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Further expansion of WhisperPower activities in the United Kingdom

WhisperPower, the leading Netherlands-based manufacturer of ultra-quiet offgrid power electronics and low-emission diesel generators, is delighted to announce further expansion of their activities in the United Kingdom. After the establishment of their WhisperPower UK Ltd sales and service office in October last year, Lynton Trailer UK Ltd were appointed as their exclusive distributor for the mobile medical markets in the UK. They provide NHS with innovative mammography scanning trailers which are used throughout the UK. Over 40 NHS medical units were fitted with solar powered electrical hybrid systems providing low-emission high quality power for their scanners.


WhisperPower introduces OctoPower, the new line of zero/ low-emission total systems

A cappuccino on board is very nice, same as a cold beer. Coffee maker, refrigerator, oven ... The need for power is growing, also in places without connection to a permanent electricity network. WhisperPower is responding to this need. The Drachten-based company develops, manufactures and supplies complete power systems for marine & mobile applications. Get ready to meet OctoPower.


WhisperPower launches the world's smallest and most versatile 24V Battery Charger, able to function silently and efficiently

WhisperPower, the Netherlands-based leader in off-grid power generation electronics, is delighted to announce it is ready to start shipping its new range of Supreme Pro Battery Chargers.

Available in four models – 40, 60, 80 and 100 amps – these rugged chargers/power supplies have been built to meet - and exceed - the most stringent requirements of the global shipping industry. As such, they are ideally suited to a wide range of other off-grid applications, including the superyacht sector and land-based mobile activities.


Twin-Power®: WhisperPower’s Latest Technology Development

WhisperPower launches Twin-Power® technology for parallel connection of generators.

Having recently already been upgraded, WhisperPower’s complete range of compact Genverters - variable speed diesel generators - can now also be supplied with Twin-Power® technology. By simply connecting two units with the same power rating in parallel by means of a communication cable, connecting the Genverter’s PMG inverters with each other via the 230 V AC outputs, the nominal power capacity and the peak power capacity can be doubled.


WhisperPower introduces next generation professional 24V battery chargers

WhisperPower has added the Supreme Pro battery charger series to its extensive range of products. The advanced Supreme Pro battery charger / power supply has been specifically developed to meet the increasingly stringent requirements that the shipping and industry installations impose on power electronics.


WhisperPower introduces safe Lithium Ion battery as replacement for the lead-acid battery

With the introduction of the Ion Power Basic, a safe Lithium Ion battery formulated with Lithium, Iron and Phosphate cells (LiFePO4), a new era has begun, according to WhisperPower, with the perfect sustainable alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery.



WhisperPower expands range of sustainable energy solutions.

In light of the ever increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions for boats, campers and caravans, WhisperPower continues to expand the range of products available with the addition of new solar panels and charge regulators. 


WhisperPower launches smart inverter

Thanks to the introduction of the WhisperPower WP-Sine 12/3000 sine wave inverter, yacht owners no longer need to limit their use of luxury equipment such as an espresso machine or an induction hob on board.


WhisperPower taps into new market of low-speed generators with SQ PRO-series

During METS 2018, WhisperPower will introduce a new line of fixed low-speed generators suitable for continuous operation and commercial applications.

This upgrade to the SQ-range of 1500 rpm generators represents WhisperPower’s anticipation of a market demand for low-noise and high-quality fixed-speed generators.


WhisperPower Solar Team can no longer suppress the solar-fever

‘Solar-fever’ has struck at the WhisperPower headquarters. A team of enthusiastic young techies are working hard to get the new WhisperPower solar boat finished on time. It must be ready to sail by mid-June so that extensive sea trials can be carried out before the boat makes an appearance at the start of the Solar Sport One solar boat races on 22nd and 23rd June in Purmerend.


WhisperPower to launch a range of variable speed generators for marine leisure sector

Following the successful launch of the Piccolo 4 kVA Genverter variable speed generator, since the introduction in 2015 more than 1000 units have been sold, WhisperPower introduces a complete Piccolo range consisting of models up to 12 kVA equipped with super noise-damping polyester sound enclosures.


