 kVA (48 kVA peak) and is re-charging the battery with a current of 420 A. The WPC Combi can also be used to power 3 phase loads (3x 400 VAC). A pre-mounted rail is fitted as standard for a quick connection of DC and AC cables, along with fuses.


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The WPC system is compatible with both lead-acid and lithium batteries, providing versatility to the user. The system is a perfect fit with the Piccolo / Elite range of water-cooled diesel generators and is fully WhisperCare 2.0 compatible, ensuring optimal performance and easy maintenance.

With a standard extended warranty of 10 years, the WPC Combi System offers you peace of mind, knowing that you are investing in a reliable and long-lasting power solution. Enjoy uninterrupted power for all your needs. For 24 VDC battery systems, WhisperPower is offering the WPC 5000 Combi system, with output power up to 15 kVA and 420 A battery charging capability.