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Power systems for SAR rescue boats


WhisperPower has obtained a follow up order for three Generator Systems of 27 kVA each, powering the on-board electrical systems of 3 new Search And Rescue (SAR) Boats, to be constructed by the famous shipbuilding company Fassmer, located close to Bremen, Germany. 

Fassmer has designed and constructed a large number of search and rescue vessels, as well as patrol and police boats in the past, many of them equipped with WhisperPower generator systems. The SAR boats will be used by the German Rescue foundation and will be launched in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

WhisperPower is manufacturing a specially designed generator system (model M SQ 27) which allows a seamless power transfer between ship and shore.

Solar boat at ICD event


Last weekend we had an event with Innovatiecluster Drachten at Resato in Assen. WhisperPower did things a little bit different, we showed, in collaboration with WhisperPower Solar Team, the new solar boat!

The new boat is almost finished and ready to race. The NK in Akkrum takes places this week and we are aiming for first place! 

New shipyard for Feadship - sustainable contribution of WhisperPower


After two years of work, Feadship has officially openend the doors to its new highly sustainable construction facility situated in the heart of Amsterdam. During celebrations held yesterday evening, which marked 170 years of Royal Van Lent as well as the official opening ceremony by Queen Maximia, Feadship referred to the development as an 'enormous undertaking' and one which will considerably increase the shipyards' overall capacity. With the capacity to accommodate yachts up to 160 m inside the construction hall, the new 26,000 cubic meter location is now Feadship's fourth facility alongside Royal Van Lent's other facility in Kaag and Koninklijke De Vries' facilities in Aalsmeer and Makkum. In addition to the vast contruction hall, the new Amsterdam facility has 200 m of quayside to accommodate both new build and refit projects. 

During the opening a complete collection of classic Feadships was shown, with one of them equipped with an electrical propulsion system powered by WhisperPower supplied Lithium batteries of 25 kWH. 

Introductie veilige Lithium Ion accu als vervanging voor de loodzuuraccu.


Met de introductie van de Ion Power Basic, een veilige Lithium Ion accu, samengesteld op basis van Lithium, IJzer en Fosfaat cellen (LiFePO4), is er een nieuw tijdperk aangebroken. De Ion Power Basic is een perfect duurzaam alternatief voor de conventionele loodzuuraccu.

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Cake for WhisperPower


Cake deliverd by satisfied customer!
WhisperPower's service extends far beyond the Dutch borders. Recently provided a fast and succesful service in Croatia for a new Steeler Yacht. 

Maritime Industry - Supreme Pro


Maritime Industry, the comple platform for inland shipping. WhisperPower is going big with the new WP-BC Supreme pro battery charger. All models (40, 60, 80 & 100) are visible at the show. And the 40 A is up & running! Come and have a look at stand K.128.

Commercial Vehicle Show / Webasto UK


Busy days at the Commercial Vehicle show! Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK has again done an amazing job with their stand. A WhisperPower 'tower' is build where our handy serie, WP Sine serie and serveral PowerCubes are placed on. 

Coffee from the Battery Malta


Malta, the place where the sun always shines and the coffee taste good. Certainly with the Coffee from the Battery pack of WhisperPower. Distributed by our distributor unec.

Belgian fries powered by WTG 3000


Belgian fries at Malta. Powered by the WhisperPower WTG 3000 generator. 
Nice application and will be upgraded soon with battery pack and inverter power, as silent hybrid power supply system on board of this food trailer. 

WhisperPower at Motorboot Sneek


Motorboot Sneek, a 3-day event in Sneek, Netherlands, organised by several yards. WhisperPower is present at Aquanaut Dutch Craftmanship with the Demonstration vehicle where you can get a live demonstration of our products. Our colleague Ferry is ready to roll. 

Piccolo 5 in Stormer model


WhisperPower's compact Piccolo 5, powering the airco of the Porter from Stormer Marine. Fitting in a small space - perfect fit considering the power!

The Boarnstream Elegance 1400


In other new projects, the Boarnstream with the Elegance 1400. The simplicity and effectiveness of the installation, hardly any extra electrical boxes needed. only a 7 kVA AC PowerCube, a 24/150 DC PowerCube, battery chargers and 4.3 kW power supply from the batteries shore power/ With a sustainable durable AGM 24 VDC - 470 Ah battery pack. And of course, a last resort back-up generator, super silent 6 kW. 

Upgrade All-In-One Hybrid Powersystem 7 kVA


Another succesful job by Recrea-Service Ureterp. An upgrade of an All-In-One Hybrid Powersystem 7 kVA, under-truck mounted, now prepared for river crossings. Done by Harm van der Heide, the 'can do all' man. Thank you for your support. 


Transport Compleet Hardenberg


We are ready for the automotive fair of the north of the Netherlands, Transport Compleet from 26 till 28 March. WhisperPower has 20m2 booth where we show our new Elite Range which will help our customers to meet their clients demands. Come and have a look!

Mobile PowerBook #3


The new Mobile PowerBook #3 is finished and send for printing! The digital version is already available for you via the download link below and in the Dealer Portal. 

The new Elite Genverter range which is silent, compact and light-weight, is now available with a fitted polyester sound guard, to meet the ultimate requirement of the user in the Mobile market. This range is available in AC and DC output.

Further you can find many more information about our new products, suchs as the WhisperPower Solar Panels. Our new Zero-emissions power generator, the WhisperPower Zero 800. A methanol fueled DC generator, which is suitable to power applications in the lower kW range. And our new Lithium Ion Power Basic battery range for smaller capacity applications up to 150 Ah. 


New School System Elling E4


Last week we installed a complete New School System for an Elling E4. And when we say complete, we mean complete. With a Piccolo 5, AC and DC PowerCubes and a 6 Lithium Ion battery bank. As extra, we installed the Beltpower to charge the onboard battery. 

We wish them safe journeys! 

News from the distribution network


Stockholm headquartered KG Knutsson AB has been appointed as the new distributor for WhisperPower for the Swedish territory. KGK, as they are known, is one of the strongest distribution companies in the Nordic area, covering a wide range of technical products for marine, mobile and industrial applications. 

With KGK we connect to a strong party with a borad sales force. KGK is a powerful company with very good logistics, they have a 30.000 mtr all-automated warehouse in the middle of Sweden where they ship from. Their marketing strength is famous and they represent very strong brands scuhs as Suzuki, ZF and Webasto. Now KGK is covering Sweden, Finland and Estonia for us.

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Uitbreiding duurzame energiepakket


Met het oog op een steeds groter wordende vraag naar duurzame energieoplossingen voor boten, campers en caravans blijven wij het pakket met zonnepanelen en laadregelaars uitbreiden. De laatste toevoegingen zijn het WhisperSolar 185 Wp All-Black zonnepaneel en twee WhisperSolar Flex panelen.  

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Nieuwe hybride generator voor Catamaran


Nieuwe hybride generator van 25 kW die nu aan Privilege Catamaran wordt geleverd voor hun Catamaran 5-serie hybride zeilboten in Sables d"Olonnes, Frankrijk. Deze Genverter-stijlgenerator wordt geproduceerd doro WhisperPower voor Torqeedo. De Catamaran is uitgereust met 2 x 50 kW e-props en de nieuwe ultra-verdichte Torqeedo-batterijen welke ook gemaakt zijn voor BMW 3i-uitvvoeringen. Dit is één van de eerste systemen op een rij die dit jaar wordt geleverd en onderstreept de volgende manier waarop navigatie begint. 

40 ft zeiljacht uitgerust voor navigatie apparatuur


Door de Duitse Sirius Werft zijn wij gevraagd een elektrisch systeem samen te stellen voor een 40 voet decksalon zeiljacht dat is ontworpen en uitgerust om de wereld te omzeilen. Het jacht zou worden voorzien van alle mogelijke navigatie-,  communicatie- en keukenapparatuur inclusief een elektrische kookplaat (geen gas aan boord), een vaatwasser en wasmachine. Bovendien had de eigenaar de wens om onafhankelijk te zijn van de walstroom zonder veel generatordraaiuren. Een 12 V systeem zou in dit geval niet voldoen. 

Single line diagram New School system Lees verder

Baltic 85 uitgerust met compleet WhisperPower Systeem


Eind 2018 verliet de, met een uitgebreid hightech WhisperPower systeem uitgeruste, Baltic 85 Custom Sloop de werf in Jakobstad richting de Solent.
Het door Dixon Yacht Design ontworpen mini-superyacht is ontworpen als een easy-to-sail, short-handed performance cruising sloop. Eén van de technische design eisen was dat het schip lange periodes in de silent-mode, cq zonder generatoren/motoren te laten draaien, kan opereren. In een vroeg stadium zijn wij als WhisperPower benaderd om samen met de werf, de project managers en de naval architect het elektrische systeem te ontwerpen.

Download the single line diagram of the system here Lees verder

WhisperPower aanwezig op Miami Boat Show International


Van 14 - 18 februari is de Miami International Boat show in Florida, Amerika. Dit jaar is een speciaal jaar omdat WhisperPower voor de eerste keer een eigen stand heeft op deze show! We zijn dan ook erg blij dat we een goede plek hebben bemachtigd om meer business te creëren binnen de Amerikaanse markt. 

Je vind ons op stand nummer E507, Tent F, met de nieuwe Supreme Pro-acculader serie, de Piccolo familie en onze nieuwe WP-Sine omvormer 12/3000. 

Voor meer informatie, ga naar:

Product Guide Engels & Duits


We hebben een nieuwe catalogus gemaakt, een kleinere versie van het wel bekende PowerBook: de Product Guide #1. De Guide geeft een duidelijk overzicht van alle producten van WhisperPower met een kleine lijst aan specificaties. 

De Product Guide is gratis te bestellen voor shows en beurzen. Vraag nu jouw Guide aan via Marketing. Op dit moment hebben twee talenversies: Engels en Duits. De Engelse versie is hieronder te downloaden. De Duitse versie via de Dealer Portal. 


Boot Düsseldorf 2019


Het is weer diet ijd van het jaar: de grootste boot show van Europa, BOOT Düsseldorf. WhisperPower heeft een 64m2 stand waar de Piccolo familie te zien is, samen met ons nieuwe Solar Paneel en de Supreme Pro acculaders. Dit jaar delen we de stand met Dockmate, Yachtcontrol en onze nieuwe partner; Post Marine Heating. 

Wat uiteraard niet vergeten mag worden is dat onze Mercedes Demowagen ook aanwezig is op de beurs. Tussen de hallen 5 & 7 vind je de demowagen waar een live demonstratie wordt gegeven van de geïsntalleerde producten. 

Gratis stroom uit de zon met de WhisperPower Solar Panelen


Tegenwoordig willen we allemaal mee profiteren van duurzame energie. En welke energiebron is beter dan de zon! Daar is genoeg van! Het installeren van zonnepanelen kan een perfecte optie zijn voor het leveren van elektrische stroom aan boord van jachten, voertuigen of afgelegen huizen. WhisperPower's nieuwe monokristallijne hoogrenderende All-Black Solar Modules bieden 185 watt en kunnen worden gebruikt voor het configureren van krachtige systemen. Beschikbaar met geavanceerde MPPT-spanningsregelaars, montagebeugels, duurzame batterijen en omvormers.

Ook verkrijgbaar: flexible en beloopbare zonnemodules van 100 Wp voor directe montage op het dek of op het dak. 


Introductie slimme omvormer


Met de introductie van de WP-Sine 12/3000 sinus omvormer hoeft de jachteigenaar zich geen beperkingen meer op te leggen als het gaat om het gebruik van luxe apparatuur zoals een espressomachine of een inductiekookplaat aan boord.

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METS 2018


METS 2018: heel veel 'wauw' momenten

Na een paar weken van grote drukte en positieve opwinding, zijn we weer in ons dagelijkse ritme beland. Dit had alles te maken met METS 2018, de grootste tentoonstelling op de wereld op het gebied van maritieme producten voor de jachtsector. Meer dan 40 distributeurs bezochten onze jaarlijkse 'Learning Days' in ons bedrijfsgebouwd in Drachten, voorafgaand aan de METS week, waar tal van nieuwe producten en systemen getoond werden met daarbij gedegen onderricht over de in's en out's van de techniek. 

Een belangijk onderdeel van ons trainingsprogramma was een actieve workshop bij Neptune Marine in Aalst, de producent van de bekende Elling Yachts, op de maandag voor de METS. Daar werden 20 van onze international distributeurs toegesproken door directeur Anton van den Bos, die het geheim van het grote Elling succes voor het voerlicht haalde. De rompen van alle jachten zijn samengesteld uit glasvezelversterkt polyester - een speciaal laminaat met daarin twaron dat de boot virtueel onzinkbaar maakt. 

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SQ PRO-serie voor nieuwe markt lage toeren generatoren


Tijdens de komende editie van de METS introduceren wij een vernieuwde lijn vaste lage toeren generatoren geschikt voor continue bedrijf en commerciële toepassingen.

Met het upgraden van de SQ-range 1500 toeren generatoren anticiperen wij op de vraag naar geluidarme, hoogwaardige vaste toeren generatoren.

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Marine PowerBook #4 Nederlands


Ja! Het lange wachten is voorbij. Het Nederlandse Marine PowerBoek #4 is klaar. De catalogus wordt geprint en klaar om verstuurd te worden. Vraag jouw exemplaar op bij de verkoopafdeling en/of bekijk de digitale versie online. Deze catalogus volstaat voor de periode vanaf nu tot en met 1 september 2019.


M/Y Panarà 38


BCool engineering S.R.L. heeft het boordvoedingssysteem op de M/Y Panarà 38 ontworpen, geleverd en in bedrijf gesteld. We wensen hun klanten veilige reizen!

Met een WhisperPower Piccolo 5, 120 V / 60 Hz, WhisperPower Solar Flex, WhisperPower touch 5 & 6'' paneel, WBC Supreme 12 V - 40 A en een WPC 12 V - 2000 W-100 A. 

WhisperPower, de betrouwbare power provider


Al 10 jaar in gebruik, met minimale onderhoudsbehoeften en onmiddelijk vermorgen op aanvraag. Onze SQ-12 kVA generator deed het! De Nederlandse politie is dankbaar en zal in de toekomst vertrouwen op WhisperPower. De volgende stap is de installatie van het Nieuw School concept van WhisperPower.

Steeler 59 op Cannes Yachting Festival 2018


Een prachtige Steeler Yachts, Steeler 59, met een klassieke WhisperPower-installatie. Een combinatie van een WhisperPower 1500 rpm eenfasige dieselgenerator, model SQ-12, met een 'Nieuw School' omvormer/laadsysteem. Met de WhisperSwitch Transfer-systemen kan je alle AC-stroombronnen channelen. 

