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Royal System Marine

Royal System Marine

Absolute comfort and luxury
Owners of larger yachts set high standards when it comes to comfort and independence. Long trips are standard as is spending long periods of time on board. ‘Home from home’ means unlimited luxury and this can place a lot of demand on the electrical system. In many cases the shore power provision is insufficient and therefore the generator is used a lot. The WhisperPower Royal system is available in two versions: the traditional version with a fixed rpm Whisper generator and Genverter night set and the 100% Genverter© “New School” version. 

Consumers12 V24 V 230 V  
GPS & chart plotter      
Automatic pilot       
Depth gauge        
VHF - Telephone        
Navigation lights         
Reading lights           
Search lights         
Deck lights         
Service battery         
Starter battery        
Thruster battery         
3x telephone chargers           
3x iPod chargers           
2x Laptops           
2x Tablets           
3x TV flatscreen           
2 x Coffee machine           
Steam oven           
4 Ring Electric cooking hob           
Washing machine           
Dive Compressor           
Airco 30,000 Btu           
2 DC PowerCubes           

Explanation of symbols

Not in use
On board and used 12V
On board and used 24V
On board and used 230V 50Hz operating on inverter or shore
On board and used 230V 50Hz power operated by WhisperPower generator or Inverter
On board and used 230V 50Hz power by WhisperPower generator only or shorepower


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