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Electric Refrigerator Solutions from Webasto & WhisperPower

E-mobility is also booming in the professional transport sector. Efficient electric motors are replacing conventional diesel or gasoline combustion engines, which draw energy from compact Lithium battery packs. WhisperPower, in cooperation with Webasto and other comonies specializing in cooling and airconditioning systems, supplies power systems for equipment that needs to be powered with 230 V AC outside the main high DC voltage system, such as the eVito of Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes-Benz eVito Cool Edition
The eVito is the first fully-fledged electric van in the midsize segment. The high DC battery pack has a capacity of 41 kWh, giving the eVito a theoretical range of 150 kilometres. This makes it ideal for urban distribution. Webasto equips the eVito with a fully electrically integrated cooling system, which runs on a power system supplied by WhisperPower with a 3 kWatt inverter, a 5 kWh lihium battery pack and a charging system that operates on land voltage. This system allows cooling for more than 8 hours without recharging. A solar panel with charging controller can be offered as an option. For other vehicles, such as electric buses for passenger handling, this type of system is also supplied to supply air conditioning separately from the drive train, for example.