'Met deze grote jachten worden de installaties van inductiekookplaten, airconditioning, ventilator ondersteunende ovens, Quookers en anti-rolstabilisatie niet de verwachting maar de regel. Naast de comfort aan boort verwachten onze klanten ook dat de stroomvoorziening 'net als thuis is'. Een groot aantal van onze boten is nu uitgerust met de WhisperPower 'Nieuw School' systemen waarmee onze klanten eenvoudig kunnen koken, televisie kijken en de aircondintioning gebuiken (gedeeltelijk) zonder dat de generator loopt!' Hans Webbink, CEO van Steeler Yachts, Steenwijk, Nederland.

Stabiele groei voor WhisperPower China


Over de jaren heen is China een van de belangrijkste markten voor WhisperPower-producten geworden. De belangrijkste verkochten producten zijn de stille krachtbronnen met dieselgeneratoren voor het bedienen van verschillende elektrische apparaten zoals airconditioning. De snelgroeiende toeristenindustrie vereist veilige en gecertificeerde producten, touristenboten (zoals te zien is op de foto) vereisen comfortuitrusting in westerse stijl die wordt geleverd door betrouwbare krachtsystemen. WhisperPower is de logische keuze, alle geïntegreerde dieselstroomsystemen zijn gecertificeerd volgens het Chinese certificeringsinstituut (goedkeuring door CSS).

Marine PowerBook #4 Engels


Het lange wachten is voorbij! We presenteren hierbij graag onze nieuwe 'frisse' Marine PowerBook #4 Engels, met productspecificatie-updates en een heleboel nieuwe producten. Deze catalogus zou goed moeten zijn voor de periode van nu tot en met 1 september 2019. 

We hebben een geheel nieuwe cover, nieuwe introductie en bedrijfsprofiel. Maar dat is niet alles. We hebben nieuwe producten toegevoegd zoals de Supreme Pro acculader, nieuwe laders in de Orange-lijn en natuurlijk de uitbreiding van de Piccolo-familie. 


Caravan Salon 2018


In just a few days the world's largest trade fair for motorhomes and caravans will begin; Caravan Salon Düsseldorf.

You can find us at Hall 13 with Webasto Thermo & Comfort, standnumber A70, and our well-known DemoVan will stand just outside between hall 12, 13 and 14. A beautiful spot where many visitors have the chance to have a look at our products. Don't miss it!


Making the Difference video


Have you seen our video already? In a simple way, WhisperPower is explained in a nutshell. You can use this to explain the WhisperPower concept and products to a customer or client or for your own training. Find it at YouTube WhisperPower Energy. 

WhisperPower 10 year celebration gift


Especially for our most important clients, we have added a handy WhisperPower Solar Charger for mobile phones and tablets to our gift range. If you are interested, you can order this beautiful gadget for €20,- each. We send to all our distributors an unit by post as an eveluation model. Experience from practice: the device works perfectly!

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018


From 27 - 29 June WhisperPower exhibited at Elect & Hybrid Marine World Expo. With a booth of 18m2 we showed our PowerRack where a New School system is build on. Further, we brought a M-GV10 and the SQ27. But also, our Demonstration Vechicle was present during the show! 

Beside our stand, the combined generator we produced with Torqeedo was placed on the show. At the stand of Torqeedo, which was 2 metres away from our stand, the collaboration was visable. 

WP Magazine #4


We proudly announce the newest edition of our WP Magazine. 

In this edition we update you about the Supreme Pro high tech battery charger, the latest marine innovations and our 10 year anniversary! We are proud that we've come so far in the last 10 years, given the global economic downturn. Getting 'up and running' took longer than planned and a lot of work had to be done to differentiate our product range. Given the growth we have gone on the experience since 2015, crowned with 50% growth this year in comparison to 2017, we are pleased to say it has worked out just right. 


Introducing new dealer in Sydney


Introducing ''Empire Vehicles'' our new dealer in Sydney AU. At Empire Ray and his team produce beautiful mobile systems like the cafeteria truck pictured. This is a 10 KW food truck system, there is also a larger truck in progress for AAFCANS with a 15 KW. Ray is currently installing our new Scalino SS outdoor 4KW in another application. The team at Empire are very keen on top end finish for their projects and pleased to have formed a strong relationshop with WhisperPower Pacific. This gives full acces to our world leading systems, we are pleased to have such a technically strong team (mobile and marine) as our new dealer in NS Australia. 

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


We proudly announce the confirmation of the quality of our diesel generator's output from 3 to 30 kW with the certificates of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Every two years, the RMRS specialists inspect all the WhisperPower unites with the purpose of coninfirming the standards of quality of development, production and quality control. WhisperPower is constantly working on improving technology, materials quality, ease of use, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and technical standards ahead of time. 


WP Magazine #3


De nieuwste editie van ons WP Magazine is uit! Wegens een Nederlandse beurs, is gekozen om deze 3e editie in het Nederlands te schrijven. In deze editie, praat Roel over de nieuwste Supreme Pro accu lader en vertelt Johannes je meer over zijn pad welke hij heeft gelopen in zijn carriëre bij WhisperPower.

Download WP Magazine #3

''RAW'' a great simple name for this 58ft globally ocean capable Moter Vessel


Sleek, efficient power systems. Future proffed, minimally fuelled and prepared for E-Propulsion. 

Fitted with WhisperPower equipment from the shore connection to the Genverter tailpipe, they can receive any RAW messy shore power from 90-265 VAC and find WhisperPower agents worldwide.

Currently motoring Auckland to Thailand diesel efficiently is key, a sleek easily pushed hull form with a minimalist diesle inboard. Combina a highly efficient variable speed lithium DC charge system and avoid fuel stops. Every drop of diesel goed somewhere, not in the ocean or unburned into the air, always running on perfect fuel point. Add highly efficient household 230 VAC appliances, solar and across oceans without digging a big hole in the environment or the bank balance. 

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Where tradition and hybrid technology are coming together


Where tradition and the newest hybrid technology are coming together. Our Greek distributor Nautilus Ltd has recelty supplied a complete hybrid power system, what will be installed in this traditional build wooden boat. The system contains a M-GV3 Genverter, with DC and AC PowerCubes, and a Li-ION battery pack for optimum comfort and unlimited power on board.

'Power system from one single brand was for us real benefit, because that means one supplier as a partner who takes responsibility for the complete power 230V and 12/24DC system and assure a proper and balanced system', according to the project manager of the yard. 

Installation Piccolo GV3


Our colleagues from WhisperPower Deutschland, built a full Piccolo GV3 system in a Sunseeker 86ft. With a WhisperConnect tool to get an insight in the energylevel and storage of our systems. The package is completed with 4 DC PowerCubes 24V - 160A, a AC PowerCube 24V / 14000W and 20 Lithium Ion Plus Batteries. 

Installation of Piccolo 8


Our very own Independence has a Piccolo 8 installed! This is one of the many installations we will do the upcoming year. This Piccolo is the silentst in his kind, has a 8 kVA continuous 230V power for a programmable speed generator system and an outstanding voltage stability. 

Find all the information about this silent and compact generator here.



Palma International Boat Show


WhisperPower had a big combined stand with Webasto where we both showed are latest products and systems. The weather was nice, the people are nice and the fair is nice! During this fair we show you how you can use our products, create energy for charging your laptop and even cook at the same time. 

WhisperPower active in Commercial Marine markets


WhisperPwer is now becoming active in the Commercial Marine markets which includes the European market of inland navigation barges. Motorship Despatch has been fitted with our WP Combi 24/3000  Watt inverter/charger to power the various AC appliances. 


See us at the following exhibitions:
25 - 26 April at Commercial Vehicle Show
25 - 27 April at Fire Expo
26 - 29 April at Shanghai International Boat Show
27 april - 1 May at Palma International Boat show

More exhibitions can be found here. 

Introduction complete Piccolo range with models up to 12 kVA


Following the successful launch of the Piccolo 4 kVA Genverter variable speed generator, since the introduction in 2015 more than 1000 units have been sold, we are happy to introduce a complete Piccolo range consisting of models up to 12 kVA equipped with super noise-damping polyester sound enclosures.

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Demo tour through Poland


Succesfull demo tour through Poland in the past two weeks, with the WhisperPower demonstration car. A perfect ool to introduce the New School Systems and new Piccolo Genverter range to our existing and potential customers in Poland. Next stop, Italy!



Strategische samenwerking tussen Webasto Thermo & Comfort en WhisperPower


Gedreven door het verlangen van Webasto om elektrische systemen en producten toe te voegen aan hun productportfolio en de ambitie van WhisperPower om het distributienetwerk snel uit te bouwen, hebben de bedrijven een wereldwijde distributieovereenkomst afgesloten.

Download press release in pdf. Lees verder

WhisperPower - Webasto Learning Days


13 people from Webasto Thermo & Comfort Germany, Denmark and United Kingdom joined us for a two day training. We look forward to working together and continuing to motivate each other. 

Everybody got a 'Proof of Participation' certificate for joining this training. 

Coffee from the Battery


'Coffee from the Battery', a display where you can tap your coffee directly from the battery. 

In almost all our Orange Dealer shops (Netherlands), a beautiful display is placed. Complete and working with a 145 Ah AGM Battery, 12/2000 inverter, 15 A Handy charger, cables, mainswitch and a Nespresso coffee machine. With this display, everyone can give their customer a live demonstration of our products and a nice cup of coffee.

Mobile Powerbook Spain #2


Si! We have the new version of our Spanish Mobile Powerbook ready for use. Que lo disfrute!

Download here

Mobile Powerbook English #2


In this new year we have the second version of the Powerbook Mobile. This is an improved version, where you will find information about the genverter series with AC output and the newest products such as WP-SINE 12-3000, WP-Supreme 12V / 100 A and the most actual information of the Supreme Pro.

Download here

WhisperPower generators for the North American market


WhisperPower has extended their range of products with 3 new models for the North American Marine markets. The inverter based Piccolo 8,10 and 12 provide a superior AC Power (120V 60 Hz, dual phase) to operate airconditioning, watermakers, household- and kitchen appliances and various other comfort equipment. The range is available for charging DC battery banks as well (24VDC, 48VDC) and can be used as a back up generator for battery based power systems for prime power of electrical propulsion. 

Download brochure

German PowerBook for Mobile market available


A digital version of the WhisperPowerBook for the mobile market is now available in German language as well. The printed version will be available early February. The entire mobile range of products and systems has been conveniently brought together in this extremely comprehensive catalogue.

WhisperPower is one of the most active and innovative companies active in the field of independent power systems, resulting in the supply of silent, efficient and low emission  electrical system solutions for any vehicle or stationary object on land.

The product portfolio anticipates on the latest Euro 6  technology applied in modern vehicles.


Event calendar


The calendar of events becomes fuller and more complete. Not only can we be seen in the Netherlands, but also abroad! View the event calendar on the website  to find out where we are and where we can find each other. 

Cooperation Torqeedo and WhisperPower


During BOOT Düsseldorf, the announcement was made about the cooperation between Torqeedo and WhisperPower. Torqeedo announced a new 25 kW range extender for its Deep Blue system, optimized for commercial operations and applications which require extended motoring, developed in cooperation with WhisperPower. 

More information can be found in the Press Release and on the below link.

Press release

Active in sport


WhisperPower is active in promoting and supporting a number of sports activities such as cycling and skating. WhisperPower also supports the horse world and is proud supplier of power system for Horse Transportation Companies such as Bockmann, Stephex and Anemone. WhisperPower systems ensure optimized comfort and prime power supply of all appliances on board of these horse trailers. 

At picture: WhisperPower sponsored Bariton in action at a cross in the Netherlands.

New Distribution Partner in Norway


Webasto Thermo & Comfort Norway is appointed as the new WhisperPower distribution partner for the Norwegian market. The company will be responsible for the marketing, sales and technical support of the WhisperPower products and systems and is replacing the former distributor.

Webasto Norway is considered as the ideal partner and representative of WhisperPower, due to their active and commercial approach, customer focus and skills to work on technical solutions. Not only the commercial part, but also the customer service and after sales support will be handled in excellent way. They know how to treat and serve customers with technical support, this is integrated in the DNA of the company.
Webasto and WhisperPower is also reflected by the various applications in marine, mobile and off grid markets. In most of the applications where heaters, air conditionings and other Webasto products are needed, there is also electrical power needed, and vice versa. With Webasto having the WhisperPower products on board, Webasto can offer a much wider range of products and are able to offer extra services to the customers as an one-stop-shop supplier.
Both companies  see huge opportunities for further expanding of their businesses. 


Holiday greetings


At WhisperPower we are looking back on what has been a wonderful year. Not only have we delivered many maazing products and solutions, but we have also created many succesful exhibitions. Plus we are reaching our 10th anniversary! Throughout 2018 we will be celebrating this milestone in a variety of different ways including exciting collaborations, events and much more. We'll keep you posted and for now, we wish you all the very best for the holidays and a Happy New Year! 


Good news for yacht owners

Good news for yacht owners


It seems that many water-going enthusiasts do not have any or have a very old inverter, and yet still want to make their own cup of coffee with modern equipment. This requires at least one good quality 2 kWatt sine wave inverter. To meet the demand for inverters with a higher power capacity, a new 3 kWatt inverter suitable for 12V battery systems has been added to what is known as our Orange range. The WP Sine 12/3000 is one of the smallest and most powerful sine wave inverters available on the market worldwide. The peak power rating is 6 kW and it is suitable for, amongst other consumers, small washing machines, kitchen appliances, induction cooking, heavy tools etc.. Download our product guide with comfort products for small crafts.

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Complete system solutions


We at WhisperPower develop energy systems in close collaboration with the yacht building industry. A result of this is a new generation of advanced hybrid energy systems. With these advanced hybrid energy systems, also known as New School Systems, the available power is tailored to meet the energy requirements of the consumers so that running the generator, which in most cases is a Genverter variable speed generator, can be kept to a minimum. This is made possible by using the AC Powercube, an extremely innovative inverter which provides high power capacity (on demand) and has minimal loss, in combination with the DC Powercube chargers. We, as WhisperPower, are proud that the technical systems developed in conjunction with the yacht building industry are now the new standard. More and more yachts are being equipped with one of our hybrid systems. A great result after 7 years of hard work and substantial investment. 

This year, WP Magazine is a special edition focused on systems in which, the unlimited possibilities and diverse system configurations are highlighted and shipyards share their WhisperPower experiences.

