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Piccolo 5

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Piccolo 4 - USA Version
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Silent, compact & light weight

Based on an indirect water-cooled diesel engine, fits into any space

Adjustable or variable speed

Up to 4.4 kVA (3.5 kW), 230 VAC, 1 ph, 50 Hz (60Hz)

Premium inverter technology

Highest output quality & strong peak power

The little power house

The WhisperPower Genverter© Piccolo 5 is the smallest, quietest and most powerful of its kind. Thanks to the electronic PMG inverter output, it delivers the ideal power quality for all your comfort equipment such as a washing machine, small air conditioning system, electrical cooking hob, battery chargers and inverter/charger combinations.

Unique engine
All Piccolo 5 models are fitted with a modern diesel engine designed by WhisperPower, entirely for the purpose of generating power the smooth way. The engine is cooled by a heat exchanger designed for indirect water-cooling. The circulation water pump is driven by a PTO (no belt). This WhisperPower engine operates between 2400 and 3600 rpm.

Main Specifications

  • Intermittent Power kW at 25°C (77°F)
    3.5 kW
  • Continuous Power kVA at 25°C (77°F)
    4.4 kVA
  • Nominal voltage / frequency
    230 VAC, 1 ph, 50 Hz (60Hz)
  • Rpm range
    2400 .. 3600 rpm, adjustable or automatic
  • Engine
    WhisperPower WP1
  • Noise level
    54 dB(A) at 7 m, 65 dB(A) at 1m
  • Length x width x height, mm (in.)
    450 x 470 x 520 (17.7 x 18.5 x 20.5)
  • Dry weight (cabinet + PMG), kg (lb.)
    68 + 7,6 (150 + 16.8)
Piccolo 4 5 Side Open Effect1
Piccolo 4 5 Side Open1


Optional installation parts

Spare parts

Piccolo 4 5 Front Open Effect
Piccolo 4 5 Front Open

Unique Genverter Technology

The Piccolo 5 generator is a combination of a diesel engine with integrated alternator and an inverter, hence the name Genverter. Key feature of this technology is the quality of the output combined with the surge power capability. Within a certain window of the rotating speed of the diesel engine, the PMG delivers the correct power quality to operate comfort equipment, such as washing machines, air- conditioning, electrical cooking devices and various other AC appliances.

Ready to install
The Piccolo 5 diesel generator comes complete with all the fittings needed to connect the generator to the fuel tank, hoses needed to connect the engine to the cooling system, cables to connect the starter engine to the starter battery  and electrical wiring to connect  the Piccolo to the 230 V on-board power system. Learn more about the Piccolo via WhisperTV

Piccolo 5 installation video

Discover our Youtube channel Whisper TV. Full with instruction videos about our generators and total energy systems.

6 kVA generator

Why inverter technology

Devices such as air conditioning units and electric motors are often controlled by electronics to improve the efficiency and performance. Traditional generators may fail to operate these appliances. All Piccolo 5 models are equipped with a PMG module (Power Module Genverter©) to ensure that the voltage and frequency within the rotating speed range remain perfect so that all the equipment continues to run without interruption. Surge power is generated by the PMG to start up inductive loads.

Shareef Quote4

Shareef Sourour, Marina Yachts Dubai

“The last 3 years I have delivered more than 25 boats with a Piccolo 5 generator, to operate a 16,000 BTU and a 10,000 Dometic Airconditioning unit, fitted with a soft start. They all have worked perfectly until today and are still running”

“This is a great product, there is no equivalent generator product available in the market”

Quote Glenn Doncaster[6]

Glenn Doncaster, Virginia, USA

“After replacing two other generators in my previous boat, I’m delighted with the variable speed nature of the Piccolo 4 installed in my new Arcona 465 Carbon. Because it’s been paired with a lithium battery system, I can constantly keep my air conditioning on and only start the generator when I need to charge. Weight is also significant since I use the boat for long-distance offshore racing.”

“The Piccolo efficiently delivers 3.5 kW and only weighs 150 lbs. The noise and vibrations are minimal too. I’m very pleased all around.”

Piccolo 5

4.4 kVA / 3.5 kW

Adjustable or variable speed

230 VAC, 1 ph, 50 Hz (60Hz)

Output Voltage

450 x 470 x 520 mm, 75,6 kg

17.7 x 18.5 x 20.5 in., 166.8 lb.

Piccolo 4+5 Installation1

Installation solution

High class installation parts
A system is only as strong as its weakest link. WhisperPower has developed literally all components and products needed for a perfect installation. Main objective is to ensure a superior installation. All these installation accessories are supplied as kits: the water-cooled exhaust system in various variants including high-quality certified rubber hoses, the metal strainer with hoses and valves, the siphon breaker, the fuel filter, the starter battery with additional battery charger, copper cables etc. Everything high-quality, from a single address. Learn more about How to Install A Piccolo Generator.

Any space will do
All our Piccolo models are extremely compact and can be installed in the smallest location. Only minor air ventilation is needed.

Piccolo Complete System1

Advanced total system

We offer complete single brand solutions for the complete on board electrical power system, everything from one hand. If needed supplied with inverter, charger (or combi), lithium/lead acid batteries and WhisperCare remote access.

  • Complete compact power system
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Automatic start/stop, easy to activate
  • WPC inverter/charger combination with charge power, 12/24 VDC
  • Automatic transfer Switch shore/generator/inverter
  • Easy to use TOUCH 7 all-in-one monitoring panel with smart Ah read-out
  • Suitable for WhisperPower’s AGM, GEL or lithium batteries
  • Available for WhisperCare remote read-out
  • Optional alternator with ACR voltage regulator, 12/24 VDC
Vibration Free1

Quiet & vibration free

Vibrations are just as irritating as an over noisy diesel engine. The customized shock mounts, combined with the sound enclosure, result in a super silent and virtually vibration free set-up. All parts needed to be serviced are located at one side of the Genverter. The effective engine mounting inside the enclosure result in a audible noise level of less than 55 dBA and virtually no vibration

Picture: detail of our WhisperPower WP 1 diesel engine (Shockmount integrated in engine block).

Extremely Silent

The most silent generator in the market

The perfect voltage

Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave output

Fuel saving

Superior efficiency combined with strong peak power capability

Compact & light weight

Fits in any space

Two in one solution

Charging via Generator, and via shore power, global plug-in

Modern technology

1-cylinder Permanent Magnet generator with external PMG box & remote panel