60110160 Front
60110160 Front

WBL 160

WhisperPower Battery Links are smart switch regulators that automatically connect two battery banks if the charge voltage rises above a certain value for at least five seconds. This means that the battery banks can be charged from the same source. To protect the battery banks they are separated from each other as soon as the voltage drops.

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  • Simultaneous charging of two batteries
  • Intelligent battery monitoring function
  • Safe connect algorithm
  • Temporary additional power with start assist function
  • Simple to install, no programming required
  • Compact and robust
  • Automatic relay to connect battery banks
  • Automatic isolation with voltage drop
  • Remote control possible (optional)
  • Connect battery banks in parallel for emergency start
  • LED indicators

Product specifications

60110160 WBL 160
Weight 0.470 Kg
Dimensions (H*W*D) 58*72*108 mm
Smart battery switch 4c 6
Input range no defects 7 .. 32 V
Nominal output voltage Equal to input voltage
Surge outgoing 480 A
Maximum charge current 3s 240 A
Continuous charging current 160 A
Continuous charging current at 40 ° C 160 A
Consumption in Standby ±2mA
Consumption whilst charging 12 / 24 V 340/170 mA
Consumption whilst connecting 12 / 24 V 340/170 mA
Ambient operating temperature -10°C .. +40°C
Storage temperature -25°C .. +85°C
International Protection rating IP66
Voltage accuracy 2%
Switch-on voltage 12 / 24 V 13.2/26.4 V
Disconnection voltage 12 / 24 V 12.8/25.4 V
Accelerated disconnection voltage 12 / 24 V 11.8/23.6 V
Connection delay 5s
Disconnection delay 60s
Accelerated disconnection 4s
Polarity Yes
Controlled microprocessor Yes
Voltage too low Yes
Voltage too high Yes
Start assist Yes
LED display Yes
Output status no
Input status Yes
Remote shutdown no