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Lithium Power Plus

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Modular Battery Packs

The days of choosing lead-acid batteries or niCAD batteries for backup storage or to operate inverters are over. Lithium batteries are the sustainable and suitable alternative for DC power systems, inverter/generator replacement solutions or supplementary systems for peak/energy shaving purposes.

Lithium Tower

The Power of Green

Why Lithium?

High quality 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells are the basis for WhisperPower’s new lithium storage systems. The new Lithium Power Plus battery packs are a sustainable and highly energy dense solution to store electrical energy for use ”on demand”. Due to the specific characteristics of the WhisperPower LFP ferro Lithium batteries, the battery pack(s) can be charged and discharged at high amperes.

The added value of WhisperPower

All Lithium battery solutions can be supplied just ”as a battery”. However, we offer our customers a total solution that eliminates the risk of the user’s battery not being charged, discharged or monitored properly. The system approach goes beyond simply supplying a WhisperPower battery charger or combination inverter/charger. If required, we can supply a complete diesel fuel based fast charge system in combination with the Lithium Power Plus battery packs with integrated BMS, DC busbar(s) distribution including fuses and an advanced monitoring system that monitors the behavior of the cells inside the battery down to the cell level: WhisperCare.

Sustainable and cleaner for the user

Further electrification to replace or supplement fossil power solutions reduces the carbon footprint on a substantial basis. In addition, large cost savings can be achieved because the fossil power system can be used much more efficiently. A higher upfront investment is recouped within a short time.

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WhisperCare 2.0 - We connect

WhisperPower introduces the new generation of advanced software: WhisperCare 2.0, available from 2023. WhisperCare 2.0 Displays all essential information about the energy system of a vessel, vehicle or off-grid object at a glance. WhisperCare 2.0 can be used on WhisperPower 7 or 10 inch Touch panels, or to existing screens (Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad Novice and many others) in case internet/router system is available. The energy system information can be obtained remotely from computer, tablet or cellphone over the cloud.

OctoPower 7 (+)

The OctoPower 7 (+) is a battery-based power system for 7 kW 230 VAC, 50 Hz power (14 kW max) with auxiliary DC Genverter diesel generator for fast re-charging of the Lithium batteries. Modular design with Super Chargers and Super Inverter(s) for 4.3 or 8.6 kW battery charging. All components have been pre-selected according to the system design and pre-commissioned in our factory before delivery.OctoPower-7 Image

OctoPower 14+

The OctoPower 14 + is a battery-based power system, providing 14kW 230 VAC, 50 Hz power (28kW max). Includes 1 or more Stage V DC Genverter diesel generator(s) for fast re-charging of the Lithium batteries, with a maximum of 12 kW per Genverter.

Available for 24 or 48 VDC battery banks. Smart and modular design. All components have been pre-selected according to the system design and pre-commissioned in our factory before delivery.

Lithium Power Plus Modular Battery Packs

  • Light weight, modular battery pack design
  • For horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Pre-installed busbars and cabling
  • Ready-to-use, + and - ready to connect
  • Configurations from 12-800 VDC, up to 840 Ah
  • Advanced BMS integration with accurate battery monitoring
  • Real time and historical cloud-based surveillance (Whispercare) (optional)
  • DNV type approval (optional)
  • Safe LiFePO4 chemistry, of the highest density

Added Value Services from WhisperPower

  • Battery System Design
  • Total Power System Design
  • Full integration of (fast) chargers, DC-AC inverters, solar power and back-up generators, all from one brand
  • Your perfect one stop shop, extended 5 years warranty optional
  • Service & support at location on a world wide base
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