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Selection of high quality oil for industrial diesel engines used in marine, mobile, off shore, on-shore and backup power markets. Protect your investment by using the right oil.

  • Protect your investment
  • Cleaner running by high quality oil
  • Safe fuel and increase you operation savings
  • Minimize your maintenance costs by extending your service interval
  • WPL-10 W40 General, our strong allround synthetic oil
  • WPL-10 W 40 Premium LD Long Drain, for extended service intervals
  • WPL-Coolant, our ethylene glycol based cooling liquid
  • For optimal engine cooling
Article Number
40222214WPL Coolant G12, Coolant, 4 liter
40222201WPL-10W40 General, Motoroil, 1 liter
40222204WPL-10W40 General, Motoroil, 4 liter
40222224WPL 10W40 Premium Long Drain, Motoroil, 4 liter
Lubricants Lubricants Lubricants
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