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Basic System Marine I

Basic System Marine I

Essential Comfort
Short trips over sea or inland water and to fully enjoy nature. Boating is the ultimate leisure activity that gives peace and inspiration. Of course the basic comfort on boar is essential. Running water, a small shower, heating, a compact kitchen with electric cooker and a fridge for cold drinks. And then there is coffee from the Nespresso coffee machine! All this is made possible by WhisperPower, with a durable system built from a Ion Power or AGM battery with a robust battery charger, a powerful sine wave inverter for the 23 V supply from the battery and a professional land connection. The final piece is a 100 or 185 Wp solar panel that provides a constant supply of energy during the day.

Consumers12V 24 V230 V 
GPS & chart plotter    
Automatic pilot    
Depth gauge    
VHF - Telephone    
Navigation lights    
Reading lights    
Service battery    
Starter battery    
Thruster battery    
Telephone charger    
iPod charger    
Coffee machine    
TV flatscreen    
Air conditioning 5kWh    
Battery charger    

Explanation of symbols

Not in use
On board and used 12V
On board and used 24V
On board and used 230V 50Hz operating on inverter or shore
On board and used 230V 50Hz power operated by WhisperPower generator or Inverter
On board and used 230V 50Hz power by WhisperPower generator only or shorepower


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