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WhisperPower going big at METS 2017


Visitors to METS 2017 will be hard pressed to miss WhisperPower. From the moment they arrive at the entrance to the Europahal, they will come face-to-face with a brand-new Mercedes Demo bus equipped with and demonstrating the latest WhisperPower generators and systems in full operation. Once inside the RAI, they will find WhisperPower up and running yet again, this time in Hall 1. A big presence across two locations from which many new products will be introduced to the market.

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Closer cooperation with Yachtcontrol


WhisperPower is embarking on yet closer cooperation with Yachtcontrol in relation to product development and system integration. Yachtcontrol, based in Hattem, develops software for monitoring and control systems for yachts, ships and vehicles. They also develop software for the control of the various hydraulic and electrical devices used in these market sectors. In addition, they develop and supply complete glass-bridge systems, tailored to customer requirements, with integrated navigation and communication equipment. Together with Yachtcontrol, the WhisperCare concept is being put in place to provide remote monitoring, via GSM or internet, of the installations delivered by both companies. Furthermore, additional features will also be added to the WhisperPower range such as digital switching and extensive domotics. Find out more at our METS Stand 01.457

New Piccolo Genverter models


The Genverter Piccolo range, a powerful variable speed generator series, equipped with variable speed technology that enables the speed setting to adjust in accordance with system requirements, has been expanded with an 8 kVA and a 10 kVA version. Find out more the coming days at Metstrade Stand 1.457 or download the brochure. 

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WhisperPower's Learning Days



WhisperPower's Learning Days have become famous in the marine industry. Over 250 professionals are trained every year to provide up to date knowledge about how to improve electrical power systems for yachts, professional craft, vehicles and off - grid applications.

At picture: key technical staff of leading Ducth Yacht Builders are enjoying a one-day course about WhisperPower's new hybrid style power systems, with in-deep information about installation and support.

Baudoin the ultimate wash solution - powered by WhisperPower


The name Baudoin has been around since the year 1888, as a family owned wholesaler of cleaning products for the Dutch market Netherlands. In 1982 the company was acquired by the van Liempd family. Erik van Liempd, the current owner, started in 2003 to convert the company into a production company for high end window clean equipment for yachts and buildings.

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WhisperPower powering mobile bank offices for the Bank of Scotland


Through our distributor Webasto UK, WhisperPower has delivered systems for 16 mobile banking offices. The Cartwright Group, one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle body, trailer and conversion manufacturers, has equipped these mobile offices for Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group) with a system consisting of a Genverter W - GV 4 adjustable speed generator, a battery for silent time, a WP-Combi 12/2000 and advanced remote control panels. The feedback from both Cartwright’s and Bank of Scotland has been exceptionally positive. “There is a big chance that we will have the opportunity to equip even more mobile banking offices with our systems”, says Roel ter Heide CEO of WhisperPower.

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Great season for WhisperPower Solar Boat


The WhisperPower Solar team can look back on a fantastic sailing season. Following the successful participation in the Dutch Solar Boat Racing Championships, having achieved 5th place in the final rankings and 2nd place in the sprint race, the highly enthusiastic and driven WhisperPower Solar Team took on their next challenge! The Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge. Port Hercule and its surrounding bay, where superyachts will once again be shining in all their glory during the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of this month, formed the stage for a somewhat unusual spectacle from the13th to 15th of July in the form of the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge organised by Yacht Club De Monaco. After two days of racing and despite a malfunction caused by salt water, the WhisperPower boat, together with co-sponsor Libra Energy, finished in second place. The season ended on a high with the Rotterdam World Harbour Days at the start of this month where they achieved a new speed record of 29.6km / h and third place in the timed sprint.

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Power and Air - successful combination


Following the first days of Cannes Yachting Festival we can already confidently draw the following conclusion: The combination of Power and Air, WhisperPower and Webasto, together on one stand, is proving to be a success. A good air conditioning system needs a good power system. Many of the boats on display in the harbour, including models from Axopar Boats, XO Boats, Contest Yachts, HanseYachts AG, Swiss Cat Yachts, Steeler Yachts, Wajer Yachts and Sasga Yachts Menorquin, are equipped with WhisperPower components, systems and gensets. It is yet further confirmation, following that which was recently experienced at the Hiswa-in-Water Boat Show, that the New School concept has made its mark and affirmed its position in the market. More and more yachts are being equipped with a system based on the New School principle. One such example is Steeler Yacht' s “Mighty Mo” equipped with a Genverter GV/ 3, 2 x DC PowerCube and 1 x AC PowerCube 7 kVA with integrated Touch Screen panel. Furthermore, the demand for the New School approach is also high on the stand itself where the Piccolo is attracting a great deal of attention. The Cannes Yacht Show is popular with Italian visitors and we are therefore delighted that our Italian distributor Bcool engineering S.R.L. is also taking part in the show. In addition, there is a large number of sailing catamarans at the show this year. Sailors of monohulls are increasingly moving over to a catamaran for the onboard comfort they offer and the good sailing characteristics that are known to exceed expectations. This market sector is booming and is also a growing market for WhisperPower. An example of which is the French catamaran builder Swisscat who is installing a system with a Piccolo and a WP Combi. Roel ter Heide, CEO of WhisperPower says: “I am proud to see so many boats equipped with WhisperPower products and systems. We really have achieved a breakthrough in the world of international yachting. Both our traditional systems (1500/ 1800 rpm generators sets) as well as our Hybrid Power Systems, with high power inverters for extended zero-emission periods, are growing in popularity. We are seeing a similar trend for yachts of all sizes and that is most definitely in relation to more zero emission time: 8 hours during the night and 6 hours during the day (anchorage time). We have a prefect product portfolio to cover this demand."

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Powerboat of the Year 2018 equipped with WhisperPower

Powerboat of the Year 2018 equipped with WhisperPower


Congratulations Steeler Yachts! WhisperPower is proud to be your supplier! The Steeler NG52S Offshore 'Mighty Mo' is equipped with a system based on the New School principle comprising of a Genverter GV/ 3, 2 x DC PowerCube and 1 x AC PowerCube 7 kVA with integrated Touch Screen panel.

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HISWA-in-Water Boat Show 2017 huge success

HISWA-in-Water Boat Show 2017 huge success


The very last Amsterdam-edition of the HISWA-in-Water Boat Show has come to an end having welcomed more than 20,000 visitors. This year’s attendees were focussed on business and in the market to buy. Out of the approximate 200 boats on display, as many as 70% had a WhisperPower system or product on board. From individual products such as a touch screen panel, a 48V / 525 Ah 2 Volt maintenance-free battery set, a high-output alternator installed on a Volvo engine and loose chargers and converters, to complete systems, the WhisperPower range of products could be found throughout the show. During the show WhisperPower also received confirmation that the New School concept has made its mark and affirmed its position in the market. More and more yachts, such as the 17m van den Hoven at the show, are being equipped with a system based on the New School principle. At the WhisperPower stand, where the demonstration bus was located, the Genverter Piccolo was certainly the main attraction. It grabbed the attention of visitors impressed with the fact that, with a Piccolo, you can cook electrically on board essentially making the need for gas a thing of the past.

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Lunch powered by WhisperPower

Lunch powered by WhisperPower


Lunch powered by WhisperPower Seven journalists, which were invited by Hiswa Orange Yachting Group, enjoyed lunch on board of WhisperPower’s demonstration yacht INDEPENDENCE. A perfect occassion to demontrate the “New School” power systems on board of this yacht: fresh eggs were baked on the induction hob and bread was prepared in the electrical oven. All served with hot coffee and tea. The group was impressed by the large number of yachts which were on display in the marina equipped with the new WhisperPower systems. WhisperPower’s CEO Roel ter Heide explained during lunch the great advantages of these new “hybrid”power systems, ensuring plenty of AC power without having a stressed DC system and without the need to start a diesel generator.

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Start of show season


Season is started again!

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Carlo Huisman on the bike with WhisperPower

Carlo Huisman on the bike with WhisperPower


As previously mentioned, WhisperPower is a proud supporter of the Dutch America's Endeavour Youth Teams. Since our last update, the two young catamaran teams are now back in The Netherlands with an incredible experience to their names. During the America's Cup Bermuda, they took part in a youth sailing programme. The highlight of the trip was participating in a race which took place during the break of the final races between Emirates Team New Zealand and ORACLE TEAM USA in front of a vast, cheering crowd. The boat belonging to the America's Cup winning team, Team New Zealand, was full of new technology including the winches for the hydraulic system not being operated by hands but by legs. Pedal power generated from specially adapted bikes. And one of those cyclists responsible for ‘pedalling’ the winches was the only Dutchman in the America's Cup, Carlo Huisman. The youth teams had a meet and greet in Bermuda with Carlo himself and presented him with a WhisperPower cycling outfit. We can expect to hear a lot more about Carlo. As of this week, it has been made known that this autumn he will be joining the crew of Bouwe Bekking’s Team Brunel for the Volvo Ocean Race. On the 7 tenders of the Finnish brand XO Boats, the official media boats of the America's Cup did not have to be cycled to generate power. They are equipped with a WhisperPower complete power system.

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Joined forces with Raymarine


Raymarine has joined the forces with WhisperPower especially for the VQ43 built by Vanquish Yachts. The Empirbus experts at Raymarine have implemented the WhisperPower data on board of the VQ43 and created an additional new and user friendly page in the Raymarine gS screens. The entire onboard power supply can now be seen in just one single glance. The amperage can also easily be adjusted on the Touch Screen Panel. It is also possible for the generator to be started via the screen. Many of the WhisperPower systems components and generators are delivered pre-prepared with WhisperConnect to enable connection to NMEA 200, Modbus and CAN open protocols. In general the WhisperPower systems can be connected to Raymarine screens, as long as they are fitted with EmpirBus (Trigentic) software. The VQ43, built by Dutch shipyard yard Vanquish Yachts, has proven to be a great success. Based simply on the drawings alone, ten boats have already been sold. This Vanquish took to the water in April. With its striking lines, the VQ43 is mainly sold as a luxury day cruiser but has also been sold as a tender for a number of mega yachts. At 12.96 metres long and fitted with 2 x 370 hp engines, it can reach a top speed of more than 40 knots. Vanquish Yachts is currently busy working on two larger models: the VQ48 and VQ54.

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Road Show with EventRent


EventRent, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is a specialist in road shows. Since 1992 EventRent has been involved in concept development, construction (support), tour planning, transport, maintenance and management of road shows. Their projects vary from renting a standard unit for the day to managing international, custom productions over a period of years. EventRent has both national and international clients. WhisperPower is a proud supplier of Power Systems to EventRent. The company’s famous Expo Boxes (shown at picture) built by Verbugt Speciaalbouw in the Netherlands, are in general fitted with WhisperPower generator and inverter/ battery systems. A popular model is WhisperPower’s SQ 12 12kW three phase generator unit, powering floorheating, flood lights and airconditioning in case no utility grid conncetion is available.

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French Powerbook for mobile market available


A digital version of the WhisperPowerBook for the mobile market is now available in French as well. The printed version will be available later this year. The entire mobile range has been conveniently brought together in this one complete catalogue. Including a completely renewed range of products and systems specifically for the mobile sector. Ready-made solutions to provide vehicles with extra electric power in the cleanest, smartest and quietest way possible. In addition, these systems integrate seamlessly with the current standard Euro 6 vehicle technology. 


Keep it cool!


Keep it cool and silent - WhisperPower is the best power solution for Webasto airconditioning systems. Another great show with our UK distribution partner! Find out yourself and visit Webasto at Seawork International today. Seawork International is Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition and is regarded as the industry’s one-stop-shop, providing buyers, legislators and influencers with direct access to the commercial marine and workboat market, its products, its innovations and its people.

WhisperPower supports young sailing teams


WhisperPower is proud to be supporting these two young Dutch teams in their upcoming Bermuda adventure. It is so important that the water sports industry itself not only makes the youth “water-aware’ but also proactively encourages them when it comes to water sports. And that's exactly what these teams represent. A fantastic legacy for the 'We are Water' programme run in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and their participation in Hiswa’s ‘Welcome on the water' campaign. Have fun Mea, Fay, Rex and Quint. Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show, America's Cup, Bring in the Dutch.

Webasto UK & WhisperPower – a great marriage


Early 2016, Webasto Thermo & Comfort CEO Steve Powell made the decision to take on WhisperPower products for distribution in the UK.

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Hydrograph catamaran equipped with 27 kVA generators


Launched in Bulgaria, Port Ruse, Hydrograph catamaran equipped with 2 pcs M-SQ 27(= 54 kVA), parallel generator system. Built by MTG Dolphin Shipyard. The Hydrographic vessel for the Executive Agency for exploration and maintenance of the Danube river is being built under “Operational program on Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020”. The vessel was successfully launched on the 10th of January 2017 – strictly within contracted deadlines, in spite of the bad weather conditions. We can prepare our SQ 27 generator – both for marine and mobile/ land applications - for parallel operation. In many situations large generators operate half load or less during extended periods which causes malfunction of the generator and excessive fuel and maintenance costs. WhisperPower’s parallel solution is a smart choice, reducing maintenance and fuel costs considerable.

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WhisperPower at SGW Amsterdam


WhisperPower has been busy recently with some events by sponsoring the electrical power supply. The catering during the recent SGW Amsterdam horse cross races was made possible by WhisperPower.

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Commercial Vehicle Show


Great exposure at The Commercial Vehicle Show. Come and see us today at stand 5 D10.

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WhisperPower successful in the equestrian world

WhisperPower successful in the equestrian world


Following years of preparation WhisperPower has now gained an important foothold in the market for luxury horseboxes. Roelofsen Horsetrucks, based in Raalte, is a well known company in this field and their customer base extends throughout Europe. In 2015 the first All-in-One Hybrid Power systems were delivered. These systems are used to provide power in horseboxes used extensively by equestrian show jumpers, dressage riders, trading stables and stud farms as well as recreational riders. 

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Introduction Scalino at CVS 2017


During the course of the upcoming international trade shows for the mobile industry, including the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham next week (Webasto stand number 5D 10), we will be launching the Genverter Scalino generator. This new model has been brought to market following the highly successful introduction of the Genverter Piccolo for maritime applications.

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WhisperPower at MotorShow in Poland

WhisperPower at MotorShow in Poland


WhisperPower and Marine Works present with the demo van at Poznań Motor Show 2017. The show will be held on 06th April - 09th April 2017 in Poznań. The biggest and most important Polish automotive event. 4 days dedicated to car and motorbike lovers, caravanning enthusiasts and aviation fans.

