Discover the OctoPower 32 +, combiner of all power resources

OctoPower 32 +

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Low e-mission

A 32kW battery-based power system, silent & low e-mission with Stage V generator

Innovative system

Designed for the marine, mobile & off-grid market, with the choice of 30 - 100 kWh lithium batteries

Super Charger

The WhisperPower Battery Storage is re-charged by one or more WhisperPower Super Fast Chargers

General description

The OctoPower 32 + is a battery-based system to supply 32kW 3 x 380 VAC, 3-Phase 50 Hz power. Peakpower is 64kW. Includes 1 or more Stage V DC Genverter diesel generator(s) for fast re-charging of the Lithium batteries, with a maximum of 12 kW per Genverter.

Available for 48 VDC battery banks. Modular design, all components have been pre-selected according to the system design and pre-commissioned in the factory before delivery.

DC - Specifications OctoPower 32 + Generator

  • Inverter power / zero-emission modus
    32 kVA (64 kVA peak)
  • Inverter output voltage / Hz (117 VAC - 60 Hz Optional)
    3 x 380 VAC, 3-phase, 50 Hz +/- 0.01%
  • DC charging / grid input
    240 A
  • DC charging / Genverter input
    480 A / 48 VDC
  • AC voltage / grid input (or auxiliary genset)
    90 – 265 VAC, 16 A max, per DC PowerCube
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Total power system

Plug and play installation

230 V 50 Hz

Output Voltage

30 - 100 kWh lithium batteries

Battery based power system

Specifications in brief


Marine/Mobile/off-grid. Combined Genverter diesel/ Inverter system

  • Heating and air conditioning, 90,000 Btu max. per inverter
  • Heavy duty compressors, robotic systems
  • Charging of electrical construction machinery
  • Jet washer, high capacity dryer
  • Medical & communication equipment
  • Entertainment systems, lights. LED walls 
  • Extended galley, heavy duty tools etc.

24/7 Monitoring with WhisperCare

The OctoPower 32 + can be monitored 24/7 in real-time remotely via the optional WhisperCare Wi-Fi router package. This is based on a 4G/ 5G internet connection in combination with a WhisperTouch 7ʺ or 10” monitoring screen.

With WhisperCare, all important parameters can be read from a distance via a cell phone, tablet or computer. In addition, full Wi-Fi is now available for computers, TVs and other enabled devices.  WhisperPower systems can also be connected to various digital switching systems and each integrates perfectly with Naviop, Yachtcontrol, Garmin, Trigentic, EmpirBus and others.

Zero emission or low-emission

Battery based power system with stage V generator


Due to battery pack

Plug and play

Pre-installed/mounted in our factory

Output Voltage

3 x 380 VAC, 3-phase 50 Hz

Custom battery packs

30 - 100 kWh

Examples of use

A/C and heating up to 90.000 Btu, household equipment, heavy duty tools