Strategic collaboration between Webasto and WhisperPower

Webasto and WhisperPower are pleased to announce they have entered into a Global Distribution Partnership Agreement, which was driven by the desire of Webasto Thermo & Comfort to add electrical power products and systems to their product offering and the ambition of WhisperPower to rapidly expand their global distribution.


Torqeedo and WhisperPower collaborate to develop DC Generator

To extend the range of a yacht or ship equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo has, in close collaboration with WhisperPower, developed a 25 kW 350V DC variable speed diesel generator. Torqeedo has named the generator the Range Extender. The generator has been specifically designed for recreational and commercial applications as a back-up battery charger for the Torqeedo - BMW battery pack which supplies the energy for the propulsion engines (from 60 kW) and the onboard consumption.


WhisperPower going big at METS 2017

Visitors to METS 2017 will be hard pressed to miss WhisperPower. From the moment they arrive at the entrance to the Europahal, they will come face-to-face with a brand-new Mercedes Demo bus equipped with and demonstrating the latest WhisperPower generators and systems in full operation. Once inside the RAI, they will find WhisperPower up and running yet again, this time in Hall 1. A big presence across two locations from which many new products will be introduced to the market.


WhisperPower to launch the Genverter Scalino

During the course of the upcoming trade shows for the mobile industry, including the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham next week (Webasto stand number 5D 10), WhisperPower will be launching the Genverter Scalino generator. This new model has been brought to market following the highly successful introduction of the Genverter Piccolo for maritime applications. 


WhisperPower introduces the next generation of onboard diesel generators

Following the introduction of the new WhisperPower 8 and 10 kVA Genverter models earlier this year, the company is now set to launch a premium 15 kVA completely water-cooled compact-generator. This latest addition to WhisperPower’s next generation of onboard diesel generators comes complete with inverter and an advanced touch screen remote panel as well as the option to be supplied with all installation accessories such as a ABYC compliant Water/Gas separator, Water Lock, water inlets and hoses.


WhisperPower introduces the next generation of power systems

With the 'New School' energy systems in kit-form, WhisperPower has launched a 'plug and play' solution for onboard electrical power needs for sailing yachts, power boats and small commercial craft. The 'New School' systems, developed in-house by WhisperPower, make staying on board as comfortable as possible without disturbing the environment with running engines and generators.


WhisperPower now also active in the commercial shipping and off-shore sector

For WhisperPower, the SMM trade show will be the launchpad for the promotion of a wide range of industrial battery chargers, inverters and inverter / charger combinations for the professional and international commercial shipping industry.


WhisperPower appoints Marine Works as the exclusive distributor for Poland

Marine Works, based in Gdansk, has been selected as the new WhisperPower marine distribution partner in Poland. This latest cooperation forms part of WhisperPower’s continued growth and expansion of its extensive dealer network worldwide.


Growing order book for WhisperPower

More and more yards choose WhisperPower as their preferred supplier.
WhisperPower BV has signed a 3 year contract with Dutch boat builder Wajer & Wajer to supply electrical power systems for all of their yachts. Furthermore WhisperPower has been selected by Neptune Marine Shipbuilding as the supplier for the entire electrical power system on board of the Elling E6, which at 65 ft this exciting new model is the largest in the E-series.


WhisperPower enters into Power Electronics Manufacturing Agreement

WhisperPower B.V., Drachten, the Netherlands announces the signing of a power electronics manufacturing agreement with PBF B.V. the Dutch subsidiary of SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets. Whisper Power will have the full range of their popular AC PowerCube high power inverter series produced at SFC Energy’s manufacturing site in Cluj, Romania, which already produces other high quality power electronics of PBF.


WhisperPower signs contract with Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK

During the London Boat Show, WhisperPower signed a contract with Webasto Thermo & Comfort UK for the exclusive distribution of WhisperPower products in the UK.