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BCool new partner for Italian market

BCool new partner for Italian market


New partner for the Italian Marine Market for boats up to 90 ft. Successful participation with Bcool engineering S.R.L. during recent Seatec&Compotec show in Marina di Carrara. BCool is the sole distributor for Webasto products in Italy for the marine markets.

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Presentation at KNRM

Presentation at KNRM


Presentation at the KNRM - Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij in IJmuiden for European employees and volunteers of the life boat associations about the technologies of the future. Great audience. Die Seenotretter – DGzRS, German SAR, is already using WhisperPower new school systems!

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Nieuwe mobiele catalogus nu beschikbaar


When it comes to the mobile sector WhisperPower has been hard at work. We now have a completely renewed range of products and systems specifically for the mobile sector. Ready-made solutions to provide vehicles with extra electric power in the cleanest, smartest and quietest way possible. In addition, these systems integrate seamlessly with the current standard Euro 6 vehicle technology. The entire mobile range has been conveniently brought together in one complete catalogue, the WhisperPowerBook for the mobile market. This catalogue is available now in English and the digital version can be found via The Dutch language version will follow in a few weeks. For a hard copy of the WhisperPowerBook for the mobile market, please contact

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Fast growth in East Asia

Fast growth in East Asia


The WhisperPower network in East Asia is expanding fast. Following the appointment of Best Marine Electrical in Singapore RST Marine has been appointed as the WhisperPower representative in Hong Kong. RST Marine Equipment & Engineering Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong based marine equipment supplier and service provider for commercial and recreational marine segment covering Hong Kong and China. RST Marine (formerly known as Gerald & Co. Ltd.) has a long history in the ship chandler and shipbroking business as early as 1975. Since 2000, they focused their business on the Commercial marine segment as a marine equipment supplier for the offshore sector. They expanded into the recreational marine segment in 2014. As people in Hong Kong have no gardens a boat gives them optimal freedom. The boating area is clean. Perfect for blue water sailing. Hong Kong counts 8 marinas with over 5.000 yachts in most cases without a shorepower connection. Here the WhisperPower systems offer the perfect solution. With RST Marine we are convinced we found a perfect match. RST Marine is a reliable and quality focused company in the marine sector. Their customers are diverse and include shipyards and government authorities. they expect quality products and prompt services such as professional advice, on-time delivery and technical support from our side. They have a dedicated team and provide a one-stop solution to all their customers in the commercial as well as the recreational marine. Their service include pre-sales service, on site maintenance and after-sales support. At the picture Ronald Leung, owner of RST Marine.

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Generating Confidence down under


Underneath post proves WhisperPower Pacific has generated confidence at their part of the world - like the brand has in all other parts of the world. Team WhisperPower Pacific, covering New Zealand, Australia and all the Islands, has done a great job to satisfy customers like Dickey Boats and many others supplying the next generation premium power systems.

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Visit Nautic Africa

Visit Nautic Africa


Last week we visited Nautic Africa in Cape Town, an expert team of specialist ship builders and maritime solution provider for Africa, and satisfied customer of WhisperPower. At this moment there are 2 aluminum ferries in production which will be equipped with WhisperPower M-SQ16 generator. ‘We are excited about the WhisperPower product range, such a complete range of products and high quality. Your products, advice and support helps us to design the best boats.’ sais the R&D manager of Nautic Africa. Another pending project is a serial production of catamaran ferries with GRP hull. In each ferry two M-SQ27 generator units will be installed .

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RTV Galicia broadcasting trailer equipped with WhisperPower

RTV Galicia broadcasting trailer equipped with WhisperPower


Tecnove SL, one of WhisperPower Iberica’s leading customers, has built a telecommunication trailer for RTV Galicia. The trailer is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of the following main components: a WP Combi 48V / 3000W and a Handy charger from the WhisperPower Orange range, a Genverter W-GV 4 diesel generator, a battery monitor and remote control panels for both the WP Combi and the Genverter.

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New representative in Singapore

New representative in Singapore


Best Marine Electrical located in Singapore has been appointed to represent WhipserPower' s range of generator systems. The owner of the company, Neo Poh Huat, (see photograph) is expanding his business by adding Power Generation, which he considers as a necessary part of any marine or mobile power system. The company is active in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philipines and other Asian countries.

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Distribution partner in South Africa


WhisperPower is now established in South Africa. We are glad to announce our new distribution partner in South Africa Southern Power, located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. After a few days training we are prepared to cover the southern part in Africa with WhisperPower products, service and support.

Genverter system for mobile banking office in Spain


alegria activity has built a mobile banking office equipped with a WhisperPower Genverter W-GV 8 diesel generator and a top cool radiator system for EspañaDuero. This mobile office will be put into service in early March. EspañaDuero has eight mobile offices in total which, between them, cover more than 300 small towns in the provinces of León, Salamanca, Valladolid, Palencia and Caceres. These mobile ‘banks’ are designed to provide the same services as can be found in a conventional office. Whilst the majority of those using these mobile banking facilities are elderly customers, primarily needing to make payments and update their passbooks, EspañaDuero’s mobile offices are in fact equipped with all the technological advances needed for users to perform any type of banking operation. The provision of these mobile units allows EspañaDuero to reiterate their commitment to customers located in rural areas and sensitivity to those, in particular the elderly, who may find it difficult to carry out their banking needs. They reflect the company’s determination to ensure that no location, no matter how small the population is, is left without financial services.

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Busy show weekend


Up to 15 February Warber Jachtservice will exhibit the WhisperPower products at Boot Holland Stand 3044. Furthermore the WhisperPower systems are on display at Vene Bat 2017 (stand Oy Kaha) in Helsinki and Båtmässan (stand SellPower) in Gothenburg this weekend.

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W-SQ 6 generator for cyclo-cross racers’ tour bus


A new IVECO mobile home has recently been equipped with a WhisperPower W-SQ 6 generator system. This mobile camper, to be used as a tour bus, has been delivered to Adri van der Poel, father of Mathieu Van der Poel and David Van der Poel who follow in their father’s footsteps as successful cyclo-cross racers. The tour bus will be used to bring the riders to the starting point of the various cyclo-cross races during the winter months. During the summer months, the Beobank-Corendon Cyclocrossteam will use the vehicle as they follow the tour programme. The camper is equipped with every comfort possible so as to best support the riders before and after each event, enabling them to perform at the highest level.

Debut Lexus Sport Yacht Concept


Last month the Lexus Sport Yacht concept made its global debut at a Lexus-hosted “Through the Lens” global media event in Miami, FL. Marquis Yachts, makers of Marquis and Carver Yachts has partnered with Toyota Motor Corporation’s Marine Department to engineer and build a prototype. This resulted is a 42 foot open sport yacht. WhisperPower provided a zero-emission power system based on advanced, safe and proven Lithium ION batteries connected to the DC PowerCube charging systems which are able to quickly charge the batteries whenever 230 V (120 V) is available. The AC PowerCube inverter takes care of providing 230 VAC for that welcome cup of coffee, cool air and all other comforts.

Download system drawing

Tech Centre one stop shop at Boot Düsseldorf


Together with 3 other companies WhisperPower built a Tech Centre in hall 7a at Boot Düsseldorf. Alongside WhisperPower three other companies all active in the international marine field exhibited at stand C18: Yachtcontrol with their monitoring and control systems, Dock Mate and their wireless engine and thruster controls and Baudoin Wash Systems with smart cleaning systems for yachts. Our combined stand turned out to be the ultimate "one stop shop" experience at Boot Düsseldorf.

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New products at Boot Düsseldorf 2017


Boot Düsseldorf marks the first of 15 exhibitions in which WhisperPower will be participating this year. Amongst the key products on display are the new high power inverter based "New School" power systems. The stand will feature two variations of these systems - a 7kVA version and a 14 kVA version, both featuring the compact and silent Genverter diesel generator. Further highlights to look out for amongst the range of products on the stand during the exhibition are the Piccolo 4 kVA 230 V 50 Hz Genverter diesel generator and the recently introduced Genverter M-GV 15 kVA, 230 V/50 Hz 3-cylinder ultra compact diesel generator. Hall 7a Stand C18

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German Coastguard relies on WhisperPower


Can you imagine, under these harsh circumstances our WhisperPower SQ 27 - 27 kVA generator is doing it's essential task to deliver the power to operate the essential on-board functions like the commincation and navigation instruments.

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Hit the road with our Scalino


Road test in Spain with the WhisperPower Genverter Scalino 4 kVA generator. More information about this little power house

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WhisperPower krant nu on-line


De winter/voorjaar 2017 editie van de WhisperPower krant geeft een blik op het laatste nieuws over WhisperPower en de diverse product releases. Download hier de digitale versie van de krant of stuur een mail aan voor een gedrukt exemplaar. De krant is ook beschikbaar in het Engels en is te vinden op de support page van onze website.  

Norway's largest shipyard chooses WhisperPower

Norway's largest shipyard chooses WhisperPower


WhisperPower has become the preferred supplier for all generator systems at Viknes, Norway's largest shipyard. Last week, together with Ole-Petter Pollen from Whisper Power Norway, the first Piccolo generator system was put in to operation on board of a Viknes 1080. A second system is already on order.

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3-year contract signed with North-Line


North-Line Yachts, a fast growing shipyard for seaworthy yachts, formerly known as Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen, is the next yard to join those also convinced that WhisperPower's 'New Style of Yachting’, with their hybrid power systems, is the future.

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METS 2016

METS 2016


We can look back at a very successful Metstrade show.

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Marine PowerBook 2017 now available


The Marine PowerBook 2017 covering our new products and systems is now available. Collect your hardcopy from our stand 1.457 at the Metstrade Show or download the digital version here

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Learning days

Learning days


Ahead of METS, international dealers and distributors are visiting WhisperPower in Drachten for technical and commercial training and workshops.

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Introduction 15 kVA Genverter at METS 2016


Following the introduction of the new WhisperPower 8 and 10 kVA Genverter models earlier this year, we are now set to launch a premium 15 kVA completely water-cooled compact-generator. This latest addition to our next generation of onboard diesel generators comes complete with inverter and an advanced touch screen remote panel as well as the option to be supplied with all installation accessories such as a ABYC compliant Water/Gas separator, Water Lock, water inlets and hoses.

Find out more at our METS Stand 1.457 or our demonstration vehicle in front of RAI entrance K. 

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The Genverter Scalino, another little power house


Meet our Genverter Scalino, a 4 kVA Diesel Generator for Mobile Applications. The Scalino follows the introducton of the Genverter Piccolo for maritime applications. The WhisperPower Genverter Scalino 4 kVA is the smallest, lightest and most powerful of its kind. Thanks to the electronic PMG inverter output, it delivers the ideal power quality for all comfort equipment, such as washing machines, air-conditioning, electrical cooking devices and various other AC powered equipment. The Scalino Genverter generator is a perfect replacement energy source against propane and/or natural gas. “We are more than happy to use the new Scalino generator as a power source in our motorhomes, replacing our gas bottles; our cooking and heating systems operate smooth even during strong winter periods.” says Bjorn Svensholm, director of a leading Motorhome Rental Company in Sweden. The Piccolo and Scalino are on display at Metstrade Stand 1.457. To take a look at our products and systems up and running! Visit the WhisperPower Demonstration Vehicle in front of the main Rai Entrance K close to Hall 1. For more information download the brochure here.  

M-SQ 16 generator for Ivory Coast


A 16 kW WhisperPower generator will supply power to two 27,000 BTU and two 20,000 BTU Webasto air conditioners on board a 15m aluminium twin-hull vessel currently under contruction at Nautic Africa and due for delivery to Abidjan in 2017 . Nautic Africa gained the contract to build two vessels for the Ivory Coast which is part of the country’s solution to alleviating urban conjestion by ugrading their waterway infrastructure. Offering a maximum speed of 23 knots, the ferry will, however, operate at 15 knots and will be able to accommodate 62 passengers and two crew under an enclosed air-conditioned canopy. The vessel wil be powered by two 330 HP Volvo Penta stern drives and equipped with Garmin navigation systems.

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WhisperPower in de publiciteit met systemen voor boorplatformen

Mooi artikel in het Dagblad van het Noorden over de door WhisperPower geleverde en ontwikkelde energiesystemen voor boorplatformen van de NAM. Dankzij deze systemen kunnen de platformen nu lange tijd autonoom werken en zijn er geen onderhoudsmedewerkers meer nodig op of in de buurt van het platform. Zo wordt er bespaard op de kosten van gaswinning. 
Voor meer informatie over dit project verwijzen wij graag naar het nieuwsitem op deze website: 
Om het krantenartikel te downloaden klik op onderstaande groene button.
Artikel Dagblad van het Noorden

Good presence WhisperPower at hanseboot


Good presence of the WhisperPower brand at hanseboot - Internationale Bootsmesse Hamburg this week. Although the number of visitors has declined over the years to a level of 70000 or so, the show is very important for the North German market and South Scandinavian markets. See the gallery of yachts at the show equipped with WhisperPower.

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Nord Star 47 pilot boat launched


The new Nord Star 47 SCY (Semi Custom Yacht) built by Nord Star Boats has been launched! Equipped with a SQ 6 WhisperPower 1500 rpm generator and a WhisperPower Center sine wave inverter / charter combination. The WhisperPower system has been commissioned by Kaha. Kaha, a subsidiary of the Swedish company KG Knutsson and located in Vantaa close to Helsinki, is the WhisperPower distributor for the mobile, marine and off grid markets in Finland.

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WhisperPower off-grid residence


Learn more about Off-Grid Residential Solar Power Systems and watch the video of a residence on the banks of river Vecht which is completely independent from external energy supplies.

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WhisperPower at the Monaco Yacht Show

WhisperPower at the Monaco Yacht Show


It was a pleasure to see so many different yachts and tenders from WhisperPower customers at the Monaco Yacht Show. Here’s just a handful of those we encountered: Maori Yacht who install complete new school zero emission systems with an AC and DC PowerCube in their tenders. Vanquish Yachts, with their Vanquish VQ48 which was launched a few weeks ago at the Cannes Yacht Festival. Rafnar ehf. with the Leiftur 1100, a very seaworthy tender developed in co-operation with the Icelandic Coast Guard and which was delivered by sailing from Iceland to the Med in stages. And of course Wajer Yachts who launched the new Wajer 55 with a complete hybrid power system at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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Commercial shipping products well received by the market

Commercial shipping products well received by the market


The Shipping-Technics-Logistics Messe in Kalkar last week was for WhisperPower the last exhibition in a row of three commercial shipping shows this autumn. At the shows we displayed a wide range of industrial battery chargers, inverters and inverter / charger combinations for the professional and international commercial shipping industry. The products were well received by the market.

