40401761 Front
40401761 Front

B-kit maintenance – Kubota engine only

If you have a W-GV8 with mitsubishi engine, please contact us at sales@whisperpower.com for the correct maintenance kits. 

Suitable for: models listed below with Kubota engine

  • W-GV8 (Elite and Scalino)
  • W-GV2 (Elite)

This maintenance kit includes the following parts:

Part description: Quantity: 
Fuel filter WP 1
Fuel lift pump 12V – rotating 1
Adapter cable for rotating fuel pump 1
Glow plug 2
Gasket head cover 1
Bearing PM rotor alternator backend 1
Nozzle injector 2
Oil pressure switch 0.5Bar – Single pole 1
Oil filter 1
Gasket thermostat housing 1
Gasket nozzle 1
Fuse blade 10A 32V Red 1
Fuse blade 3A 32V Violet 2
Switch coolant temperature 110C M16X1.5 NC 1
Thermostat 1
V-belt 1


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40401761 B-kit maintenance - Kubota engine only
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