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Further expansion of WhisperPower activities in the United Kingdom

Further Expansion Of WhisperPower Activities In The United Kingdom

WhisperPower, the leading Netherlands-based manufacturer of ultra-quiet offgrid power electronics and low-emission diesel generators, is delighted to announce further expansion of their activities in the United Kingdom. After the establishment of their WhisperPower UK Ltd sales and service office in October last year, Lynton Trailer UK Ltd were appointed as their exclusive distributor for the mobile medical markets in the UK. They provide NHS with innovative mammography scanning trailers which are used throughout the UK. Over 40 NHS medical units were fitted with solar powered electrical hybrid systems providing low-emission high quality power for their scanners.

Following this important step, during the early part of 2021, Marine Energy Systems located in Plymouth were added to the network. Utilising their extensive knowledge and experience of electrical systems, key OEM’s and boat builders will now be served with greener and quieter power solutions for their yachts.

In order to cover all remaining markets in the United Kingdom, E. P. Barrus was appointed as their overall distributor for the territory.

Ben Allen, General Manager for the Marine Leisure Division at Barrus, commented, “The introduction of the WhisperPower range expands our electrical systems portfolio enabling our various marine, mobile and off-grid customers to offer innovative, non-polluting, sustainable energy systems for all types of vessels.”

Ben Allen

WhisperPower's CEO and Founder Roel J ter Heide is excited about the newly established partnership. “I consider E. P. Barrus as the right partner to represent WhisperPower ‘s products and systems, in addition to the already established partnerships, to all their relevant markets in the UK: both recreational and professional marine and mobile-off-grid markets. The recently launched OctoPower systems, which are based on a hybrid principle similar to technology used in the e-mobility markets, will become an important activity.”

“E.P. Barrus is supporting our goal to provide usable energy without the need to burn fossil fuels. However, practicality means that we need to transition away from the traditional set up of a large generator on board. OctoPower's use of an all-in-one system is accelerating this transition by using minimal amounts of fuel, only when necessary and in a super-quiet and reliable way. The sales figures and key customers show that this system is finding new outlets across many sectors of leisure and industry, and we will continue to build on this success."