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Introduction Wajer 55 at Monaco Yacht Show

Introduction Wajer 55 at Monaco Yacht Show


This week at the Monaco Yacht Show the Wajer 55 built bij Wajer Yachts will be introduced. WhisperPower was invited to design an advanced power system, which resulted in the supply and installation of a unique "hybrid" power system, offering the ultimate comfort owners of such yachts are used to. The systems was designed in close cooperation with Yacht Control and Webasto Benelux. More information can be found here.

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Many boats equipped with WhisperPower at Southamtpon Boat Show

Many boats equipped with WhisperPower at Southamtpon Boat Show


More and more boat builders switch to WhisperPower systems, from XO, Elling and Najad to Baltic and Axopar. Besides the successful partnership between WhisperPower and Webasto Thermo & Comfort at the Southampton Boat Show 2016, the Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK team is doing a great job in supporting the boat builders in their main task: selling boats.

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WhisperPower and electrical propulsion

WhisperPower and electrical propulsion


More and more often, WhisperPower’s hybrid power systems are being used in combination with electrical propulsion. To this end, WhisperPower Deutschland has delivered a GreenStar e-propulsion engine together with a 3.5 kW WhisperPower Piccolo generator as well as a WPC inverter-charger combi and lithium batteries for a Arrow 1200 catamaran designed bij Schionning Designs. WhisperPower Pacific is involved in the provision of an e-system, in close cooperation with Oceanvolt, for a 50 ft catamaran project in Fiji. Plus the DutchCat has recently been introduced in the Netherlands equipped with a hybrid WhisperPower system and Kräutler e-propulsion engine. Another further example of these hybrid solutions is the Antila 26cc, a 26 ft sailing yacht fitted with a GreenStar electric motor in combination with a 3.5 kW WhisperPower Piccolo generator and a WPC inverter-charger combi.

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Whisper Power added 2 new photos.

WhisperPower @ SMM - Hamburg


At this year's SMM WhisperPower will exhibit in the new hall 5 which is exclusively dedicated to "Green Propulsion". Visit stand 606 and/or download our catalogue to learn more about the WhisperPower systems en products for the Commercial Marine and Off-Shore industry.

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Whisper Power added 3 new photos.

Smart power systems for Shell oil platforms


WhisperPower obtained some nice orders from Shell for the supply of smart power systems for oil platforms. The WhisperPower solution enables the customer to reduce the running costs of the natural gas exploitation substantially, and reduce CO2 emissions at the platform dramatically. As a result, the platforms can be re-build to unmanned rigs, powered by solar/ diesel power systems. Operating hours of the generators are reduced from non-stop to 2 hours / day average. Diesel oil refuelling only needed once a year. Maintenance intervals every 1000 hrs, requiring maintenance just one time per year. WhisperPower trains the maintenance/exploitation company to support these installations themselves. No expensive third parties involved. The various parts of the power system are installed in special containers. At the pictures an overview of 3 containers at the test-side, the generator Skids, the charging system and the battery storage. 

Click on underneath green button to download an article in our WP Magazine about this project.

Download our catalogue to learn more about the WhisperPower systems en products for the Commercial Marine and Off-Shore industry.

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A leading role for WhisperPower


Watch the video of the San Lorenzo SL106 which is equipped with a hybrid technology-based power and propulsion system developed by WhisperPower. The yacht is on display at Cannes Yachting Festival. For more information about this WhisperPower project and the system vist WhisperPower at Stand PAN 242 or read more at

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WhisperPower welcomes you in Cannes

WhisperPower welcomes you in Cannes


Visit WhisperPower at Cannes Yachting Festival stand PAN 242 and find out about unlimited 230V usage on board, without generator and without any other engine running. The resulting comfort of installing a “hybrid power system” from WhisperPower. A high capacity inverter of 4, 7 or 14 kVA provides the 230 V / 50 Hz devices with power from the onboard battery. A small generator, the WhisperPower Genverter, only runs for a short period of time when the battery needs recharging. This is achieved with the DC Powercube fast charging system. More information:

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Dutchcat equiped with WhisperPower

Dutchcat equiped with WhisperPower


At the HISWA te water the recently launched DutchCat will be on display. This hybrid yacht is equiped with a complete WhisperPower energy system.

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First Autumn boatshow in a row

First Autumn boatshow in a row


Each year, for the last 23 years, Hallberg-Rassy has hosted an open yard for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The 2016 event was held last weekend. The WhisperPower products were on display at the stand of SellPower. Furthermore, the WhisperPower products were installed in various yachts on display. Among others a New School System, including a nice panel to monitor and operate the power system, on board the Hallberg-Rassy 48.

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Speciale introductieaanbieding


Ontdek het nieuwe varen op de HISWA te water. Elektrisch koken, wassen, drogen, de airco gebruiken, alles kan nu gedaan worden zonder lawaai en hinderlijke
uitlaatgassen. Met altijd volle accu’s. Op stand K 178 introduceert WhisperPower de ‘New School’ stroomsystemen in kit-vorm. Een ‘plug and play’ oplossing voor stroom aan boord voor een aantrekkelijke introductieprijs. Voor meer informatie en prijzen verwijzen wij naar de brochure. 


Introductie stroomsystemen in kit-vorm op komende najaarsbeurzen


Met de ‘New School’ stroomsystemen in kit-vorm introduceert WhisperPower tijdens de aankomende najaarsbeurzen een ‘plug and play’ oplossing voor stroom aan boord voor een aantrekkelijke introductieprijs.   De ‘New School’ systemen, die in eigen huis door WhisperPower zijn ontwikkeld, maken het verblijf aan boord zo comfortabel mogelijk zonder de omgeving tot ergernis te zijn met draaiende motoren en generatoren.  Er is namelijk geen lopende dieselmotor nodig om zware 230 Volt verbruikers te voeden.

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K7 gas platform powered by WhisperPower

K7 gas platform powered by WhisperPower


View on the WhisperPower `New School` systems provided to Shell to power K7 gas platform in the Northsea.

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SMM trade show international launchpad for commercial shipping products


For WhisperPower, the SMM trade show will be the launchpad for the promotion of a wide range of industrial battery chargers, inverters and inverter / charger combinations for the professional and international commercial shipping industry. 

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WhisperPower competes in Dutch Solar Challenge

WhisperPower competes in Dutch Solar Challenge


Tomorrow the Dutch Solar Challenge gets underway - an endurance and sprint race for solar boats with the goal of sailing 200 kilometres without refuelling. 39 teams from the Netherlands and worldwide are taking part. The event gets started on Saturday in Amsterdam with a parade through the canals and the sprint race takes place on Sunday at the Oosterdok moving on to Friesland on Monday where they will be following, until Saturday 9th July, a course running along Lemmer, Drachten, Grou and Leeuwarden with sprint races and various activities on shore in between. All of the solar boats have been self-developed by student teams. A great form of competition and self-motivation resulting in a transport means with zero emission and zero fuel costs. This technique employed sets a trend towards clean transportation for everyone. The WhisperPower solar boat has been made possible thanks to the Innovationcluster Drachten and brings high-tech, sustainability, knowledge and competition together to form a magnificent vessel. This is evident not only in the design of our solar boat, but also from the unique collaboration between the high-tech company WhisperPower and the team sailing the solar boat. By participating in the Dutch Solar Challenge, the Innovationcluster Drachten is demonstrating that it is high-tech, creative, durable and above all also great fun. For more information about the Dutch Solar Challenge go to Follow the WhisperPower team on Facebook WhisperPower Solar Team

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WhisperPower is going mobile in China

WhisperPower is going mobile in China


WhisperPower is going mobile in China! Our W-SQ16 3 Phase Generator has been selected by Gaosheng Medical as a power source for mobile medical trucks, with one order already installed and commissioned and a second placed for the next hospital. The WhisperPower Generator has been installed on board of Gaosheng Mobile Hospital’s most important resource, its MRI truck. Having met all of the stringent criteria that such an important and expensive medical machine requires, relating to voltage sensitivity and frequency, WhisperPower’s generator was selected out of a number of different brands as the generator of choice for this MRI truck which is already traveling around China providing service to remote areas. Re-construction of the truck and installation of the system has been done by Chongqing Crossmobile, a German China Joint Venture.

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Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Show is going well

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Show is going well


Today the last show day. Up to now the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Show is going well - large projects related to Super Yacht systems and small Commercial Craft have been discussed, projects are about to be started up.

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Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo


Tomorrow Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo will open its doors. Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is the only exhibition and conference that will showcase these emerging efficient propulsion technologies and components to an audience of propulsion system designers, ship owners and operators, boat builders, engine manufacturers, naval architects and military fleet operators/chiefs. WhisperPower will exhibit their power generation, power electronics and power storage systems at stand 5005.

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WhisperPower exhibits at Seawork International

WhisperPower exhibits at Seawork International


Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition, Seawork International, has opened its doors for the nineteenth successive time in Southampton today. Until Saturday June 17th the WhisperPower products, including high power inverters, generators and battery chargers, will be on display at stand PB 79 of our distributor Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK Ltd. Download the brochure for the complete commercial shipping product portfolio

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Scherpe aanbiedingen tijdens Maritime Industry


Morgen opent de Maritime Industry, de vakbeurs voor zeevaart, scheepvaart en visserij in Gorinchem haar deuren. Op stand 480 exposeert WhisperPower, naast de brede range generatoren, een uitgebreid pakket aan professionele acculaders, omvormers en omvormer / acculader combinaties voor de professionele scheepvaartsector. Download de Scheepvaart voordeelkrant met handige power producten voor een lage prijs. 

Download Scheepvaart Voordeelkrant

WhisperPower nu ook actief in scheepvaart en off-shore sector


De vakbeurs Maritime Industry is voor WhisperPower het startschot voor de promotie van een uitgebreid pakket aan professionele acculaders, omvormers en omvormer / acculader combinaties voor de professionele scheepvaartsector.

Download brochure commercial marine Lees verder

Commercial Vehicle Show to show WhisperPower products in the Webasto Thermo and Comfort UK stand


The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham is the best attended, largest and the most comprehensive road transport and logistics event held in Britain, providing commercial vehicle operators the latest news about commercial vehicles and equipment. At the largest Webasto stand ever, WhisperPower got the privilege to show some of their mobile products. Response from the market was really good, customers are now offered a one stop shop for comfort and power. Over 20,000 visitors attended the show which was held from 26-28 April.

WhisperPower to power Elling


WhisperPower has been selected by Neptune Marine Shipbuilding (Elling Yachting) as the supplier for the entire electrical power system on board of the Elling E6, which at 65 ft this exciting new model is the largest in the E-series. The yard has opted for a system with a 14 kVA AC PowerCube sine wave inverter which will operate as the non-stop silent “generator”. This will be connected to a light weight WhisperPower Lithium ION battery storage bank of 640 Ah/ 24 VDC and a 3 cylinder GENVERTER with a DC charge system consisting of 2 DC PowerCubes (8.6 kW power). The system allows for global shore power plug-in regardless of voltage or frequency.

WhisperPower products on display at Commercial Vehicle Show


Next week’s The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham will be hosting WhisperPower products. On display with our distributor Webasto UK, the advanced hybrid low emission WhisperPower products will be featured on their stand (5F120). WhisperPower products are ideal for mobile applications. From emergency vehicles and mobile workshops to horse trucks and broadcasting vans to sales and promotions trucks, WhisperPower provides customised autonomous energy systems for virtually any application. Wondering about WhisperPower’s systems approach? The All-in-One PowerStation says it all. A clear and strong example of how everything is brought together in one compact cabinet suitable for installation across a number of mobile applications. Furthermore, it is also possible to install the unit on the exterior, under the bodywork. A selection of just some of the WhisperPower mobile product portfolio can be found in the brochure 'Professional Power systems for commercial and recreational vehicles'

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Marine Works appointed as the exclusive distributor for Poland


Marine Works, based in Gdansk, has been selected as our new marine distribution partner in Poland. This latest cooperation forms part of our continued growth and expansion of our extensive dealer network worldwide.

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Power systems for Wajer & Wajer


WhisperPower has signed a 3 year contract with Dutch boat builder Wajer Yachts to supply electrical power systems for all of their yachts. The order includes the supply of a “New School” hybrid style generator system for the new Osprey 55 due to be launched soon. The system comprises of a 7 kVA AC PowerCube inverter for the operation of the air-conditioning and other various comfort appliances as well as a shore-to-ship charging system in the form of a DC PowerCube. This DC PowerCube is connected to the silent Genverter 2 cylinder diesel generator which is installed as a back up in case the 480 Ah/ 24 VDC WhisperPower Lithium ION PowerPlus batteries need to be recharged. The system also includes an attractive and functional TOUCH screen panel, developed in close cooperation with Yacht Control, providing full AC and DC system control, digital switching and monitoring features for items such as the tank gauge etc. In addition, it is also possible to monitor the system remotely.

WhisperPower for Dickey Boats

WhisperPower for Dickey Boats


Roel ter Heide, owner and Managing Director of WhisperPower, visits one of the WhisperPower Pacific clients and enjoys a good chat with the owner of the Dickey Boats LRC (Long Range Cruiser) 65 Broadsword. About to go offshore for a year. The yacht is equipped with a WhisperPower system with a Genverter Piccolo 4kW generator.

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WhisperPower down under


Three months ago WhisperPower Pacific opened a new shop located in the centre of Aucklands maritime world.Throughout the Pacific Rim there is a strong demand for the systems that WhisperPower offers to the various market sectors. Alongside the traditional boating, commercial shipping and mobile markets, lies the off-grid market with great potential for the WhisperPower power systems for remote off-grid locations.

WhisperPower for Najad 570CC

WhisperPower for Najad 570CC


Together with our Swedish distributor, Sell Power, we visited a Najad 570 CC at the yard of Najad AB. They recently installed a Genverter M-GV 10 programmable speed generator with a WPCI Interface to convert the DDC RS 485 protocol of the Genverter to the NMEA 2000 protocol. All essential data is being collated in to one on board screen from which the Genverter and other on board systems can be operated. The yacht is almost ready for delivery to her new owner.

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Hallberg Rassy installs WhisperPower

Hallberg Rassy installs WhisperPower


WhisperPower installed a complete energy system including a Genverter M-GV 3 programmable speed generator, DC PowerCube chargers and an AC PowerCube inverter in a Hallberg-Rassy 48.

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Dutch Solar Challenge 2016 participation


Together with Innovatiecluster Drachten WhisperPower will compete in the Dutch Solar Challenge 2016.