WhisperPower exhibits ‘New School’ at Boot Düsseldorf

Over the past year WhisperPower has extensively modified its products and systems resulting in energy systems that are quieter, more compact, lighter and safer. Systems that are being brought to market under the title 'New School'. 


WhisperPower successfully delivers high-tech power & propulsion system to San Lorenzo

The first yacht to be fitted with an intelligent, hybrid technology-based power and propulsion system developed by WhisperPower, a San Lorenzo 106 Hybrid, has recently started cruising. This system comprises of, amongst other components, two 150 kW WhisperPower HyGen variable speed generators which together provide up to 300 kW, of which at least 60 kW is used for the “hotel load” and 240 kW is used for propulsion.


Steep sales growth for WhisperPower’s group of companies

WhisperPower International has achieved a steep growth in sales during the first 6 months of 2015’s financial year. With a rise of over 50%, the financial performance of the company, founded in 2007 and active in the marine market since 2010, was exceptionally good.


Numerous new WhisperPower products at the Hiswa In-Water Show

During the upcoming Hiswa In-Water show, WhisperPower, based in the Frisian town of Drachten, is set to introduce three new touchscreen control panels for their various energy systems. In addition, the WhisperPower AC PowerCube, a high power sine wave inverter which is supplied as the "silent generator" with WhisperPower energy systems, will also be on display.


Alliance between Diesel Center Italy and WhisperPower intensifies

Following the strategic cooperation, established earlier this year, between WhisperPower and Diesel Center in the field of intelligent hybrid technology based power and propulsion systems, both companies have now signed a distribution agreement. As of July 1st, Diesel Center will act as a main distributor for WhisperPower in Italy.


New distribution partners for WhisperPower

WhisperPower, designer and manufacturer of modern hybrid autonomous energy systems, has added two new distributors to its fast expanding distribution network.  DongKang M-Tech Co., Ltd., based in Seoul, has been selected as their new marine distribution partner in South Korea whilst OVLOV Marine, based in Auckland, has been appointed as their partner in New Zealand.


WhisperPower expands Premium Service Partner Network

WhisperPower is further developing and expanding its Premium Service Partner network for the maritime market in the Benelux region. Increasingly more yards, installers and end users are turning to WhisperPower. In addition to the popular Orange range of battery chargers, inverters, combi’s and batteries, WhisperPower offer, and have been doing so for many years, the well known WhisperPower Generators.


WhisperPower GmbH is launched

As of April 1st 2015, WhisperPower GmbH has been established as a subsidiary of the Dutch manufacturer WhisperPower B.V.. Based in Schleswig, WhisperPower GmbH will operate within the maritime, mobile and off-grid market sectors. The company is headed up by Ralf Tapken and Roel ter Heide who will be working alongside a third partner Ansgar Hinrichs.


WhisperPower launches complete plug & play energy system

Following the successful launch of the All-In-One PowerStation in the challenging and renowned exacting marine market sector, WhisperPower is now introducing this hybrid energy system to additional markets which use network-independent energy systems. With the All-in-One PowerStation, WhisperPower meets the growing demand for complete integrated solutions: super-quiet generator systems with inverter, battery, battery charger and power distribution all combined in one "box".


Diesel Center Italy and WhisperPower enter into partnership

WhisperPower and Diesel Center, a leading propulsion engine distributor in Italy and exclusive partner of MTU, have established a strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent hybrid technology based power and propulsion systems for high performance yachts from 30 – 60 meters.


WhisperPower spogląda wstecz na pomyślne METS

Podczas tegorocznych METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) uwagę przyciągało niezwykłe stoisko WhisperPower. Nie mniej niż połowa 84 m2 stoiska była w uderzającym stylu i wyposażona do wprowadzenia All-In-One PowerStation. Z "SIMPLIFYING COMPLEXITY" jako głównym tematem uruchomiono globalną kampanię reklamową WhisperPower PowerStation.


