WhisperPower Piccolo 4 5
WhisperPower Piccolo 4 5

Piccolo 4 – USA version

The WhisperPower Genverter© Piccolo 4 is the smallest, quietest and most powerful of its kind. Thanks to the electronic PMG inverter output, it delivers the ideal power quality for all your comfort equipment such as a washing machine, small air conditioning system, electrical cooking hob, battery chargers and inverter/charger combinations.

Unique engine
All Piccolo 4 models are fitted with a modern diesel engine designed by WhisperPower, entirely for the purpose of generating power the smooth way. The engine is cooled by a heat exchanger designed for indirect water-cooling. The circulation water pump is driven by a PTO (no belt). This WhisperPower engine operates between 2400 and 3600 rpm.

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