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W-GV 3 Plus

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Silent, compact & light weight

Based on a liquid-cooled diesel engine, fits into any space

Adjustable power

12 kW, 24/48 VDC with connected DC PowerCube Super Charger

Premium adjustable speed technology

For a perfect speed balance

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Meet the W-GV 3 Plus - replaced by the Elite GV 3 Plus

The W-GV 3 Plus combines the latest diesel engine technology with a new way of producing electrical power. Instead of adding an alternator with fixed speed on the back of the fly-wheel, we have designed a very compact permanent magnet alternator (PM), located just behind the engine. The W-GV3 Plus is designed to produce DC power by connecting up to 3 superchargers (DC PowerCubes), which can be connected to shore/land power as well.

The W-GV 3 Plus is replaced by the Elite GV 3 Plus.

Main Specifications

  • Continuous Power at 25°C (77°F)
    12 kW
  • Number of DC PowerCubes
  • Nominal output voltage
    24/48 VDC
  • Rpm range
    1500 .. 2500 rpm, adjustable
  • Engine
    WhisperPower Kubota D1105
  • Emission class
    Stage V / EPA / Tier 4
  • Length x width x height (cabinet), mm (in.)
    882 x 570 x 690 (34.7 x 22.4 x 21.2)
  • Length x width x height (DC PowerCube), mm (in.)
    575 x 221 x 316 (22.6 x 8.7 x 12.4)
  • Dry weight (cabinet + DC PowerCube), kg (lb.)
    210 + 3 x 21 (463 + 3 x 46.3)

Optional installation parts

Spare parts

Unique Genverter Technology

For cases when a constant AC high power consumption isn’t required, installing a Genverter© system with one or multiple DC PowerCubes, combined with an AC PowerCube inverter, can prove to be a smart decision.

The advantage of this unique system is that a non-stop AC power is always available, even without a running engine. This is thanks to the 4, 7 or 14 kVA AC PowerCube inverter which is connected to one or multiple onboard lithium batteries being charged by one or several DC PowerCubes.

How it works

Whenever the 24/48 VDC batteries need to be recharged, the Genverter© starts up automatically. At the same time, the DC PowerCube is connected to the shore power – during shore power connection, the various onboard batteries are charged with a maximum of 3.5 kW or a multiply of this.

Using the remote control panel, supplied as standard, the shore power can be set to the required ampere value (4,6,8,10,16 A). The DC PowerCube also features a separate charging output for 12 or 24 VDC.

Stage V / EPA / Tier 4, low emission radiator / liquid-cooled engine

Only the best 2 & 3 cylinder engines are applied: long lasting, reliable, silent engines, complying with EPA /Tier 4 (USA standard) and Stage V (European standard). The engine and PM alternator back-end are connected into one cooling circuit and kept on a constant temperature via a heat exchanger (indirect cooling applied).

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12 kW

Adjustable speed

24 / 48 VDC

Output Voltage

882 x 570 x 690 mm, 210 kg

34.7 x 22.4 x 21.2 in., 463 lb.

W GV3 Plus Electrical Installation1

Overview of electrical parts

W-GV 3 Plus system configuration
A system is only as strong as its weakest link. WhisperPower has developed literally all components needed for a perfect installation. Main objective is to ensure a superior installation and functionality.

  • Genverter diesel generator with all necessary installation parts (see drawing xx)
  • Up to 3 24 V or 48 V DC  DC PowerCube Super Chargers connected to the Genverter
  • Land power connection to the DC Power Cube Super Chargers (90-265 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz)
  • AC PowerCube Super Inverter(s) power providing non-stop power to the various AC appliances (4, 7, or 14 kVA, 200% peak power)
  • Long life heavy-duty lithium batteries, 24 or 48 VDC, unlimited capacity
  • DC distribution console for DC in/ out, with fuse holders and fuses (custom configured)
  • Monitoring and control panel Touch 7 or 10 inch for full control on the system
  • WhisperCare 1.5, stay connected to the system anytime, anywhere in the world
W GV3 Plus Installation3

Overview of mechanical installation parts

This mechanical installation provides an overview of all the essential installation equipment for a generator system. We recommend only using original WhisperPower parts for optimal quality and lifetime.

We provide installation kits or individual parts to facilitate the installation of the W-GV 3 Plus. All products are high quality and specifically designed for the intended function.

Smart and fast charging

DC generator with 6-step charge characteristic. The best choice for your batteries

Fuel saving

Superior efficiency combined with strong peak power capability

Two in one solution

Charging via Generator, and via shore power, global plug-in

Environmental friendly

Complies with the latest emission standards such as Stage V / EPA / Tier 4

Compact & light weight

Fits in any space

Extremely Silent

The most silent generator in the market