60110150 Front Side
60110150 Front Side

WP-GI Galvanic Isolation Blocker 32 A

The WP-GI is a galvanic isolator which optimizes the life of the galvanic anodes and protects metal parts on the boat against galvanic corrosion. It also prevents stray currents from the shore from reaching the boat.

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60110150 WP-GI Galvanic Isolation Blocker 32 A
Weight (Kg) 2.54
Dimensions (hxwxd) 63 x 164 x 235mm
Maximum current 32 A
Peak current 3000 A / 20 ms
Voltage 85 V – 260 V AC
Connection 2 x M6 studs
Heat sink Anodized aluminium
IP category IP 67 (Waterproof potted)
Tested in accordance with ANSI / ABYC A-28
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