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InfraWatch Whisperpower

They’ve become an increasingly common sight… Small cabins near construction projects, roadworks and open storage spaces, with cameras placed high and linked to the companies responsible for the security. Although these cameras and the communication to which they are connected require power, the security units are generally located in places where no grid connection is available. This makes an autonomous power supply essential for power generation as well as safety.

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Infrawatch container with AtlasGo generator

Innovative partnership with InfraWatch

WhisperPower provides ready-to-use solutions, with 24 VDC and 230 VAC supplied from a WhisperPower battery buffer connected to solar panels, a charge regulator, an inverter and various system components.

A key consideration here is that solar panels can’t provide sufficient energy in winter months to keep the camera system on air. Periodically changing batteries and adding a petrol or diesel generator as a back-up isn’t really an option so Dutch company InfraWatch invited WhisperPower to supply a sustainable charging solution. The solution was found in integrating a small fuel cell, connected to a methanol fuel tank which is switched on when the solar power is insufficient. The fuel cell units charge some 7 Amps per hour and periodically switch on and off, depending on the power demand. In addition, a 20-litre methanol fuel supply can bridge the entire autumn and winter period. The first 20 fuel cell systems have recently been installed in the field and we look forward to more such bespoke projects with other forward-thinking companies in the future. 

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About InfraWatch

InfraWatch has its origins in the earthmoving company owned by the Algra brothers, well-known entrepreneurs from the north of the Netherlands. Pioneers in mobile camera security, Infrawatch recently merged with Buko Waakt, part of the BUKO group which also includes BUKO Infrasupport. The transaction has enabled Buko to realise a major increase in scale within the growing security market.

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