WhisperPower's 'Road To Zero Emissions' drive is highlighted in the new OctoPower brochure

Octopower Brocbure

At the forefront of WhisperPower's mission to provide silent, green energy for off-grid use is the new OctoPower system and the company's new brochure explains exactly how this ingenious product range works.

The OctoPower concept combines a large bank of self-contained LITHIUM ION batteries with an inverter, battery charger and solar regulator into one compact unit to allow any type of vehicle to operate completely off the grid. Each OctoPower model is matched to the predicted demand to provide all the power needed, from boiling a kettle, operating air-contitioning, up to running heavy duty tools, medical equipment and other sensitive equipment. The OctoPower system has also been optimised to run with one of WhisperPower’s ultra-quiet and low emission generators if needed.

The versatile nature of OctoPower has attracted the interest of several major boatbuilders such as Princess Yachts, Axopar, XO, Franchini Yachts, Contest and Hallberg Rassy, with whom WhisperPower is now working closely. Meanwhile, a host of additional professional users, such as the makers of specialist vehicles, and mobile medical units are specifying OctoPower as a standard fit. An additional benefit is the ability to remotely monitor and control the entire system via the advanced WhisperCare 1.5 protocol.
All the benefits of OctoPower are fully described in the new brochure, which is packed with facts, figures, news and testimonials. The layout should help customers easily choose between the OctoPower 3, 6, 7 or 14 KWATT versions, including a comprehensive description of each model with every specification you could need.
To illustrate just how versatile the OctoPower system is, the brochure also gives some real-life examples, such as the powering of a large eventing truck for horse racing, a mobile health scanner, a ‘wilderness’ campervan and a high-performance powerboat.

With a huge surge in public concern about the environment, the brochure carries a reassuring overview of the positive impact of the green power revolution and the factors to consider when making the right choice of power equipment. There is also an overview of the high-quality customer support you can expect from this market-leading company.
Running to 24 pages, the brochure is available in several languages and is well-illustrated in full colour. It is available either as a printed copy from any of the WhisperPower dealers, or you can contact them directly, or download it as a PDF from the button below.

Brochure download
Brochure download