AC Transfer System Switch 16
AC Transfer System Switch 16

AC Transfer System Switch 5

These analogue switching devices are able to feed the onboard power supply from three different sources: shore power, generator and inverter. There are three output circuits, available with different capacities. As an alternative solution, it is also possible to install two standard WhisperSwitches.

• switch from shore to generator
• switch between generator and inverter

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Product specifications

50214690 AC Transfer System Switch 5
Weight (Kg) 4.4 / 9.7 lb
Dimensions (hxwxd) 340 x 261 x 144 mm / 13,4 x 10,3 x 5,7 inch
Power rating 5 kW
Nominal input voltage 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Input voltage range 200-250 V
No. of AC inputs 3 (shore, generator, inverter)
No. of AC outputs 3 output groups
LED indicators on cabinet Power sources present indication and 'load on inverter' mode
Nominal input current generator 25 A
Nominal input current shore power 25 A
Nominal input current inverter 25 A
Earth leakage switch Not integrated
Input generator monitoring Continuous voltage and frequency monitoring
Delay generator input 0-10 sec (adjustable)
Nominal output Short circuit current 25 A
Nominal output current 25 A
Automatic fuses No, depends on system
Energy consumption (AC, all inputs) 27W
Power consumption (inverter capacity only) < 1W
Switching time switch on 12-22 ms / switch off 4-19 ms
Temperature range (specified) -5°C to 60°C / 23 to 140°F
Temperature range (ambient) -25°C to 70°C / -13 to 158°F
Temperature range (not working) -60°C to 80°C / -76 to 176°F
Relative humidity max. 95%, non-condensing
Frequency monitoring Yes
Cable diameter 0.5-10 mm2/AWG 20-7, remote control 0.14-2.5 mm2/AWG 26-13
International Protection rating IP23