Returning your purchase


Returning your purchase

It is possible for you to return your ordered products. You have a legal reflection period of 14 days, starting the day after you received your order. You can submit your request for returning through our sales department. After you received a return confirmation with instructions, you have 14 days to send back you products to:

WhisperPower BV
Kelvinlaan 82
9207 JB
Drachten, The Netherlands

You will receive a confirmation email when your return shipment reaches our warehouse. WhisperPower will take 14 days to process your return.

Please mind: sending back products to WhisperPower is always at your own costs, regardless of the reason for return!

WhisperPower distinguishes five reasons for returning your order

  • Parcel damaged on arrival Your parcel can be damaged when arriving. If the product inside is also damaged, we understand you would like a replacement. Add a photo of the damaged product to your return request.
  • Incorrect item received. We are sorry if you’ve received a different item than you had ordered, add a picture of the received item inside the return request. After receiving back the wrong product, the correct product will be sent to you free of charge.
  • Faulty product. Specify/add photos of your faulty item to your return request. In some cases we would like to receive the item back at WhisperPower to analyze and repair your product. If the product is not repairable, we will send you a new one free of charge.  
  • Repair request. Specify the problem that occurred with your product. We would like to receive the product back at WhisperPower to analyze and repair your product.
  • Other. If your reason for returning does not match with one of the above, select ‘Other’ and specify your reason in the ‘additional notes’ box.

Packaging your order for return

Pack the products in a solid box to minimize the chance of damage during the shipment. Never use the original product packaging as a shipping box or put stickers on it. If the product packaging is damaged and cannot be reused, we will charge the costs for new packaging. This amount will be deducted from the total return amount. 

To make sure processing of your return package is going as smooth as possible, add the original invoice or packing list to your package.