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WhisperPower is offering an extended range of systems for land based & off shore applications. Some examples of these decentralized power systems for locations without utility power connection: remote houses, remote farms, telecommunication objects like GSM antenna’s, remote containers, measurement stations, etc. Main objective is to bring high quality power to places with a minimum of fuel consumption, with reduced emissions, more silent and in the end with lower operational costs.

We anticipate on the game change in these off-grid markets is undergoing. Our contribution:

Limitation of fuel consumption by adding renewable sources like solar and wind Reduction of emissions, making systems cleaner and greener Reduction of audible noise, better for the environment Smart by offering hybrid solutions with silent time.

Our GRID INDEPENDER system is the ultimate solution to produce power, independent of the public grid, in a very clean, green and fuel efficient way. The Grid Independer models with SOLAR input provide 230 V 50 Hz (120 V 60 Hz) from the battery and the WhisperPower inverter (1 kW - 21 kW). In case of limited solar radiation, the built-in diesel engine starts to run automatically. The Grid Independer models WITHOUT solar input are hybride type of generators: the engine is only running in case of power demand. In addition to the composite systems, such as the Grid Independer, WhisperPower delivers components which can be used to make small off-grid systems. These include: long life AGM and GEL batteries, Solar Charge controllers, sine wave inverters from 400 watts to 2000 watts which can feed 230 V/50 Hz consumables from the battery, sine wave inverter / charger combinations and small, portable diesel generators. These products are used in large numbers in Africa, Asia and South America.

Download the the brochure for the Solar market here.


Rural electrification Rural electrification Rural electrification High power off-grid Grid connected / Off-grid

All-In-One Power Station

All-In-One Hybrid PowerStation

Sinewave Inverter / Charger

WP Combi 12V-2000W-80A WPC 24V-5000W-140A WPC 12V-3000W-160A WPC 48V-6000W-100A

Battery Chargers

DC PowerCube 24V-150A WBC Handy 20 (12V-2A) WBC Supreme 12V-20A  DC PowerCube 48V-80A


AGM Battery 12 V - 55 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 80 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 100 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 145 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 200 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 260 Ah GEL Battery 12 V - 100 Ah GEL Battery 12 V - 145 Ah GEL Battery 12 V - 180 Ah GEL Battery 12 V - 225 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 750 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 1000 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 1250 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 1500 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 1650 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 90 Ah AGM Battery 12 V - 165 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 210 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 440 Ah GEL Battery 2 V - 525 Ah

Battery Isolators

WBL 160

Solar Systems

Whisper Solar Flex 50 Whisper Solar 130 Whisper Solar 80 Whisper Solar 285 WP-Suntrack 12-48V / 65A WP-Suntrack 12-48V / 80A Whisper Solar Flex 100 TC PWM Suntrack 10 PWM Suntrack 20 WP-Suntrack 12-24V / 50A Whisper Solar 185 Whisper Solar Flex 108 FC


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