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As electricity cannot be seen, smelled or heard (when all is well!), it is a technology that can be more difficult to grasp than, say, mechanical engineering or architecture. Nevertheless, over the past century we have come to increasingly rely on electrical energy. It only takes a power cut for us to all realise how much we depend on electricity for our luxury, safety and comfort.


The luxury, safety and comfort we take for granted at home, at work in our factories or any location with utility grid power availability is also appreciated on-board a commercial vessel, pleasure yacht, or any off grid mobile or land-based application.


Linked in to the complete electrical system


Most of the WhisperPower products are fitted with a WhisperConnect communication bus which can be connected to a central monitoring screen, enabling crystal clear monitoring inside the vehicle. The WhisperPower electrical system can be monitored real time remotely via the optional WhisperCare Wi-Fi router package which is based on a 4G internet connection in combination with a WhisperTouch 7 or 10 Inch monitoring screen. 
Now all important parameters can be read on cell phone, tablet or computer on a distance. In addition, full Wi-Fi is now available inside the vehicle for computer, TV, Netflix etc. WhisperPower systems can also be connected to various digital switching systems and integrates perfectly with Naviop, Yachtcontrol, Garmin, Trigentic EmpirBus. 


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