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We distinguish two main system variations:

  • Serial Hybrid - Direct drive / on shaft
  • Parallel Hybrid

Serial Hybrid - Direct drive/ on shaft

  • Serial hybrid propulsion up to 25kW per electrical motor (up to 12 kW off the shelf)
  • Lithium-Ion or GEL battery banks(up to 48V 1000Ah off the shelf)
  • DC Power Cube or WPC Power Centre charge stations (off the shelf)
  • Shore-to-ship charging/ shore power support (also 50 - 60Hz vv frequency conversion)
  • Genverter/ Generator Range Extender up to 25 kW (off the shelf)

System example for a 9.50 metre day cruiser - motor yacht - serial principle:

  • 10kW direct drive shaft motor)
  • 2V GEL - 600Ah / 48VDC WhisperPower Battery)
  • WPC Shore to ship charger/ sine wave inverter WhisperPower SQ 6 range extender)
  • WhisperPower bus system with combined control(Alternative: use Genverter/2 and DC PowerCube)

Parallel Hybrid

  • Integration of propulsion and power generation in the drive train up to 25kW (custom)
  • Shaft alternator for power generation up to 25kW (custom)
  • System completion utilizing Steyr HDS propulsion (for example)

System example of a parallel hybrid system with traditional power generation:

  • Based on Steyr’s HDS Hybrid Drive System complete hybrid propulsion ability
  • 2 x 7kW electrical engines, fly wheel integrated
  • 48VDC WhisperPower Lithium-Ion battery banks
  • Shore - to - ship charge system, suitable for Lithium-Ion
  • Auxiliary power, AC and DC, provided by the WhisperPower generator
  • System engineered and supplied in close collaboration with Steyr Motors Pacific / McIntyre

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