WhisperPower teraz obecny w rejonie Pacyfiku

WhisperPower International BV utworzyła nową spółkę w Nowej Zelandii w celu rozwoju rynku w regionie Pacyfiku. WhisperPower Pacific Limited jest wynikiem wspólnego przedsięwzięcia z biznesmen Johnem McGettigan z Auckland w Nowej Zelandii. W całym rejonie Pacyfiku istnieje duże zapotrzebowanie na systemy, które WhisperPower oferuje dla różnych sektorów rynku. Obok tradycyjnego rynku żeglarskiego, statków handlowych i motoryzacyjnego , istnieje rynek off-grig o dużym potencjale dla systemu zasilania Grid Independer dla lokalizacji oddalonych od sieci.


WhisperPower wyznacza kierunki w Norwegii

Po dogłębnych badaniach rynku i długim okresie marketingu wyprzedzającego, podjęliśmy decyzję, aby aktywnie usytuwać się w ramach norweskiego rynku dla autonomicznych systemów energetycznych. W tym celu połączyliśmy siły z norweską firmą partnerską, która zostanie uznana za WhisperPower Norway i której dyrektor zarządzający jest odnoszącym sukcesy biznesmenem z Oslo z długą historią w branży morskiej i motoryzacyjnej.


Nowe rozwiązanie zasilania all-in-one od WhisperPower na IBC

Podczas zbliżającej się wystawy IBC 2014, wprowadzimy trzy nowe systemy zasilające All-in-One. Te nowe produkty, które są zbudowane w 4, 7 i 10 kW wersjach mocy wyjściowej, są przeznaczone do łatwej instalacji w pojeździe. Systemy zostaną zaprezentowane na żywo na stoisku nr. OE 115.


"Must haves" WhisperPower na targach Hiswa Water Show

Kombinacja sinusoidalnej przetwornicy / ładowarki WhisperPower Supreme Combi to najnowszy "must haves" dla każdego właściciela łodzi. Supreme Combi pozwala na używanie 220V wyposażenia takiego jak Nespresso™, czjniki, komputery, telewizory bez konieczności podłączania zasilania brzegowego lub uruchaiania generatora. Dostarcza napięcie 230V z 12V baterii pokładowej.


WhisperPower przedstawi na Intersolar nową kontenerową stację zasilającą

WhisperPower pokaże swoją nową kontenerową stację zasilającą na tegorocznym Intersolar Europe, największej na świecie wystawie dla branży solarnej. Ten autonomiczny fotowaltaiczny pakiet przeznaczony na obszary bez energii elektrycznej zostanie pokazany na stanowisku WhisperPower B1.533.

Fassmer zamówił generatory WhisperPower na łodzie ratunkowe

Nowe systemy WhisperPower zostały zamówione, przez renomowaną stocznię Fassmer z północnych Niemczech, na trzy łodzie ratunkowe dla Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger, DGzRS.

WhisperPower na METS 2013

METS 2013 będzie gospodarzem kolejnego kroku milowego dla WhisperPower, firmy obchodzącej swoje 5-lecie, wpowadzając szereg gotowych do instalacji systemów elektrycznych dla rekreacyjnych jednostek pływających od 25 ft do 90 ft.



Prestiżowe zamówienie niezależnych solarnych systemów zasilania WhisperPower

WhisperPower uzyskał znaczące zamówienie od holenderskiej firmy badawczo-produkcyjnej NAM. Zamówione trzy autonomiczne systemy energii odnawialnej, zostaną zainstalowane na bezzałogowej platformie wiertniczej gazu i dostarczać będą energię dla świateł nawigacyjnych, przyrządów detekcji i alarmowych oraz systemu zdalnej komunikacji.

WhisperPower skupia się na innowacyjnych sysemach dla rynku energii odnawialnej

WhisperPower, aktywny w obu sektorach rynku energii odnawialnej tzw. on-grid i off-grid, pokaże kilka nowych produktów na EU PV SEC w Paryżu (stanowisko nr 1.E10a)


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