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Shore Power Connections

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Safe and reliable Shore Power Connections

The shore power connection is one of the most important properties for pleasure craft or commercial vessels. This is the “life line” from the shore to the boat, ensuring that the technical equipment remains powered when not cruising. We offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel and polyamide inlets and high class connectors and cables.

A vital component of the shore power connection is the battery charger which recharges and maintains the voltage for the service, starter and the bow thruster batteries.

The WhisperPower battery charger or inverter / charger combi ensures that the battery remains in perfect condition throughout the whole year whilst also ‘buffering’ sufficient current to provide the various 12, 24 and/or 120/230 V electrical devices with power whilst on board.

Main ingredients for a reliable shore power connection

• Complete cable sets for shore to boat connection, 15 or 25 meter, 16 or 32 amps, complete with connectors / plugs
• Thru-hull stainless steel inlets
• Plugs to fit the inlets
• Cable storage case
• Industrial cable reel