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WhisperPower solar panels

For cases when energy consumption is limited, purchasing and installing solar panels can be a good solution for providing onboard electrical power. The actual yield is determined by the type of panel, its dimensions, the geographical location of the vehicle and the position of the panel in relation to the sun.

“We only use industrial grade cells guaranteeing long life and high efficiency”

In general, solar panels are used as the power source for basic power requirements and maintenance of the battery. If a land power connection is not available, the solar panels act as the means to keeping the battery under voltage. The yield of the pan- nels is specified in Watts-peak. This is the maximum power and not a constant output.

For a complete system, WhisperPower delivers the following solar panels:

All-purpose flexible solar panels

• For fixed mounting (sealant) on the roof
• Or mounting on railing or rigging (fixing eyes)
• Completely waterproof
• Two models: Top & First Class
• Panels can be walked on
• No rear ventilation necessary

Whisper Solar Flex 100 TC
Whisper Solar Flex 124 FC

Rigid solar panels with glass top layer

• Monocrystalline or polycrystalline technology
• For fixed mounting in a frame
• 185 and 310 Solar panels
• Rear ventilation required
• Cannot be walked on
• MPPT controller available

Whisper Solar 185
Whisper Solar 310