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Next week WhisperPower Norway will exhibit at show for remote cabins

Next week WhisperPower Norway will exhibit at show for remote cabins


From March 31st up to April 3rd Whisper Power Norway will take part in Hyttemessen As. The All-In-One Power Station will be on display. The Power Station is a complete energy system comprising of a hybrid diesel generator, inverter, battery charger and battery. The market for off-grid products and autonomous energy systems in Norway is huge and includes, amongst others, the outlying communities living in less accessible areas and which frequently suffer from power cuts. In addition there are the numerous summer cottages and winter cabins for whom the All-In-One Power Station is the perfect product. More information

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Vrolijk Watersport represents WhisperPower at Hiswa


Visit Vrolijk Watersport at the Hiswa Amsterdam Boat Show and ask for WhisperPower Journal containing a lot of products with very attractive pricing and special product offers! Booth number Vrolijk Watersport: 07.203 - 07.204.

WhisperPower for Nautic Africa


Nautic Africa is part of the Nautic Group of Companies with its head office in Cape Town. The company is positioned as a leading shipbuilder and maritime services provider in Africa and beyond, using relationships, technology and skills to put their vessels at the forefront of modern shipbuilding. WhisperPower is proud to be one of their key suppliers for electrical parts such as WhisperPower diesel generators. These are installed in workboats, patrol boats, search & rescue vessels and other craft. Nautic Africa’s boats and ships are sold worldwide basis. WhisperPower supports all the supplied and installed systems with their local service dealers .

Successful demonstration tour at Menorca

Successful demonstration tour at Menorca


The Whisper Power Ibérica team organized a successful demonstration tour with the WhisperPower demonstration van at the Balearic Island Menorca. They presented the full range of products and demonstrated the "New School" systems to distributors and yards. Furthermore the team of Sasga Yachts were trained in installing and servicing the new range of Genverters, including the GV 4 Piccolo.

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Power Electronics Manufacturing Agreement signed


With pleasure we can announce the signing of a power electronics manufacturing agreement with PBF B.V. the Dutch subsidiary of SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets.

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Valk Vers food truck equipped with WhisperPower

Valk Vers food truck equipped with WhisperPower


The Dutch vehicle builder InnovaN Trailers bv recently delivered a mobile food truck for Valk Vers. The Valk Vers formula is a new project from the international Van der Valk-concern. With this food truck they will bring fresh and healthy food to the people. A WhisperPower W-SQ12 generator will ensure that the food can be preserved and prepared in the best way.

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Smart generating system for Baltic Yachts


After a thorough engineering process we are now finishing a smart generating system for a 64 ft carbon sailing yacht built by Baltic Yachts. The system comprises a permanent magnet generator integrated between the gear box and a Yanmar 4 JH 57 (49 kW) diesel engine. This entirely, by WhisperPower customized system, supplies up to 8 kW to the 24 VDC PowerPlus Lithium Ion battery bank of 640 Ah. This system is the main power source on board and replaces a conventional auxiliary generator. The yard decided to install a 24V / 7 kW AC PowerCube inverter, sufficient to operate the various AC appliances on board including the airconditioning.

Successful dealer meeting in Spain

Successful dealer meeting in Spain


Over 18 very committed installers and dealers from all over Spain traveled to the WhisperPower office in Gandia to participate in the annual technical training. We cover now all regions in Spain and Portugal, from Lagos, Portugal, to Vigo in Galicia, from Basque Country to Barcelona, all the way to Malaga. WhisperPower's presence in the Baleares and Canaries is strong. A lot of boats fitted with WhisperPower navigate in the Med area. Important subject during the training was the New School technology. We are ready to support the installed base where necessary!

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WhisperPower well represented in Belgium.


WhisperPower is being well represented in Belgium. Service Power and Navex, both based in Antwerp, will each, on their own individual stands at the Belgian Boat Show (13 - 15 & 19 - 21 February), be displaying the full WhisperPower product collection, including the Orange range.

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Bekijk de laatste WhisperPower aanbiedingen


Download de nieuwe VOORDEELKRANT en bekijk de laatste aanbiedingen van WhisperPower. In de nieuwe VOORDEELKRANT vindt u volop nieuwe en bestaande producten voor een beter comfort aan boord van boot, caravan of camper. Wie wil het niet. Een lekker kopje vers gezette espresso, cappuccino of een Senseo tijdens het varen of onderweg met camper / caravan.

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WhisperPower on display during Boot Holland


WhisperPower products will be on display during Boot Holland in the Saksenhal (stand no. 3044) on a stand shared with Service Partner Warber Jachtservice and Yachtcontrol. In addition to the complete and cost effective Orange range, consisting of battery chargers, inverters, combi’s, battery monitoring systems, DC / DC inverters and batteries, the popular small Piccolo generator will also be on display.

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Celebration 45% growth achievement in 2015


WhisperPower celebrates 45% growth in 2015. We have achieved significant growth in 2015 with key territories being the Netherlands, Germany, Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. In addition, substantial orders have recently been obtained in Argentina and Brazil, where the Piccolo 4 kVA Genverter generators is becoming increasingly popular. The "New School" technology has doubled in sales. These systems, mainly consist of AC PowerCube inverters of 4, 7 or 14 kVA, 2 or 3 cylinder Genverters and DC PowerCube fast chargers. For 2016, we are forecasting a further growth of 25%.

New School System for Hanse 675

New School System for Hanse 675


Another respectful WhisperPower customer won an European Yacht of the Year Award. The highly versatile and impressive new compact cruiser Hanse 315 has been elected Winner in the Family Cruiser category at Boot Düsseldorf this week. Congratulation! Recently we delivered 3 New School systems for the Hanse 675. The systems are composed of a M-GV 3 Genverter, 2 DC Powercube chargers, 2 AC Powercube inverters and 8 pcs 225 Ah gel batteries. The first system has been put in to operation on board hull no. 1. This yacht will go to Turkey. The system has been inspected and approved by the WhisperPower team and the Turkish dealer. The New School system is on display at our stand 7aB13 at Boot Düsseldorf.

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EVM team with Hans Stacey fourth in Paris-Dakar Rally


"You can not always win," Hans Stacey said at the podium in Rosario, with the prize for the fourth place in his hands. Hans Stacey is a famous name in the rally world. In 2004 he drove his first Paris - Dakar rally in a DAF truck. This year he drove for the new EVM team. In addition to being a successful sportsman, Hans has also earned his stripes in the business world. Read more about the relation between Hans Stacey and WhisperPower. 

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Distribution contract signed with Webasto


During last week’s London Boat Show, WhisperPower signed a contract with Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK for the exclusive distribution of WhisperPower products in the UK.

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Landau represents WhisperPower at London Boat Show


One weekend to go in London at the London Boat show. Landau, one of our dealers, managed to sell a complete power system for a 65ft retrofit project recently The Piccolo 4 kVA diesel generator has a prominent spot at their stand D021 at the show.

UK dealer sells number of Piccolo generators

UK dealer sells number of Piccolo generators


Our dealer in the UK, Osmotech, already sold a number of Piccolo 4 kW generators at the London Boatshow. For Mark (at picture) it is his 28th boat show.

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German Cathago Yachts choose for fast charge system

German Cathugo Yachts choose for fast charge system


The modern Cathugo Yachts are build in Gemany by The Krake Technology Group.They integrate the latest results of material research and development from the aerospace, industrial and racing in their designs. Therefore they use in areas with high load and stress special fibres to built an extremely lightweight and efficiant structure. They pay particular attention to the health properties of the materials used. For the onboard power they have chosen the smart fast charge systems from WhisperPower with the 48 V Powercube and Genverter.

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New WhisperPower facility in Auckland

New WhisperPower facility in Auckland


Just before the summer and sailing season in the South Pacific starts WhisperPower has opened a new shop located in the centre of Aucklands maritime world.

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WhisperPower Glossy now available


WHISPERPOWER is proud to have launched it’s first glossy edition of the WP Magazine, November 2015. The first copies were offered during the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) Partner conference in November to the international distributors who were very excited about this new communication tool. WP Magazine offers a great view behind the scenes with background information on markets, products and network. A 2nd edition is planned to be issued in Spring 2016. Download here the digital version or send an email to for hard copies.

Mercedes Sprinter equiped with WhisperPower

Mercedes Sprinter equiped with WhisperPower


In production by coachbuilder Zaibas ( 5 Merceders Sprinters, powered by a WhisperPower W-GV4 Basic Mobile Genverter and WP Combi.

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Laboratory Vehicles powered by WhisperPower

Laboratory Vehicles powered by WhisperPower


2 Mobile Laboratory Vehicles, powered by a complete WhisperPower system, are finished and delivered to the customer in Moldavia by UAB Lokmis in Lithuania. Both cars are equipped with the NEW W-GV8 Genverter, cooled by a only a single TopCool radiator, with a WPC 24V / 5000W as inverter/charger and a 24V battery pack.

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AER Supply Ltd. the winner of the Service Partner Award 2015


AER Supply Ltd. the winner of the Service Partner Award 2015. They won the award because of the great job AER Supply is doing in Mid and North America, market inclusive the Caribbean. With their solidly built up service network, the users of the WhisperPower products can be helped properly and quickly, everywhere they are in the USA. Parts and knowledge is locally available to support the WhisperPower brand. A great job, as befits a premium brand! Congratulations.

Whisper Power added 2 new photos from 2015.

Winner METS raffle revealed


During METS we raffled off a BOSCH electric stove with four cooking zones which can be connected starting from the Piccolo 4 generator. Competitors had to answer three questions about WhisperPower. Anders Majors of Targa has been selected as winner of the Advanced 4 - zone BOSCH induction hob. Congratulatios!

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First order for Supreme Pro battery chargers


Venu from Brook Marine Equipment Trading Company ordering the first Supreme PRO battery chargers, the complete range!

Download Supreme Pro brochure Lees verder
WhisperPower @ Mets

Two locations for WhisperPower at METS


At the upcoming Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), taking place from 17th until the 19th November at the RAI in Amsterdam, WhisperPower will be exhibiting and present at the show with two stands.

In the SuperYacht Pavilion, stand nr. 09.410, a complete 300 kW onboard power /propulsion system will be on display. The rest of the product range can be seen at stand nr. 01.449, Europahal.

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International training days

International training days


Great training days at WhisperPower on Friday and Saturday !!

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Unmanned security camera station powered by WhisperPower

Unmanned security camera station powered by WhisperPower


Nice installation example of an unmanned security camera station. The unit is built by Navex Elektro and will be be used for 24h-monitoring of a construction site at a new-to-built highway in Belgium. The power for the camera's is provided by 3 solar panels. WhisperPower supplied the W-GV4 Genverter in stainless sound-shield as a backup station.

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Welfare vehicles powered by WhisperPower

Welfare vehicles powered by WhisperPower


Welfare vehicles in production in the UK, powered by WhisperPower. These cars will be equipped with W-GV7i Genverter, complete with WPC Inverter/charger and WhisperPower batteries installed for the power supply on board. The welfare vehicles offers heating, hand wash facilities, a food preparation area, a toilet and most importantly a water boiler for hot drinks, so workforce has somewhere safe and warm to go even when they are working in the most remote places.

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Market share WhispePower in mobile market is getting bigger.

Market share WhispePower in mobile market is getting bigger.


Our activities in the mobile market are growing by the day. Another all-in-one 7 kW hybrid power system for a well known horse truck builder

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WhisperPower main supplier Sustainer Home


The Sustainer Home uses solar panels, wind mills, and rainwater collection & filtration to produce all its own energy and water. With no connection to the sewerage, electricity, water, or gas grid, you’re free from utility bills and free to live anywhere. They rely solely on renewable energy. Electricity is produced by a smart combination of solar panels and wind mills to make sure you have enough energy for a regular household, year round. Energy is stored in WhisperPower Gel batteries and the WhisperPower AC PowerCube inverter converts the power to 230 V.

San Lorenzo and WhisperPower at the Genua Boat Show


NOW AT THE GENUA BOATSHOW / NEW SAN LORENZO MOTOR YACHT 106 FEET / POWERED BY MTU (2 X 2000 kW’ ) AND WHISPERPOWER (ECO MODE 300 KW). GREENER, CLEANER WITH WHISPERPOWER – NIGHTS WITHOUT RUNNING GENERATORS AND STILL FULL AIRCONDITIONING AND COMFORT. The SL106 sports the unmistakable Sanlorenzo style, matching elegance, balancing spaces, a well-balanced ratio of empty to occupied spaces and an extraordinary number of innovations while maintaining the identity of the Sanlorenzo planing fleet.

WhisperPower attracts a lot of attention in Russia

WhisperPower attracts a lot of attention in Russia


WhisperPower is present at the NEVA exhibition in St. Petersburg Russia. The International Maritime Exhibition of Russia for the professional and commercial ship building industry 22 – 25 September 2015, St Petersburg, Russia

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Good start of Boat Show Season


BOATSHOW SEASON 2015/ 2016 STARTED WELL FOR WHISPERPOWER A large number of sailing and motor boats, which were on display at Hiswa in-Water Boatshow in Holland, at Cannes Yachting Festival and at the Southampton Boatshow were equipped with WhisperPower systems. Some names: - new customers AXOPAR and XO from Finland - Marex, Najad, Hallberg Rassy from Scandinavia - Hardy, Spirit Yachts and Oyster from England - Dehler, Hanse, Sirius Yachts from Germany, C-yacht, Linssen and Contest from the Netherlands and a lot more.

WhisperPower products on display at IBEX


WhisperPower products at IBEX 2015 We are proud to be present at IBEX, a trade-only event, held in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. This trade show is similar to the European METS show, which takes place in Amsterdam at the RAI building. WhisperPower has already an established dealer network in North America, with product and spare parts support by AER, Seabrook, Texas. We are now reinforcing our activities by setting up our own North America company structure. Show details: September 15-17, 2015 Kentucky Exposition Center 937 Phillips Lane Louisville, KY USA 40209

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WhisperPower present at Cannes Boat Show


With nearly 550 boats on display in water and on land, among them one hundred world premieres, Cannes Yachting Festival, which took place last week, has become one of the most important exhibitions in Europe. WhisperPower was present as member of the HISWA Orange Yachts group – a group of Dutch companies active in the marine business. A substantial number of yachts was equipped with WhisperPower electrical systems.

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Spectaculaire groei WhisperPower groep


WhisperPower International, het moederbedrijf van WhisperPower BV, Hybrid Power Systems BV, WhisperPower Iberica, WhisperPower Germany, WhisperPower Pacific en WhisperPower China, heeft een sterke groei gerealiseerd in de eerste 6 maanden van 2015.  Met een toename van meer dan 50% is het financiële resultaat van het bedrijf, dat in 2007 is opgericht en sinds 2010 actief in de maritieme industrie, uitzonderlijk goed.

