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WP-WGS water/gas separator



Our new WP-WGS and WP-WL models made from polyethylene material with turnable couplings for the hoses. Similar in functionality, more cost effective but not compliant to ABYC regulations.


Available as a complete kit or simply as an exhaust silencer / waterlock in two sizes suitable for all engines or standard generators from 3 kW - 30 kW.

Article Number
40230291WP-WGS Water-gas separator kit (1 5/8’) 40 mm
40230292WP-WGS Water-gas separator kit (2’) 51 mm
40230087WP-WGS 40/40/40 Water-gas separator 40 mm
40230088WP-WGS 51/40/51 Water-gas separator 51 mm


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