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The power of integration

Hybrid systems for superyachts and light commercial vessels

Our Hybrid propulsion and power systems generate, store, use, exchange and control onboard energy in an independent and integrated way. Our portfolio comprises of three main system solutions:

  • Combined hybrid power and propulsion
  • Power generation by Genverter
  • Power generation by shaft generator

Hybrid power and propulsion system

  • PM Permanent Magnet motors for parallel or serial configuration
  • Power rating from 50kW - 500kW
  • GENVERTER variable speed PM based generators from 25kW - 500kW - units can be used in parallel
  • Optional PTO for Hydraulic Systems on board as part of the GENVERTER supply
  • Lithium-Ion batteries with integrated BMS
  • Battery chargers/ converters – all-water cooled
  • Shore power connection systems including frequency conversion mode
  • High power DC to AC inverters, all-water cooled
  • Shaft alternators PM-style, all-watercooled, 50kW
  • Extended power management and monitoring

Power generation by Hygen Genverter

  • We build extremely compact, silent and vibration proof power packs from 50kW - 500kW
  • These GENVERTER power packs can be paralleled without the need to install expensive electronics. (as they are high power DC)
  • The GENVERTER reacts on the AC and DC load demand
  • Reduced generator running time and correct loading of the Genverter engine
  • Fixed running of the generator no longer needed - the optimum rpm can be selected
  • Peak power is provided by the connected Lithium-Ion battery bank and power electronics (peak shaving)

Full specifications of the Hygen Genverter variable speed diesel generator range can be found here.

Power generation by Hygen shaft generator

  • Based on our High Efficient compact PM technology, we supply 50kW shaft generators for large Sailing Yachts
  • Re-generation technology provides free of charge electricity during sailing Hy- Shaft system is connected to the central GENVERTER/ Li-ion battery system 

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