Low emission off-grid power solutions


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OctoPower is an integrated single branded power solution for recreational or commercial applications. Marine, mobile or off-grid, we have the ultimate plug-and-play solution at hand, from 3 – 50 kVA. The heart of the OctoPower system is a battery bank that feeds a WhisperPower inverter during silent time. This (lithium) battery pack is rechargeable from different sources, including a land power/ dock connection, solar/ wind generators, one or more boat or vehicle DC alternator and a DC or AC WhisperPower generator.

The battery storage runs in general the various DC and AC consumers. When the reserve drops too low, the WhisperPower AC or DC generator starts automatically. Our cloud based WhisperCare allows full control over the OctoPower system, anywhere in the world, where a 4 G network or a proper internet connection is available.