50214734 Front
50214734 Front

Remote Battery Switch 48 V / 350 A

The DC Modular Remote Battery Switch (the Switch) is a smart high current magnetic latching contactor, that can handle continuous DC currents of up to 350 Amps. The Switch can easily be installed in an engine room or battery compartment while being controlled from a more convenient location by a small panel mounted switch. But the Switch can for instance also be controlled by a battery monitor or Lithium battery, as a discharge/overcharge protection.

  • Smart terminal design allows dual mirrored cable lug connections
  • Stainless steel studs, washers and nuts for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Local Open and Close buttons on top, to manually override the switch state
  • Robust transparent covers with breakouts to allow wire access from any direction


50214718 Remote Battery Switch 48 V / 350 A
Rated voltage 60 VDC
Nominal current @ 25 C 500 A (see precaution #2)
Cranking current (1min.) 1000 A
Nominal make / break current 350 A (35 - 60 VDC)
Peak make / break current 1200 A (35 - 60 VDC) (Install proper pre-charge circuit to keep peak make current significantly below this value)
Coil / supply voltage (+ VDC) 34 - 68 VDC
Coil / supply current (idle state (1) < 100 qA
Coil / supply current (state change (1) < 1.5 A
(1) = Due to the magnetic latch construction, the DCM-RBS draws virtually no current in the ON or OFF state. A current draw only exists shortly (500 ms max.) when changing the state of the contact.
Remote control By control wires
Local control (2) Top side buttons (On/Standby, Close contact, Open contact)
Indicators Top side LEDs for Contact open, Contact closed, Error and Setup
Mechanical life 100000 cycles
Electrical life 10000 cycles
Operating temperature range - 20 .. + 60 °C
Connection stud size / DCM grid size M10 / 1 x 3
Protection class / weight IP65 / 800 g
Dimensions (mm) 50 x 94 x 150
Standards CE certified (EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Low voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and Ignition protection standard ISO 8846)
(2) = Using the top side buttons, one can manually override the switch state as commanded through the control wires. A dedicated 'On / Stand' button also allows the user to put the DCM-RBS in a standby mode with open contact. In this mode any command from the control wires and/or manual override buttons are ignored.