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Generators SQ Series (low rpm)

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Super Quiet - SQ Series - 1500/1800rpm

Our low rpm diesel generators range from 5 kVA - to 30kVA and are fitted as standard with a robust sound protection enclosure. They are also available on a chassis without a sound shield. This is our SQ - BL range. .

  • Power ratings from 5kVA - 30kVA
  • Output voltage configurations: 120-240VAC - 60Hz, 230VAC - 50H and 3 x 400VAC

All our generator systems are supplied as standard with an advanced Digital Diesel Control operating & monitoring panel. It indicates all essential parameters of the system and includes an automatic start / stop option. We can also offer our extended WhisperTouch panels with not only full integration of all parameters of the electrical but also non-electrical system.

Our ‘one stop shop’ is unique: we are able to supply our generator systems with all the necessary installation parts. No more shopping around needed.

NOTE: This series of generators has been replaced by the new SQ PRO series.

See here the SQ PRO series


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