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Live cook demonstrations at Hiswa


Visit us at the HISWA in-water Boat Show s. At the show, stand K 345, we give live cook demonstrations on induction plates powered by a M-GV 4 Piccolo. With a M-GV 4 Piccolo on board LPG installations become obsolete.

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Alle comfort van thuis, nu mee aan boord!


Nu bij aanschaf van de M-GV4 Piccolo (4KW) een Bosch 4 pits inductie kookplaat (type PIA611T16E) cadeau!

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New Premium Service Partner for WhisperPower in Belgium


Navex Elektro, a renowned specialist in marine, mobile and industrial power systems has become one of the Premium Partners for WhisperPower in Belgium. We wish Huub and Miquel all the best!

NIEUW: WhisperPowerBook, best source voor Electrical Power Solutions


Met gepaste trots kondigen wij aan dat onze nieuwe WhisperPowerBook marine catalogus binnenkort beschikbaar zal zijn. We beginnen met het verzenden van de gedrukte exemplaren vanaf 18 augustus 2015! Hier zijn alvast de links naar de 3 taalversies die klaar zijn om als pdf-versie te downloaden.

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Veel nieuwe producten tijdens Hiswa te Water


Tijdens de Hiswa te Water introduceren wij 3 nieuwe touchscreen panelen voor onze verschillende energiesystemen. Daarnaast zal onder meer de AC PowerCube, een hoogvermogen sinus omvormer, die als de “stille generator“ geleverd wordt bij de WhisperPower energiesystemen, tentoon worden gesteld.


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WhisperPower in het nieuws


'Sneller innoveren door samenwerking in Drachten' was de titel van één van de artiklen in de Holland High Tech special welke afgelopen zaterdag is gedistribueerd met het Financieele Dagbad. In het artikel wordt naast WhisperPower ook Neopost uitgelicht en wordt er ingegaan op het belang van samenwerking tussen high-tech bedrijven op het gebied van R&D en productie. Net als WhisperPower is Neopost lid van het Innovatie Cluster Drachten, een samenwerkingsverband tussen hoogwaardige- en innovatieve bedrijven en de gemeente Smallingerland.
De complete Holland High Tech Special kunt u hier lezen. 

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Alliance with Diesel Center Italy intensified


Following the strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent hybrid technology based power and propulsion systems with Diesel Center, established earlier this year, we have now signed a distribution agreement with them. As of July 1st, Diesel Center will act as a our main distributor in Italy.

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High-Tech Ontdekkingsroute zaterdag 6 Juni


Vandaag is de "Dutch Technology Week" officieel van start gegaan. Binnen dit kader organiseert het Innovatie Cluster Drachten, een bundeling van een innovatieve bedrijven uit Drachten, een High-Tech Ontdekkingsroute op zaterdag 6 Juni as van 13:00 tot 17:00. Iedereen is van harte welkom om ons bedrijf die middag te bezichtigen. 

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New distributors in New Zealand and South Korea


We are happy to reveal that we have added two new distributors to our fast expanding distribution network. DongKang M-Tech Co., Ltd., based in Seoul, has been selected as our new marine distribution partner in South Korea whilst OVLOV Marine, based in Auckland, has been appointed as our partner in New Zealand.

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Whisper ‘Tour du Jour’


Met het WhisperPower demonstratie schip M.Y. INDEPENDENCE organiseren we een tour door Nederland en België. Het jacht is uitgerust met al onze nieuwste producten en systemen waaronder het DC-AC PowerCube systeem met Genverter en 14kVA omvormer. De Tour du Jour start 20 mei in Katwijk aan de Maas en zal de plaatsen Maasbracht, Antwerpen, Middelburg, Bruinisse, Waalwijk, Heusden,Zaandam en Enkhuizen aandoen. Vanaf de 2e week van juni wordt de tour in de provincies Friesland en Groningen vervolgd.

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Uitbreiding Premium Service Partner Netwerk in Benelux


WhisperPower groeit en breidt haar Premium Service Partner netwerk voor de maritieme markt in de Benelux verder uit. Steeds meer werven, installateurs en eindgebruikers vinden de weg naar WhisperPower. Naast de populaire serie Orange acculaders, omvormers, combi’s en accu’s voert WhisperPower al jarenlang de bekende WhisperPower Generatoren.

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Russian River Register for WhisperPower


WhisperPower again confirmed the ability to produce diesel generators, power electronics according to the most strict rules of the Russian River Register (RRR). After extensive tests of various parameters of the equipment, the audit control system of the production line and the assembly of generators, testing qualification of the company's staff, design documents, instruments and so on, the new certificate have been issued by the RRR-institute.


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Shanghai International Boat Show


The Shanghai International Boat Show took place  from 9th April to 12th April, in Shanghai, with participation of  Shanghai WhisperPower System Co. Ltd.  Customers from China and Asia were very interested to see all new WhisperPower products which included the new Piccolo 4 kW diesel generator.

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WhisperPower GmbH is launched


As of April 1st 2015, WhisperPower GmbH has been established as a subsidiary of the Dutch manufacturer WhisperPower B.V.. Based in Schleswig, WhisperPower GmbH will operate within the maritime, mobile and off-grid market sectors. The company is headed up by Ralf Tapken and Roel ter Heide who will be working alongside a third partner Ansgar Hinrichs.

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New mobile projects for WhisperPower Iberica


WhisperPower Iberica, a full subsidiary of WhisperPower Intrenational BV, serving the Spanish and Portuguese markets, has steadily grown into a market leader position. Almost all prestigeous mobile power systems for speciality vehicle projects are delivered by the company.

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Diesel Center Italy and WhisperPower enter into partnership


WhisperPower and Diesel Center, a leading propulsion engine distributor in Italy and exclusive partner of MTU, have established a strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent hybrid technology based power and propulsion systems for high performance yachts from 30 – 60 meters.

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WhisperPower sponsored trip to the North Pole


Many experiences for the Dutch participants in the 'Snow Challengers Against Cancer' rally from the Netherlands to the Arctic, and back again. Three Volvo C-90's were prepared for this rally, which started at 2nd January this year. WhisperPower supplied the 2kW sine wave inverters for the various 230V consumers in the Volvo's.

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Hybrid system for La Suma de Todos


Nice impression of a 7i mobile hybrid system for La Suma de Todos. System supplied under the direction of Patricio Blanco from WhisperPower Iberica.

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Hybrid Power for Event Trucks


WhisperPower has developed, in close cooperation with Evenrent, based in Loenen the Netherlands, a power system of 30 kWatt to operate various appliances in a high-tech  demonstration vehicle.

The system is based on the compact WhisperPower  SQ 27 1500 rpm, 27 kVA generator, providing three phase power to the vehicle’s equipment such as airconditioning, computers and LED lights.

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WhisperPower now established in the Pacific Rim


We have established a new company in New Zealand to develop the market in the Pacific Rim. WhisperPower Pacific Limited is the result of a joint venture with the successful businessman John McGettigan who is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Throughout the Pacific Rim there is a strong demand for the systems that we offer to the various market sectors. Alongside the traditional boating, commercial shipping and mobile markets, lies the off-grid market with great potential for the Grid Independer power system for remote off-grid locations.

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Impression of WhisperPower at the IBC 2014


The IBC in Amsterdam (NL) is the world’s leading electronic media event and a fixture on the calendar of the global media industry, attracting over 52.000 visitors and 1.500+ exhibitors from more than 170 countries. WhisperPower was proud to demonstrate the ALL-IN-ONE Power Station to the public during the show.

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WhisperPower establishes foothold in Norway


Following thorough market research and a long period of pre-emptive marketing, we have made the decision to actively establish ourselves within the Norwegian market for autonomous energy systems. To this end, we have joined forces with a Norwegian partner company who will be recognised as WhisperPower Norway and whose Managing Director is a successful businessman from Oslo with a long history in the maritime and mobile business.

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Nieuwe brochure M-GV4 Genverter Piccolo


We hebben nu voor u de kleinste en stilste boordgenerator: De nieuwe Piccolo
fluistergenerator met maar liefst 4kVA vermogen. Uw garantie voor ultiem comfort en de zekerheid dat er altijd stroom is. Download hier de nieuwe brochure.

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WhisperPower supplied Genverter system for Pacific Shipyards


WhisperPower recently supplied a complete 3-cylinder Genverter system to Pacific Shipyard (NL) for the Pacific Pearl 205 Flybridge. The DC-AC system brings maximum comfort on board, thanks to a total inverter power of 10.5kW (with a peak power of 28.5kW) out of the battery bank. 

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WhisperPower Generators for Lifeboats from Oceanwide S.a.S.


Oceanwide Safety at Sea is the world’s leading company in building and maintaining Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHL). WhisperPower supplies the M-SC11P (60Hz) generators for the lifeboats.

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New all-in-one PowerSolutions at IBC


During the upcoming IBC 2014 exhibition, we will be introducing three new All-in-One power packs. These new products which are made up of 4, 7 and 10 kWatt output power versions, are designed for easily installation in a vehicle. The WhisperPower Packs include a super silent, water-cooled diesel generator as well as a cooling and exhaust system, an inverter/ battery charger combination and a battery pack (lithium Ion or lead acid). With all components inside the unit already connected and pre-wired, installing a WhisperPower Pack is made quick and easy and can be carried out by a non-electrical engineer. The systems will be demonstrated live at stand Nr. OE 115.

WhisperPower at Youth Olympic Games


From 16 – 28 of August the second Youth Olympic Games take place in Nanjing, China. For the safety of the athletes policemen patrol on the water with a Alphaboat 36’ inflatable rib. In order to ensure the air-condition, navigation, communication and other electrical equipment work trouble-free the shipyard ALPHABOAT installed the Whisperpower M-SC 3.5 generator, which is proved to be the be most compact generator.

WhisperPower wannahaves op de Hiswa te Water


De Supreme Combi sinus omvormer / acculader combinatie van WhisperPower is de nieuwe wannahave voor iedere bootbezitter. Met deze Supreme Combi kunt u 220 Volt apparatuur, zoals het Nespresso apparaat, de waterkoker, computers en tv’s, zonder dat u aan de walstroom ligt of de generator laat draaien, nu ook aan boord gebruiken. 

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Grid Independer BIG HIT at Intersolar Europe 2014


The leading international exhibition for the solar industry, Intersolar Europe, held in München, ended 6th June. Around 1,100 exhibitors from 48 countries showcased products and services for around 45,000 visitors, along the entire solar industry supply chain over three days. In addition to photovoltaic (PV) and PV production technologies, 250 exhibitors, including WhisperPower, presented their innovative solutions for energy storage.

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Sectorkennisdag – Medewerkers Economische zaken op bezoek bij WhisperPower


Op 11 juni is er in het kader van de Sectorkennisdag  HTSM Noord een bezoek gebracht aan WhisperPower  om nader kennis te maken met de onderneming. Naast leden van het ministerie van Economiscbe Zaken die zich bezig houden met het beleid rondom de Topsectoren, waren er vertegenwoordigers van de drie noordelijke provincies aanwezig.

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Nieuwe Off-Grid PowerBook is nu beschikbaar !


Onze volledig nieuwe Off-Grid PowerBook is nu beschikbaar en te downloaden op onze website. De gloednieuwe catalogus bevat veel nieuwe systeemoplossingen voor backup power en off-grid installaties.

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Rene van Miltenburg nieuwe Sales Manager bij WhisperPower


Per 1 juni verruilt Rene van Miltenburg zijn functie als Sales Manager bij Holland Nautic voor een nieuwe uitdaging bij  WhisperPower. Na een mooie loopbaan van meer dan 27 jaar als sales manager bij Honac en Holland Nautic, krijgt Rene binnen WhisperPower de taak om de verkoop van WhisperPower producten in de Benelux in goede banen te leiden.

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Best Deal aanbieding: M-SC8P Marine generator (6.4kW)


Profiteer van onze BESTE DEAL aanbieding van de 2-cilinder WHISPERPOWER MARINE M-SC 8P dieselgenerator. Nu tijdelijk voor een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs!


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WhisperPower 'hot spot' in Dutch Technology Week of Wonders


From the 18th until the 24th of May 2014, the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) will be organized for the third time. During this week professionals, pupils, students and technology lovers can experience how fun and exciting it is to work on inventing things that change the world.

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Introductie Racing Team Solar Challenge


WhisperPower Racing Team is de 'new kid on the block' op het gebied van zonne-energie en elektrisch varen. We namen als sponsor en als technisch adviseur al vaak deel aan diverse zonne-races, zowel op het land als in het water. De tijd is nu gekomen om deel te nemen met onze eigen zonneboot! 

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China Boat Show Report


China International Boat Show is de grootste bootshow in China. WhisperPower China heeft dit jaar alweer voor de 3e keer deelgenomen aan deze show te Shanghai.


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Solar laadsysteem voor elektrische vorkheftrucks


Celectric, een toonaangevende distributeur in Nederland van batterijen, heeft in nauwe samenwerking met WhisperPower en Eleggtricks, een Nederlandse elektrische systemen design bedrijf, een uniek oplaadstation voor elektrische vorkheftrucks ontworpen.

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Fassmer bestelt WhisperPower generatoren voor reddingsvaartuigen


De bekende werf Fassmer in Noord-Duitsland heeft nieuwe WhisperPower systemen besteld voor 3 rescue schepen voor de Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger, DGzRS.

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Mobiele stroom voor Sochi


Voor de komende winterspelen in Sochi wordt door de Russsiche regering enorm geinvesteerd in accomodaties, infrastructuur en veiligheid.

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Nieuwe all-in-one Power Packs


Anticiperend op de vraag vanuit de markt om de arbeidskosten waar mogelijk te beperken, heeft WhisperPower een nieuwe "all-in-one" power systeem concept voor mobiele en maritieme toepassingen gelanceerd. Klanten kunnen hun gewenste 230V-50 Hz generator vermogen, stilte tijd van de omvormer, type accu en de beschikbare inbouwruimte opgeven. WhisperPower vertaalt deze wensen in een geïntegreerde "alles-in-een-box" systeem.

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Prestigieuze order voor Marintek & WhisperPower


Ares Shipyards, gelegen in Antalya, Turkije, heeft gekozen voor Marintek / WhisperPower om hun leverancier te worden voor de equipment van 8 moderne high speed catamarans. Deze composiet schepen, met een lengte van 18 meter en een breedte van 6,7 meter, zijn gebouwd om te dienen als luxe ferry's tussen het vasteland van Qatar en de Anatara Doga Island Resort & Spa.

