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Whisper Solar Flex 100 TC

Solar Systemen

WhisperPower Top Class series is at the top of the range, thanks to the use of selected back-contact monocrystalline silicon cells, reaching a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity and with a pleasant appearance thanks to the electrical contacts hidden on the back. Back-contact cells represent the most advanced technology on the market, and make the WhisperPower Top Class panels the highest-efficiency flexible panels.


  • For fixed mounting (sealant) on deck or dockhouse
  • Mounting on railing or rigging (fixing eyes)
  • No rear ventilation necessary
  • Panels can be walked on
60110437Whisper Solar Flex 100 Top Class
Max. nominaal vermogen (Pmax) 100 W - 5.6 A
Optimale Spanning in bedrijf (Vmp) 18.2 V
Omgevingstemperatuur -40/ + 85
Max. systeemspanning 1000 V
Mechanische specificaties
Cel type Mono-crystalline
Afmetingen 1090 x 570 x 17 mm
Voc 21.8 V
Isc 6 A