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PWM Suntrack 10

Solar Systemen

  • Suitable for every type of battery: Gel, AGM or open lead
  • Plug and play connectors for panel, battery and 12 V load
  • Automatic shut down if battery voltage (too) low
  • Can feed up to 20 amps / 450 Watts solar power to the batteries
  • Temperature compensation as standard
  • LEDs battery indicator and load status
60110409PWM Suntrack 10
DC Input
Max. PV Voltage 26 V
Max. PV Stroomsterkte 10 A
Spanning over PV & Accu <0.15 V
DC Output Accu
Accuclassificatie 12 V
Accu type Sealed / Flooded
Max. Laadstroom 10 A
Laad Spanningsbereik 14.2 - 14.6 V
Float Spanningsbereik 13.4 - 13.8 V
Parasitic Current <10 mA
DC Output (belading)
(Ononderbroken) ladingsstroom 10 A
PV Omgekeerde Polariteit Protected
Overbelasting van de accu Yes
Load Over-Discharge Voltage <11.5 V
Load Reconnected Voltage 12.6 V
Ingebouwde Temperatuursensor Yes
Indicatoren Charging / Load Disconnect LED Indicator
Input/Output Aansluiting Heavy duty terminals
Gewicht 0.2 kg
Afmetingen 100 mm x 100 mm x 33 mm