Supreme Combi 2000 80A
Supreme Combi 2000 80A

WP Supreme Combi 12 V / 2000 W – 80 A

The WP Supreme Combi 12 V / 2000 W – 80 A will offer you reliable service by providing AC power and 5V USB power for your home, cabin, boat, RV or Trailer using battery power and recharge your battery automatically when utility AC is available. The Sinewave Inverter-Charger can run many AC-powered appliances when you need AC power anywhere. The 5V USB power can charge many USB-powered devices. The multi-stage battery charger will charge different types of batteries.

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  • Detachable remote on/off display can be mounted anywhere
  • Runs microwaves, computers, televisions, powertools and more
  • Multistage charger ensures batteries are recharged safety and efficiently
  • Sinewave output ideal for running demanding motorloads, sensitive electronics and battery rechargeble devices
  • Convert 12V battery power to AC power
  • Ideal for boats, trucks and caravans

Product specifications

61122080 WP Supreme Combi 12 V / 2000 W - 80 A
Dimensions 400 x 302 x 105 mm
Weight 8 kg
AC output power 25°C (continuous) 2000 W
AC output current 8.6 A
AC peak power (2 sec) 4000 VA
AC output voltage/Hz 230 V - 50 Hz /60 Hz
AC Voltage wave form pure sine wave (<3% THD)
Switching time <30ms
Capacity switching relay 16 A
Connection display RJ12
Inverter info input voltage, output power
Charger info status, battery voltage
AC input voltage 230 VAC - 50Hz
Load Voltage Range 13.8 - 14.8 VDC
Float Voltage Range 13.0 - 14.4 VDC
Charge current (max) 80 ADC
Charge current settings 80
Battery type GEL, Flooded, AGM, Lithium, Programmable, Power Supply
Charge characteristics bulk / absorption / float
Efficiency >80%
Conformity marking CE
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Relative humidity 5-90% non-condensing
Usage height up to 3.000m above sea level
Available plug sockets EU - UK - AUS
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