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DC Distribution

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With an increase in the use of electrical devices and systems inside vehicles, such as spot lights, compressors, heavy tools and air conditioning via the inverter, DC systems and accompanying batteries also need to be able to cope with these heavier loads. WhisperPower supplies turnkey “bespoke” DC distribution systems made up of high quality, heavy-duty electrical components. These components can either be combined to form a system by the installer or, if required, be delivered by WhisperPower as a plug-and-play ready-made connection set.


  • Stainless steel studs, nuts and washers for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Tin plated high purity copper busses provide maximum conductivity, reducing heat and improving efficiency
  • Special fibre reinforced base material offers excellent high temperature properties, good chemical resistance and high strength
  • Unique grid optimised footprints allow space saving arrangements of multiple products
  • Common interconnection heights for easy combining of multiple products using link plates
  • Robust transparent covers with breakouts to allow wire access from any direction
  • Smart terminal design allows dual mirrored cable lug connections
  • Easy in-system connection access due to top locked covers



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