Systems for small electrical or motor driven boats

Motor yachts

motor yachts

Cruising: The pleasure of boating

Whatever the size of your boat, a good, well-functioning electrical power system is essential for your comfort and safety. WhisperPower’s products provide the right amount of energy for the journey, whether you are taking an electrically-powered sloop around the bay, or venturing abroad on an ocean-going yacht. The power solutions available offer the best efficiency, lowest audible noise level and, where a diesel engine is involved, maximum reduced emissions. The OctoPower range of ready-to-use systems is just one of the latest innovations from WhisperPower.

There is a wide choice of systems available, from 3 kW to 32 kW or more, with silent, clean and efficient power generation, ideal for day cruisers, motor yachts, sailing boats and other small craft. As with sailing yachts, the non-engine-based OctoPower 3 is an ideal power system to operate all the domestic power equipment onboard for those creature comforts.

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