Press release

WhisperPower launches smart inverter


Thanks to the introduction of the WhisperPower WP-Sine 12/3000 sine wave inverter, yacht owners no longer need to limit their use of luxury equipment such as an espresso machine or an induction hob on board.

The WP Sine 12/3000 is the latest addition to the WP-Sine 12 V inverter series which already consists of 400, 1000 and 2000 Watt inverters which feature a pure sine wave output voltage and stable frequency.

“Until 10 years ago 230 V equipment on board was pure luxury. You needed to have a generator and/or expensive battery packs with heavy transformer -inverters. The typical yacht owner steered clear. Following the introduction of the latest generation inverters, we are seeing a clear trend towards yacht owners installing more and more 230 V equipment on board. The inverters are light, compact and robust with a high yield and an attractive price point. Furthermore, they are not called silent generators for nothing,” says Johannes Doornbosch, Sales Manager at WhisperPower.

“What makes this new WP Sine 12/3000 unique and smart is the automatic internal transfer switch that detects when shore power is available. If shore power is present, the 230 V consumers are directly supplied from the shore instead of via the inverter from the battery, which preserves the battery. That is unique and is not available elsewhere in the market,” confirms Doornbosch.

Existing electrical systems in which a battery charger has already been installed, can easily, by the yacht owner himself or not, be extended with one of WP-Sine inverter models. The inverters ready to go as a plug & play installation. They are equipped with DC connections and an AC socket for the consumers. There is also an internal 230 V connection for a fixed connection to the 230 V system. As an extra feature there is a USB port on the front of the unit for charging a phone etc.

“Before purchasing an inverter, we recommend that you first carefully map out all 230 V equipment on board, assess the usage and examine the existing battery capacity. For example, for a well-functioning WP Sine 12/3000, the minimum required battery capacity of the service battery is 145 Ah. If, however, there are large consumers on board such as air conditioning and an induction hob the battery capacity must be adjusted accordingly. In calculating the system properly, you will get the most and best out of your inverter,” explains Johannes.

The WhisperPower systems and products, including the Orange range inverters, will be on display at Boot Düsseldorf in Hall 7a, stand E19.