61112310 Front1
61112310 Front1

WP-BC Supreme 12 V – 100 A

• For a fast and reliable charge of your batteries
• Extends battery life time

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Product specifications

61112310 WP-BC Supreme 12 V - 100 A
Weight 6.4 Kg , 14.1 lb.
Dimensions 425 x 236 x 103 mm, 16.7 x 9.3 x 4.1 inches
Output Current (Maximum) 100 A
Output Voltage Charge 14.2 - 15.5 V
Output Voltage Float 13.4 - 13.8 V
Output Voltage Equalize 16.0 V
Charging Control 3-step (Bulk/Absorption/Float)
DC Output Bank 3
Selectable Battery Type GEL, AGM, Lithium and open lead acid
Parasitic Current < 2 mA
LCD Display (with back lighting) Charging status, Battery Voltage
Warning and Fault Code A01-02, E01-09
Reverse Battery Yes, unit shutdown
Over Charge Yes, unit shutdown
Over Heating Yes, unit de-rated and shutdown
Output Short Circuit Yes, unit shutdown
Cooling Mechanical
Temperature Setting Hot, Normal, Cold (no sensor connected)
Battery Temperature Sensor Port RJ12 (battery temp. sensor use)
Digital Display Port RJ12 (optional remote display panel ACRM1202)
Charger Input:
AC Input Voltage (Nominal) 120, 230, 240 VAC
AC Input Operating Range 90 - 265 VAC
AC Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Power Consumption (Full Load) 1800 W
Power Factor Correction Yes
Charger Efficiency > 84%
AC Input and DC Output Connection:
AC Input Connection Hardwire or AC Cord
DC Output Connection Heavy Duty Studs (3 banks)
DC Output Ground Single Heavy Duty Common Ground Stud
Environmental and Operating Temperature:
Storage Range -40° to 70°C
Operating Range -20° to 60°C
Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing
Ingress Protection IP32 (24/20 IP65)
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