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VSK beurs groot succes voor Libra Energy & WhisperPower


De VSK beurs, gehouden van 3 tot 7 februari in de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht, is de toonaangevende beurs voor fabrikanten en leveranciers van technische producten en systemen voor installatiebranche. Alle nieuws op het gebied van verwarming, airconditioning, luchtbehandeling, waterbehandeling, elektrische producten en een breed scala van producten die nodig zijn voor de bouw kan hier worden gevonden.

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Stroomsysteem voor Maleisische werf


Professional Powercraft, gevestigd in Maleisië, is een bekende ontwerper en bouwer van snelle recreatieve en professionele vaartuigen, van geavanceerde composietmaterialen.

De ontwerpen zijn vaak gebaseerd op internationale race ontwerpen, zoals bijvoorbeeld het ontwerp op basis van de Victory Team uit Dubai.

Voor een van hun nieuwste projecten van de M-SQ 12 diesel generator (12 kW - 1.500 omw/min) gekozen als hun belangrijkste energievoorziening aan boord, inclusief alle installatieonderdelen.

Seico kiest voor WhisperPower


Een van de grote spelers in de markt van de verkoopwagens is het bedrijf Seico Verkaufsfahrzeuge GmbH uit Duitsland. Een van hun filosofieën is een zeer eerlijk en oprecht relatie tussen klanten, leveranciers, banken en consultants. Een andere, zeer belangrijke filosofie is om voertuigen met een zeer lange levensduur en zo min mogelijk service intervallen te bouwen en een uitstekende prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.

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WhisperPower hoofdleverancier Hartmann Spezialkarosserien GmbH


Al meer dan twee jaar zijn we de belangrijkste leverancier van Hartmann Spezialkarosserien GmbH voor alle soorten generatoren en vermogenselektronica. De meeste toepassingen, zoals mobiele bankvoortuigen, off-road campers en voertuigen voor rioolreiniging vereisen speciale uitvoeringen. Voor dit alles levert WhisperPower een breed scala van all-In-one generatorsets voor snelle en eenvoudige installatie in het voertuig.

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Nieuwe RS232 naar NMEA 2000 interface


Op Boot Düsseldorf toonden we de nieuwe RS232 naar NMEA 2000 interface voor onze energiesystemen. Mooi en helder touch-screen schermen met uitgebreide uitleesmogelijkheid van het DC-systeem inclusief batterij monitoring, wal/landstroom en omvormer. Een doorbraak voor WhisperPower, dankzij de interface kunnen onze systemen nu worden aangesloten op diverse digitale bussystemen (o.a. Raymarine, Simrad en EmpirBus).

WhisperPower neemt weer deel aan de Frisian Solar Challenge


WhisperPower neemt dit jaar weer deel aan de Frisian Solar Challenge 2014 met een eigen solarboot. De Frisian Solar Challenge, ook wel bekend als de `World Cup voor Solar Powered Boats´, is het grootste duurzame evenement in Nederland, gericht op het ontwerp en bouw van ultra-lichtgewicht highspeed solarboten, die sterk genoeg zijn om de ontberingen van een 220-kilometer race te kunnen doorstaan.

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Stroomsystemen voor horsetrucks


Het transport van paarden naar paardenshows, maneges, Concours Hippique en ziekenhuizen is een serieuze business. Horsetrucks zijn de meest handige manier voor paarden om te reizen: voertuigen met accommodatie voor paarden en een aparte woonkamer voor de eigenaren en bemanning. WhisperPower is een vooraanstaande speler in deze markt en levert een breed scala van low- tot  high-power systemen.

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WhisperPower houdt de levensmiddelen koud


Een interresante markt waar WhisperPower bij betrokken is, is de wereld van temperatuurgevoelige transport, zoals bijvoorbeeld het vervoer van levensmiddelen. Er zijn verschillende manier om de producten onder het vriespunt te houden, de meest voorkomende is door een diesel aangedreven koelunit te installeren boven de bestuurderscabine.

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WhisperPower en de markt voor elektrische voertuigen


Samen met Carrosseriebedrijf IJntema B.V. in Heerenveen hebben we recent een nieuwe VW Transporter omgebouwd in een mobiel laadstation, die in staat is om de accu´s van twee elektrische auto´s tegelijkertijd op te laden. We hebben daarvoor een 25kVA generator ingebouwd samen met een ingenieus koel- en uitlaatsysteem.

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Nu op YouTube: het verhaal over het WhisperPower demonstratiejacht MY Indepence en haar compleet vernieuwde elektrisch systeem.

Voor meer informatie over de M.Y. Indepence kunt u ook de speciale website van het jacht bezoeken.

Bekijk de YouTube video hier.


WhisperNews released


Onze "WhisperNews” nieuws bulletin, met boordevol informatie over onze markten, producten en organisatie is nu beschikbaar!


WhisperNews Winter-Spring 2014

Nieuwe WhisperPower maritieme catalogus nu beschikbaar!


Deze fraaie en zeer complete catalogus, het WhisperPowerBook, is zowel als digitale kopie als in gedrukte vorm verkrijgbaar. Het leveringsprogramma bevat zo goed als alle onderdelen en producten die nodig zijn voor het samenstellen van een hoogwaardig energie systemen, met een uitgebreide keus aan diesel generatoren, vermogens elektronica, accu’s en systeem componenten.

Een Nederlandse versie is in voorbereiding en zal begin 2014 beschikbaar zijn. Voor de niet-maritieme markten (mobiele en land) zijn specifieke catalogi in voorbereiding.


WhisperPower PowerBook Marine

WhisperPower op de METS 2013


METS 2013 is weer een nieuwe mijlpaal voor WhisperPower.  Dit jaar viert het bedrijf zijn inmiddels al weer 5de verjaardag met de invoering van een reeks kant-en-klare elektrische systemen voor pleziervaartuigen van 7 tot 30 meter.

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Eerste hybride motorjacht in Taiwan


De systemen van WhisperPower worden wereldwijd gedistribueerd. Ook op maat gemaakte projecten (custom-built) worden altijd succesvol behandeld. Daarbij werkt WhisperPower nauw samen gevestigde bedrijven zoals bijvoorbeeld Steyr Motors uit Oostenrijk, en hun distributeurs wereldwijd. In samenwerking met Steyr Motors Pacific, werd een nieuwe hybride aandrijfconcept geleverd aan een van de belangrijkste plezierboot bouwers in Taiwan, Blue Water Yachts.

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WhisperPower stelt ASAP Supplies Ltd aan als nieuw verkooppunt


Tijdens de PSP Southampton Boat heeft David Payne (Sales Manager UK WhisperPower) ASAP Supplies Ltd uit Suffolk benoemd tot officieel distributiepunt voor de orange-labeled vermogenselektronica en generator spare parts voor de marine markt.

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Shanghai WhisperPower nr 1 in China


De activiteiten van WhisperPower in China zijn de laatste jaren zeer succesvol. Na de start, 2 jaar geleden, heeft WhisperPower in China een positie als marktleider op het gebied van recreatie en semi professionele low-power generatorsystemen weten te behalen.

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WhisperPower levert power systeem aan NAM voor onbemand off-shore platform


NAM, een joint venture tussen Shell en Esso, is een productiebedrijf met als core-business de explotatie en productie van olie en gas en heeft haar hoofdkantoor in Assen. De NAM is zowel actief op het land als in de offshore.

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Kantoor WhisperPower Shanghai verhuisd naar een nieuw pand


Gelegen in het noord-westelijke deel van Shanghai, is het bedrijf verhuisd naar een gloednieuw kantoor met uitgebreide warehouse faciliteit.

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WhisperPower Iberica houdt het ijs koud


Patricio Blanco heeft een systeem ontworpen voor een Landrover, die werd omgebouwd tot ijsverkoopwagen. 

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Nieuw kantoor voor WhisperPower in de United Kingdom


David Payne vertegenwoordigt vanaf heden WhisperPower in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Hij gaat rechtstreeks werken voor WhisperPower, Nederland. David heeft in het verleden al meer dan 5 jaar gewerkt met Roel ter Heide (Mastervolt UK periode).

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Piper Boats installeert WhisperPower systemen


Sinds eind 2012, installeert Piper Boats (United Kingdom) complete WhisperPower systemen in hun exclusive motorjachten.

Het leven aan boord van een Piper Boat is plezierig. Deze schepen zijn vooral bedoelt voor de binnenvaart, hoewel ze ook gematigde zeeën aankunnen. Het merendeel van de eigenaren maken lange tochten door de Franse, België, Nederlandse en Duitse kanalen en nemen daarbij hun tijd om ´sightseeing´ te doen.

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Nieuw project in Duitsland/Singapore: Rohde & Schwarz


Het in München (Duitsland) gevestigde hoofdkantoor van elektronicaconcern Rohde & Schwarz GmbH, met vestigingen over de hele wereld, is een van de wereldmarktleiders op het gebied van de levering van hoogfrequent Test- en Meetappparatuur, Communicatiesystemen en Zenders voor radio- en televisieomroep.   

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Nieuw kantoor voor WhisperPower Iberica in Spanje


WhisperPower Iberica is onlangs verhuisd naar een nieuw pand in Palmera, dicht bij Gandia / Valencia, dat kan worden omschreven als een perfecte oplossing voor een power systems company.

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Nieuw project in Duitsland: Bofrost


We hebben inmiddels meer dan een jaar gewerkt aan een compleet nieuw energiesysteem voor diepvriesvoertuigen te ontwikkelen. Er zijn nu twee proto-type voertuigen opgebouwd met de eerste modellen van onze nieuwe hoog efficiënte Dynamo / Inverter systeem. Later voor dit jaar staan nog de systemen voor 8 extra wagens gepland.

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Design Award van Showboats voor Hybride systeem


SHOWBOATS is een van de toonaangevende bladen in de markt van de mega jachten. Op 21 juni zijn in Monaco de jaarlijkse AWARDS uitgereikt. Dit jaar heeft  Holland Jachtbouw (HJB) met het WhisperPower Hybride systeem, dat voor het retro zeiljacht " Rainbow"  ontwikkeld is, heeft dit jaar in de Design and Technology Award ontvangen.  

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Nieuwe distribiteur voor WhisperPower in Frankrijk


WhisperPower heeft Webasto Thermo & Comfort France SAS benoemd als distributeur voor de mobiele en maritieme markten in Frankrijk.

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Refit voor Motorjacht “INDEPENDENCE”


Dit 17 meter lange demonstratie schip van WhisperPower is in september 2008 in gebruik genomen. Na een paar intensieve jaren in de Middellandse Zee, met een tocht terug via de kanalen in Frankrijk met meer dan 200 sluizen en een paar winters in Nederland werd het tijd voor een opknapbeurt. Mast Jachtschilders in Drachten heeft het hele schip grondig te pakken genomen en voorzien van een nieuwe verflaag.

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Open dagen succesvol


Op 14 en 15 juni openden we onze deuren voor bezoekers, leveranciers en klanten uit de regio. We verwelkomden ongeveer 150 bezoekers die de kans hadden om onze producten en systemen te bekijken.

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Powering Your Lifestyle


De nationale campagne "Powering Your Lifestyle" is deze week van start gegaan in Nederland, met als doel het netwerk van resellers te versterken in de recreatieve marktsector. Rond 200 resellers, actief in pleziervaartuigmotoren mobiele en land gebaseerde markten zijn voor deze campagne benaderd.

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Nieuwe WhisperPower Company Movie


At our website you will find our new company movie, created with the purpose to offer a close look at the WhisperPower company. Our previous You Tube movie will be replaced by this new production.

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Nieuwe Hybride Power Systeem voor de Koninklijke familie


Wij zijn er trots op dat we zijn geselecteerd om een nieuw energiesysteem te leveren voor het koninklijke jacht "De Groene Draeck". Dit traditionele zeiljacht, model Lemsteraak, is oorspronkelijk gebouwd voor de binnenvaart en is eigendom van Beatrix van Oranje, Koningin van Nederland.

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Russische Rivier Certificaat


Recent hebben wij uit handen van de Russische Rivier Inspectie het officiële Russische Rivier Certificaat ontvangen. Dit certificaat is geldig voor al onze SC, SQ en GV generator modellen. Deze goedkeuring is verplicht om onze systemen te kunnen verkopen in Rusland voor alle binnenvaartschepen, inclusief plezierjachten.

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Hybrid Power System for Royal Huisman Shipyard


Voor Royal Huisman Shipyard in Vollenhove Nederland hebben we onlangs een Hybrid Power Systeem opgeleverd bestaande uit de volgende hoofdcomponenten.

Voor Royal Huisman Shipyard in Vollenhove Nederland hebben we onlangs een Hybrid Power Systeem opgeleverd bestaande uit de volgende hoofdcomponenten.
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PowerApp voor smartphone en tablet


Alle WhisperPower generatoren, met of zonder WPC PowerCentre (lader/omvormer) integratie, kunnen nu worden bediend via smartphone of tablet. Het systeem is snel gemakkelijk te installeren en eenvoudig te bedienen. Na het installeren van de PowerApp via de Whisper-to-Wifi connectiebox, is het systeem klaar voor gebruik.

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WhisperPower benoemd nieuwe distributeur voor Finland en Estland


WhisperPower heeft KaHa, gevestigd in Vantaa nabij Helsinki, benoemd als distributeur voor Finland voor alle markten waarin WhisperPower actief.

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Serious Yachts installeert eerste DC PowerCube systeem


De naam Bonsink is niet onbekend in Zwartsluis. De familie Bonsink bestaat uit succesvolle ondernemers die met name actief zijn in de maritieme sector. Neem Derk Bonsink, eigenaar van Derk Bonsink Yacht Painters, een bekende naam in de nationale en internationale wereld van super jacht bouwers.  Maar Derk heeft niet alleen verstand van “paint”, hij heeft verstand van alles op het gebied van jachten. Met Serious Yachts heeft hij een mooie lijn verfijnde jachten in de markt gezet die goed verkopen. De echte kenners weten waar ze moeten zoeken…

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Bezoek WhisperPower tijdens Boot Dusseldorf


WhisperPower, toonaangevend expert voor energieoplossingen en elektronica,  zal haar nieuwste producten dit jaar tijdens Boot Düsseldorf in Duitsland - stand F17, hal 10 (motoren en accessoires) demonstreren. Het  WhisperPower produktassortiment os uitgebreid met een complete serie omvormers, combi's, batterijen en batterijladers, inclusief alle benodigde installatie onderdelen die nodig zijn om een elektrisch systeem goed te laten functioneren.

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